Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 – Best of BEAUTY by Category

Hey friends! Happy hump. How’s your week so far??? TBH, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind on the struggle bus on the corner of CUR headquarters this week. HA. Really, I blame the baby. 😉 Knowing a huuuuuuuge life change is coming in a few months has mom (+ dad) all riled up with the longest pre-baby bucket list *ever*, and we’re just doing #AllTheThings to “prepare.” I know I’ve been pushing myself a bit much lately + am on the brink of burnout, so I’m making some solid changes behind-the-scenes to get my ish in order + keep things moving without sacrificing my sanity and/or health. Because that’s impotant. The long + short of it…mama needs some R&R.

Send some self-care.

Send a spa.

Send ANYTHING, really.

Send…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Specifically, all the beauty/bath/body goodness. And then block me off in a bathroom with a cute bathtub, a book, a candle, + my non-alcoholic wine for a hot sec of breathing space.

Today I wanted to share with y’all some of my personal favorite beauty picks from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, since I haven’t specifically shared beauty at all as of yet – and there are some goodies! I’ve never been a big shopper myself of the sale’s beauty section, *solely* because I try to not buy (slash splurge) on beauty products if I don’t actually NEED to. I’m a total beauty product junkie, so my stash is typically overflowing the way it is, and a part-time JOB could literally be just testing + trying different palettes and lipsticks and perfumes and facewashes. And…ain’t nobody got time for that. So I wanted to share my already-existent personal faves with y’all that are ALL included in the sale, so that you can stock up if you’re in the market. Many (slash all) make great giftables, too, so if you’re already thinking ahead to December…ho ho ho, it’s Christmas in July. 😉

P.S. For the FULL SCOOP on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, just click the label in the navigation bar above – it’s got a dropdown list of the posts I’ve done so far to round up best picks, my personal purchases, things under $50, + MORE. 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

  • Viktor&Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance This is a recent find of mine after falling in lovelovelove with it IN the Nordstrom beauty department. I’d heard every blogger and her mom talk about how fabulous it smells, so I wanted to pick up a little sample vial at the store (didja know you can do that??? Just ask for a *real* sample – not a spray on a piece of paper – and they have these little vials they give you to take home!). I think it smells reminiscent of YSL’s Black Opium (another favorite of mine) – really great for a night out. It’s got cattleya orchids, sambac jasmine, freesie, rose petals, patchouli, + vanilla. So, winning combo right there! And the fun fact here: 1,000 flowers are used in each bottle! I learned that when their PR team learned I was pregnant and sent over the SWEETEST little congratulatory gift of a little bottle as their version of a “bouquet” to say congrats – like, HOW FRIGGIN’ SWEET IS THAT?!?!?! I literally cried. I blame the hormones. 😉
  • philosophy purity trio set Purity has been a cult classic favorite for *years*. It’s just a great cleanser to have in your cabinet! This set comes with the big bottle of cleanser, a travel size, AND a travel size micro-exfoliating facial wash, which I lovelovelove using alongside my normal cleanser on any day with heavier makeup for a good, exfoliating clean.



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

  • FOREO LUNA mini 2 + LUNA play set – I’m *big* on having helpers in my skincare routines. I’ve always been a Clarisonic fan for deeper cleanses, and I use a Dew Puff every single morning in the shower for a gentler but effective cleanser. And a Foreo device landed on my desk a few weeks ago – I’ve been hooked! It’s like the perfect mix between the two – deep, but gentle cleanser. Great for travel! (I have the LUNA Go myself, and lovelovelove!)
  • Mario Badescu Latest & Greatest Set Y’all know I’m HOOKED on these!!!! I’ve tried just about every color + have them in big sizes in my skincare drawer for everyday, and small bottles for travel. They’re just perfect for refreshing + toning (gently) on the go. I use, also, as a way to wake up + prep my skin for the day. Mario Badescu’s drying lotion (included in this set!) is also *clutch* if/when you wake up with an uninvited guest on yo’ face – you know the ones. 😉
  • Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser Duo – I have the Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion in my collection, and I lovelovelove – I typically use in the morning after micellar water if I don’t feel like splashing my face with water just yet, but want to feel/be clean. Glycolic acid in general is one of my personal favorite skincare ingredients for its gentle chemical exfoliation properties – SO good for getting rid of texture, evening out your skin tone, etc., without turning ya into a bright red tomato in the process. 😉
  • Paula’s Choice Skin-Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant Duo – Lovelovelove ya longtime! This has been a personal fave for years. So much so that I picked up the same duo in LAST year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, too! I’m not *currently* using it since it’s heavy on salycylic acid, which is a pregnancy no-no. But it’s similar in concept in that it’s a gentle chemical exfoliant to help with texture, skin tone, the works.



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

  • T3 Cura blowdryer – If ya follow along with #UnboxingsWithJ on Instastories (it’s pinned to my highlights @ericaligenza, if ya need a solid LOL 😉 ), you might’ve caught this bad boy coming home to mama. And I’m INTO IT. It’s got digital ion technology for de-frizzing. It’s got all the settings for drying cold or hot (I lovelovelove blow drying cold if/when I’m blowing dry, to minimize heat damage!), + different powers of dry, etc. DEF recommend.
  • Aveda Must-Haves Set – This set comes with their shampure shampoo, conditioner, volumizing tonic, hand relief remedy cream, + damage relief dry hair repair. My personal fave of the shampure line is their shampure dry shampoo (pictured here + discussed in-depth in my dry shampoo review post!), but I’ve used all of these products myself, too, and approve.
  • Living Proof Travel Set – This set from Living Proof is also a great deal + comes with another fave dry shampoo of mine (also in that post linked above, so check it out, yo!). I haven’t personally tried the other two products in the set, but I’d get it for the travel-size dry shampoo alone TBH!
  • Moroccanoil The Ultimate Hydration Collection – Comes with their Hydrating shampoo + conditioner duo, body souffle (yum), + the cult-classic Moroccanoil Treatment (which actually just celebrated its 10-year anniversary – #FunFact). Fabulous set for anyone + everyone suffering from drier locks, courtesy of summer’s salt, swear, sea, sand, etc.
  • Drybar Here, There, Everywhere Set – Drybar’s two most popular products, in full + travel-size. Bless. Both are ironically my two personal fave Drybar products, as well! I have multiple cans on hand of both. Their dry shampoo is also discussed in my dry shampoo blog post linked above (or searchable on my search bar up above!), + Triple Sec is just a fabulous texturizer or mid-week refresher.
  • Drybar’s The Most Wanderful Waves Set – Basically like having a Drybar salon in your own house. Comes with a Drybar wand, clips, Mai Tai Spritzer, Sparkling Soda, Money Maker, + Triple Sec. This + the above set make for a FABULOUS giftable for the haircare lover in your life – and Christmas is coming!!!!! 😉

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses


  • Impressions Vanity Co. Touch XL Dimmable LED Makeup Mirror – I don’t personally have this, but have heard rave reviews! Figured it’s a good option to include in case you’re in the market for an LED light-up mirror + compact mirror duo. 🙂
  • Luxie makeup brushes – I’m about 85% positive that there are multiple Luxie brushes standing in my brush jars right now. Their face complexion brush set AND smokey eye brush set are both in the sale (although the face set is currently sold out, so check back for a restock – fingers crossed!). 



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

  • Stila Good to Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set – My besties literally JUST convinced me to hop on Stila’s liquid eyeshadow train when we were wandering through Sephora the other weekend (always a bad idea if you don’t want to leave the store poorer than you came in – ha!). I picked up a few more sparkly shades, but the formulas in question here are comparable in that they go on more wet, dry beautifully in place, then stay all day long. I personally lovelovelove wearing by themselves with just a little mascara to finish off, for an easy eye day!
  • MAC Nude Lip Trio – MAC has always been at the top of my lip game list – they’re just so so so good. This trio would be a great gift option for a girlfriend, or a fabulous little hostess gift for a makeup lover!
  • Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Set – Includes the Naked 2 basics eye palette, the All Nighter setting spray, + their cult classic eyeprimer potion. A winning trio of a set, fosho.
  • Laura Geller Supersized Gilded Honey Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator  – SUCH A GOOD HIGHLIGHT OMG. As seen here! Just a *beautiful* honey highlight that looks good on SO many skin types – absolutely totally positively recommend for all. Also makes a great giftable!
  • NARS Hot Escape Eye + Cheek Palette – I don’t personally own this, but it’s a *great* deal for the palette – and NARS never disappoints.
  • MAC Nordy Girl Matte Face + Eye Set – I have two other similar MAC palettes – they’re AWESOME for travel, since the case isn’t breakable + they’re thin and compact. This set is in my cart, since it’s such a *gorgeous* neutral matte palette! And their mascara is one I actually just finished recently, so I think I could go for a refill. 😉



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of Beauty - on Coming Up Roses

  • Sauvage Dior – This is actually one of the colognes that J wears on the reg, so I figured I’d include in case any of ya have hubbies/boyfriends/fiances/men in the picture that could go for a new scent! 😉 Easy thing to buy now + save for Christmastime…since the countdown is basically on. WOO!

What beauty favorites of yours are in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale right now?

How’s your week going?

Are you in need of some R&R, too?

ALSO, what kinda Nordstrom Anniversary Sale content would be legit *helpful* to you at this point, since Public Access is in full swing? I know every blogger and her mom has been talking sale since Early Access, so I only want to do what will be most valuable to YOU guys, since you’re my peeps. 🙂 Let me know, MK? MK. Have a happy hump.

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