The 15 Most Worthwhile Things from the NSALE (ALL IN STOCK!)

Today’s the day! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is *finally* open for all in PUBLIC ACCESS. And the people said amen. While the NSALE is a notorious bummer for frequently being totally sold out of “the good stuff” by the time Public Access rolls around, I’m happy to report that some of my personal favorites are still in stock and/or have been re-stocked. 🙂 I’ve got 15 picks below – ALL of which I own and can personally attest to their greatness – that I humbly believe are the most worthwhile things to shop from the sale today.


  1. True & Co bra [$28.90, after sale: $44] – Such a FABULOUS wireless bra!!! I’ve been singing its praises from the roofsteps since picking up one to try on Amazon Prime Day, and now they’re on sale for even less than I paid then! This bra is now tied in my brain with my Soma Enbliss, so you know it’s serious business. It’s more of a lightweight, buttery soft Spandex feel so it sticks to your body a bit better than the Soma – although the Soma’s padding is a bit thicker. This one has removable padding + convertible straps to turn it into a racerback, too, which I lovelovelove. I’m normally a 34B and wear size Small in these, so go by the sizing chart because I’d say it’s accurate!
  2. Blank NYC suede jacket [$99.90, after sale: $188] – A fabulous investment piece that will last you forever! I bought this jacket a few years ago already and it still looks + feels brand spankin’ new! So great for fall layering and so, so chic.
  3. Spanx faux leather leggings [$64.90, after sale: $98] – An absolute must! And do NOT buy them full price because they’re in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale every single year. 😉 Katie and I both have ’em and swear by ’em – they’re actually warmer than jeans, in my opinion, and such a cooler way to uplevel your basic black legging look for fall. (Here are six ways to wear your Spanx leather leggings for some outfit inspiration!)
  4. Dr. Scholl’s All In cozy shearling sneaker OR the slip on mule [$79.90, after sale: $120] – Your girl is a big big BIG Dr. Scholl’s girl. As in, I think I’ve got no less than 10 pairs at this point?! They’re just the MOST comfortable non-athletic shoe on the block! Fondly dubbed my “Disney World shoe” because they’re the only shoe I’ll wear to the happiest place on Earth. No blisters, no rubbing, no discomfort whatsoever, great support, etc. Since I already had these in my closet, I freaked the freak out when I saw them with shearling in the NSALE! A great way to warm them up for colder weather when you want to get a more casual look in winter without freezing your feet off. I recommend! And then these slip-on mules are similarly great, especially for quick errands, school pickups, etc when you just need to throw something on your feet and dash.
  5. Dainty gold initial necklace [$36.90, after sale: $55] – I was SO impressed with the quality of these in store – it’s even prettier in person than online! A totally dainty, gorgeous little initial necklace that makes for a great gift. My mom and I each got our initials, and we grabbed one for Olivia, too, to gift her for her birthday so that we’ll all match (and she’s SO into matching!). BONUS: This layers fabulously with a THRIVE necklace, which you can get on sale with code THRIVE30! 😉
  6. Moonlight pajamas [$42.90, after sale: $65] – Bought my third pair of Moonlight pajamas in this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale; this time, I snagged the long sleeve leopard pair since I *think* those are new to this sale! They’re SO breathable and squishy soft, so they’re exceptionally comfortable and good for not getting the night sweats. Also SO GREAT for nursing or postpartum mamas, and a fabulous gift idea for any lovely lady who can dig good jammies (aka, all of us).
  7. Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray set [$42, value: $81] – This is an INCREDIBLE value for this set of my all-time favorite makeup setting spray. One full-size bottle of it is regularly $36, so to get TWO full-size bottles AND a travel-size bottle for only $8 more is out of this world. 
  8. Tula set [$74, value: $122] – These three bestselling Tula products are valued at $122 and would come down to around $90 if you bought them individually from Tula even with my 15% off discount code – so to get them for $74 in this sale is a STEAL.
  9. Marc Fisher booties [$99.90, after sale: $189] – To see these boots for nearly $100 off was SHOCKING. They’re *such* a popular look from Marc Fisher, and a bestselling style every season.
  10. UGG leopard sweater [$58.90, after sale: $88] – With only a few sizes left in this popular style, RUN to checkout if yours is still stocked! This sweater feels *just* like Barefoot Dreams, but for even less money. I’m OBSESSED with mine (I got the charcoal grey leopard!)
  11. Converse Cloud [$59.90, after sale: $80] – One of my most pleasant surprises from this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! These were an in-store impulse purchase, and I’m so glad I did – they’re REMARKABLY comfortable. Usually Converse are super flat soles, but these have support and feel like walking on a cloud! They’re squishy soft soles and a slight platform, so they feel comfy AND cool. 
  12. Barefoot Dreams:
    1. Blanket [$119.90, after sale: $180] – If you’re looking to pick up a BD blanket, now’s the time. BUUUUT, I recommend snagging this $30 one instead (you do NOT need a Sam’s Club membership to buy it online!). It’s so much cheaper but does not sacrifice any feel or quality – and so many of you have messaged me saying you agree with me and like yours even BETTER than the real Barefoot Dreams!!!
    2. Circle cardigan [$69.90, after sale: $116] – I got my circle cardigan a few NSALE’s ago and it still feels brand new. This is a slightly different Barefoot Dream feel in that it’s not as “fluffy” as the blankets – it’s more of a creamy, buttery knit that isn’t AS warm.
    3. Long line cardigan [$74.90, after sale: $120] – Same as above, just a different style!
  13. Gibson knit top [$34.90, after sale: $55] – My mom and I both picked up this knit top in the grey camo and we lovelovelove! If you’re like us and can’t do super heavy, chunky knit sweaters indoors, this cozy knit is a great alternative. It’s a nice dolman fit so you won’t sweat and have pit stains, and the boat neckline is so flattering on your shoulders. Very versatile, too, in that you can dress it up OR down – see how we’re both styling it on my Instagram Reel today! 😉
  14. Zella Restore leggings [$39.90, after sale: $65] – I’m actually *shocked* these are still in stock. They’re fabulous!!! The classic Zella legging feel – great thickness and quality – but with POCKETS!!! And a banded bottom for a flattering touch. 
  15. White Nikes [$89.90, after sale: $120]
  16. Cozy soft flannel (SOLD OUT) – I’m so sad my favorite flannel of this year’s NSALE is sold out because it’s SO GOOD – but here’s hoping they restock a few sizes.
  17. Graphic tee – I had to include some graphic tees since there were some goooood ones in this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I’d be remiss to not mention them as some of my favorite buys. BUT, unfortunately all seem to be sold out still. Fingers crossed for a restock! 
    1. Rolling Stones Big Girl option (Size XL 14/16 fits me like a Women’s S!)
    2. Rolling Stones (a few sizes left still!)
    3. Roses tee
    4. Love one another
    5. Queen tee

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping!