51 Things to do Instead of Checking your Phone

Over the weekend, J and I popped into an Outback Steakhouse with my mama for a quick lunch break. More on that later, but something I’ve realized whenever we’re out to eat anymore – SO MANY PEEPS just hang out on their phones. Ever notice it? Out at restaurants, with friends or family, out anywhere really – everyone is glued to that glowing rectangle. And we scroll the same dang timelines + refresh the same dang feeds in the hopes of seeing something lifechanging.

But ya know what’s really lifechanging?

These 51 things to do *instead* of checking your phone. 😉

Outback Steakhouse Outback Bowl - 51 Things to do instead of checking your phone

  1. Make a to-do list.
  2. Do something on said to-do list.
  3. Cross said thing off said to-do list.
  4. Go to Starbucks, order a Christmas drink (with whipped cream).
  5. At Starbucks, pay for the drink order behind you.
  6. Dig up grandma’s recipe book in your drawer and mull over which one to *attempt* to make later (nowhere near as good as gram’s, of course).
  7. Go to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients. Get some gummy bears while you’re at it.
  8. Learn how to put on lipliner.
  9. Ponder the meaning of life.
  10. Google (on your computer, duh) flights to see your best friend.
  11. Google flights to Fiji, too, just in case they’re having a Tuesday sale.
  12. Watch a really old, really classic movie. Something with Humphrey Bogart or Audrey Hepburn will do the trick.
  13. Clean your bathroom sink (ew).
  14. Clean your refrigerator (double ew).
  15. Clean your toilet while you’re at it, too (triple ew).
  16. Throw on a facemask. #EXFOLIATE #HYDRATE
  17. Get ahead on Christmas shopping.
  18. Get ahead on birthdays 2018 shopping while you’re at it, too.
  19. Realize that online shopping requires checking your bank app first to ensure you’ve got the monies.
  20. Opt to go in-person to a bank to talk to a real person.
  21. Or go to the ATM. Get another coffee while you’re at it.
  22. Think about cleaning your makeup brushes (but omg what a process).
  23. Maybe actually clean your makeup brushes. They’re kinda gross. It’s your face. You’ve got this.
  24. Make your bed.
  25. Write down 10 adjectives to describe yourself.
  26. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers.
  27. Go to the bookstore. Get a book.
  28. Find a new devotional or other inspirational book to start your mornings.
  29. Master your contour.
  30. Drink a glass of water. Every time you have the urge to check your phone, drink.
  31. Think about working out.
  32. Put your sneakers on, to bring you one step closer to working out.
  33. Bake cookies.
  34. Go to actually work out. I mean, cookies.
  35. Come home and eat a cookie – you worked out!
  36. Brush your teeth.
  37. Throw on some teeth whitening strips or something. #productive
  38. Clean out that drawer.
  39. Rewatch Gossip Girl. Just in case Dan and Serena realize, oh I dunno, four seasons sooner that they’re soul mates.
  40. Find a new Netflix show to binge.
  41. Realize how much more satisfying a good binge is sans text notifications. Oh, the focus!
  42. Capitalize on that focus to make your dream come true. The time is now.
  43. Start your memoir. The people need it.
  44. Practice your go-to karaoke jam. Practice makes perfect, and we all need that perfect rendition of Girls just Wanna Have Fun.
  45. Do some push-ups. Can you even DO a push-up? I, for one, cannot. Well, I can…but I will not. HA.
  46. Research how to start a nonprofit.
  47. Perfect your John Hancock.
  48. Learn something new. Like Spanish. Or football.
  49. Check something new. You probably are like me and get sucked in the usual phone blackhole – Instagram, Facebook, online shopping, the works. Instead, check something new – like hopping on ESPN.com/Outback to join Outback Steakhouse’s Steak Your Claim Fantasy Group, to receive a coupon for a free Bloomin’ Onion and a chance to win a trip to the Outback Bowl. (Isn’t that SO much more productive that endless social media scrolling?!) Winners will be announced two weeks prior to the bowl game (which is January 1st, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida!).
  50. Get Fired Up. Speaking of Outback, Outback Steakhouse and ESPN are partnering to get fans “FIRED UP!” with the help of three iconic former college football coaches: Lee Corso, Mack Brown, and Steve Spurrier. So, if you head to ESPN.com/Outback and SportsCenter, there’s a weekly video series where they share what gets THEM “fired up” – like couples tying the knot on Saturday’s (how dare they!) and father-in-laws persuading your kids to root for the rival team (how DARE they!)
  51. Eat a Bloomin’ Onion. Or a coconut shrimp (from Outback Steakhouse, of course) if you’re a seafoodie. Depending on who wins the Outback Bowl, one or the other will be FREE. May the best appetizer – er, team – win!

Outback Steakhouse Outback Bowl - 51 Things to do instead of checking your phone

Outback Steakhouse Outback Bowl - 51 Things to do instead of checking your phone

Outback Steakhouse Outback Bowl - 51 Things to do instead of checking your phone

Outback Steakhouse Outback Bowl - 51 Things to do instead of checking your phone

Outback Steakhouse Outback Bowl - 51 Things to do instead of checking your phone

Speaking of a Bloomin’ Onion…have you ever had one??? It’s one of the (if not THE) most famous appetizers from Outback Steakhouse. My friend, you have not LIVED until you’ve tasted that 1 pound deep-fried glory. Yes, it’s deep-fried. Yes, you should treat yo’self. Fun fact: Outback Steakhouse actually has their OWN onion supplier that gives them these one-pounder colossal onions specifically for the bloomin’ onion app. And it’s actually a lengthy prep process – it takes 24 hours for the onion to actually open up and “bloom.” And we know on Coming Up Roses, we’re fans of anything blooming. 😉 And while I’m no seafoodie myself, my mom + hubs are BOTH testaments.

What do you instead of checking your phone? And have you been to an Outback Steakhouse before?

Raise yo’ hand if you’ve ever tried the Bloomin’ Onion or Coconut Shrimp!

P.S. Wanna win shopping $$$??? There’s a giveaway happening here AND one happening here that you won’t wanna miss!

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