Our Wild ONE – Happy Birthday, Jonah James!

I simply cannot believe it – it’s surreal. It feels like yesterday we were heading to the hospital to welcome you into the world, and here we are, 365 days and then some later with this adorable little man who we lovelovelove so much it hurts. 

When I sat down to write a few thoughts now, I immediately went back to Liv’s first birthday blog – my, how much has changed. But also, how much stays the same. It’s always a bit surreal to sit in a moment of joy and reflect on how much heartache you had to endure to get to that place. For Liv, that was her birth + our NICU journey. For Jonah, it was figuring out my health issues + a lengthier TTC journey.

You can experience deep pain, big question marks and ongoing uncertainty for a period of time with an invisible finish line, where in the moment, it truly feels like an eternal purgatory.

And yet then, somewhere down the road, you hit “the other side” – and sometimes the other side doesn’t look at all like you initially imagined it would, but you realize you’re looking in a rearview mirror and life feels easier and sweeter. What felt like the heaviest dark cloud is now a blip in the mirror, and you’re going forward.

Life is funny like that, isn’t it?

I can’t imagine our world without Jonah in it. Happy birthday, little buddy. We adore you.

The biggest THANKYOU to my girl Katie for taking the sweetest portraits of him to commemorate the year…and for rocking a cake smash. She also shot Jonah’s newborn photos which are such a keepsake for us! If you’re in the tri-state area,absolutely hit her up…she does newborns, one years/birthdays, but also weddings and families, and she’s SO FREAKING GOOD with kids!

First birthday photoshoot - Happy Birthday, Jonah!

First birthday photoshoot - Happy Birthday, Jonah!


To my joy boy,

They say when God gives you a son, it’s because you deserve to know what true love feels like. What a gracious, generous God He is. To be loved by you like this is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. You’re my best little buddy and the sweetest little soul, and to be your mommy feels nothing short of a miracle. You’ve been a pretty dang “easy” baby…always just along for the ride and happy to hang. But beyond that, you’ve filled a hole in my heart that I didn’t even know was there.

You are silly. Your wicked sense of humor was one of the first, funniest quirks to come out; the way you can just give a look and start laughing or start a game we didn’t even realize we were playing already has you the life of the party. 

You are strong. I’d always heard boys give you a run for your money physically…they ain’t kiddin’. I have to work out to keep up! But your bravery in testing limits and trying new things is amazing to witness. 

You are smart. IDK how many other one-year-olds are out here trying to leash up the dog or regularly unhook her kennel to let her out…here you are. You were mooching Chick-fil-a from the drive-thru before even seeing food, like a sixth sense for yummy things. You’re impossible to fool and always paying attention. 

You are sweet. You share your favorite foods and favorite toys, give the snuggliest hugs and wettest kisses, and are just the most huggable little smoosh.

You are sunshine. You just radiate it. You make people smile immediately and spread so much joy by just being you, which is a gift I think you’ll give your whole life. 

I hope you always stay true to yourself, trusting in your Maker and in who you were made you to be. 

I hope you always know how deeply you are loved. 

And I hope you always believe in the goodness of God. It is your birthright, after all. 😉

I love you always, forever my baby you’ll be…



And now, let them eat cake. 😉

Of course, what’s a first birthday bash without a cake smash? I gave Katie a solid warning before putting the little guy down that he knows and loves a good dessert…Lord knows it took T-minus 0.5 seconds before he just went for it. And went for it. Aaaaaand went for it. Strongly considering eat cake face first next time. Seems more fun that way. 😉


First birthday photoshoot - Happy Birthday, Jonah!

First birthday cake smash photoshoot - Happy Birthday, Jonah!

First birthday cake smash photoshoot - Happy Birthday, Jonah! First birthday cake smash photoshoot - Happy Birthday, Jonah! First birthday cake smash photoshoot - Happy Birthday, Jonah!


Happy first birthday, Jonah man. Cheers to many, many more.


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