WHOA BABY – welcome, weekend. Yesterday was a bit of a hot mess express around here, so I’m V GLAD to have some time to get things back on track. Sometimes the end of the week can feel a bit like a chaotic circus of trying to tie up loose ends while getting a bit ahead, and there never seems to be enough time for all the things! ANYHOO. Let some Weekend Reading  commence!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 98 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. How to deepen communication in friendships
  2. 11 handy apps to help you get your sh*t together this Christmas
  3. Need a spa day?
  4. Kaitlyn Bristowe’s DTWS Argentine Tango brought me to tears
  5. 10 Hawaiian rental houses to add to your wanderlust bucket list…
  6. Got a code for you to try Equilibria’s CBD! 15% off with ericaligenza
  7. Mark your calendars for May 2022: LEGALLY BLONDE 3 IS HAPPENING!!!
  8. Some easy Thanksgiving recipes to bookmark!
  9. Got a new Verb deal for ya too! Get a full-size starter kit of any flavor AND 4 free flavors to try for $12 instead of $25!
  10. What is fun during quarantine? What actually is fun? HOW TO DEFINE FUN???
  11. Need tips on boundary-setting for the holidays? Here ya go!
  12. This under-$50 blanket is reportedly a dupe for my favorite $150 Barefoot Dreams one!
  13. Have you binged Emily in Paris yet? (I have!)
  14. What’s for breakfast: This blueberry cinnamon roll casserole, that’s what.
  15. On my wishlist: This gorgeous, spacious monogrammable travel pouch!

Happy weekend reading!