Our Christmas Cards

CONFESSION: I made our 2020 Christmas cards back in September because I just couldn’t wait a second longer…and falalalalaaaaaa ’tis the season to deck the halls and bring some cheer up in here amiright??? 2020 demands it. 😉 After we had such success with our family photos this year (what a blessing, praise the sweet Lord baby jesus since photos with a toddler can be a total crapshoot), I was stoked to turn them into framed memories around our home – and into Christmas cards to send to family + friends right about now! 

This blog post was not originally on my content calendar, but I figured that since I lovelovelove seeing other people’s Christmas cards, maybe you like snooping, too? 😉 I was just SO DANG PLEASED with how ours turned out this year, I couldn’t NOT share with you. I wish we could ALL exchange cards and cheers to the holidays together this season, but since we can’t, a virtual share will have to suffice. Ha! 😉 SO, sharing our cards in the hopes of it helping you make yours if you’re ordering now…AND since I just saw they’re having a sale that you can still take advantage of!

The past few years, I’ve done our annual family Christmas cards through Minted. They’re SO high quality and just gorgeous, so I’m hooked! And a lot of (or maybe most?) of their designs are done by independent artists, so that’s pretty neat to support. I made – I kid you not – six different Christmas cards this year before settling on this final design, and the second I put in our family photos I just KNEW it was the one. I chose rounded corners + gold foil accents and we were on our way!

Our 2020 Minted Christmas Cards - on Coming Up Roses

If you’re about to order your cards and want to copy our design, this is the template I used! Lovelovelove that you have so many options for customization in wording and colors, and it’s just a really classy, pretty design.

FUN NEWS: As luck would have it, TODAY is literally the last day to get 20% off all foil (which ours have!) and 15% off a holiday card order of $150+ or 10% off $100+ (code: SHINE20). 

Our 2020 Minted Christmas Cards - on Coming Up Roses

Our 2020 Minted Christmas Cards - on Coming Up Roses Our 2020 Minted Christmas Cards - on Coming Up Roses

What do you think about our Minted Christmas cards?

Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet this year? Where do you have them done…any fave place you’d recommend?