Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove – November 2017 (+ WIN $950 to Nordstrom!)

‘Hello from ABOVE YOU. Currently jetsetting across the good ol’ USA. Hopefully I’m asleep by the time you’re reading this, or girlfriend’s gonna be POOPED for the festivities ahead. BUT I digress.

Um, y’all…it’s the end of November.

The end of November 2017.

That means, it’s about to be December.

December 2017.



I can’t. I think I’m still in a turkey haze or something because that sounds insane! Either way, it’s the end of another month, so we’re celebrating  with some cool sh*t I lovelovelove. Links, things, stuff (on sale!), music, etc. Let’s begin.

Links I Love:

8 Links + 5 Things I Love - on Coming Up Roses

  1. 17 “unputdownable” books this chick read in 24 hours or less.
  2. A “Gravity Blanket” for sleep, stress, + anxiety. It’s literally weighted to your precise body to help you sleep better. Sign me up.
  3. “What you’ve learned.”
  4. 8 of the best podcasts, for everyone from the foodie to the musician
  5. 21 Starbucks copycat recipes to make at home. (bless)


Stuff on Sale:

My favorite thigh high boots for 20% off

UGG slippers for 40% off (GREAT gift!)

EXTRA 30% off all sale items at Anthropologie

40% off Stuart Weitzman boots (this NEVER happens!)

Cyber Week Deals are STILL goin’ strong at Target.

This gorgeous peacoat is on sale for $37.90 and comes in SIX colors


Christmas Playlist:


Things I Lovelovelove:

Sam Edelman Leopard Loafer

Sam Edelman leopard loafers

If you follow me on Instagram (you should! @ericaligenza), you’re probably thinking WE GET IT, E with regards to these loafers. But…I don’t even care. You need to hear it again until every single one of you has a pair of these bad boys on yo’ feet. I pulled the trigger on these with an open mind, really, unsure of how they’re *really* fit. I had heard rave reviews (which was what sold me), but couldn’t think it was realistically possible to have a pair of loafers that didn’t rub, didn’t cause blisters, didn’t require any breaking in…it just seemed impossible. Yet HERE WE ARE, folks. It’s legit – ZERO negative checkmarks here. I’ve been wearing them nonstop because they just a.) feel like a dream, b.) are friggin’ CUTE, and c.) are a super easy way to jazz up any look and instantly appear dressier + more put together (win!).

They come in colors beyond the leopard print, if leopard ain’t yo’ thaaaang (although leopard is a neutral 😉 ). I’d highly recommend as an alternative to any other flats. Something like ballet flats can be reaaaaally hard to shop for, I think, because it’s so dang hard to find a truly *comfortable* pair. AND, they’re really a spring/summer shoe only. These loafers transcend seasons and are perfect for anyone who has to walk a lot at work (or whenever).

Sam Edelman Leopard Loafer

Classic Tan Trenchcoat

Every girl needs a classic trench! It’s just…well…classic. I got this one on a whim from Amazon, of all places, and I’m so impressed. The length is perfect, the buttons are perfect, and there’s even a detachable hood – so you could wear it as a raincoat, if ya want, or as a traditional trench (which I wanted). I also love the subtle cinching at the back, because it gives it a more professional, polished fit.

This just feels very Audrey Hepburn to me, which I lovelovelove.



Urban Decay Liquid Vice Lipstick in Rapid

Oh Lawdy. This liquid lipstick is so bombdotcom – it might be my favorite liquid lippy ever. Liquid lipsticks can be SO hard to shop for, since it all comes down to formula. Some are so drying, it’s like having a suction cup on your face in the middle of the Sahara. Others end up splotchy and glumpy on your lips – not cute. I think Urban Decay has nailed the formula here. It applies a bit glossier, so you have a hot sec to fix any mistakes before it dries a bit more matte. BUT, it’s not SO matte that you achieve the dreaded desert lip. So, it’s a healthy middle ground. 🙂 Rapid is this gorgeous blue-toned red that I lovelovelove (reminds me of my fave, Ruby Woo, but in liquid lip form!). I’ve got it in a few shades, tho, and Backtalk is my favorite shade for everyday wear. I’m just really feelin’ a red lippy right about now, cos ’tis the season!


Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette

My favorite beauty guru on YouTube is Jaclyn Hill, hands down. I had never tried a Morphe beauty product before her eyeshadow palette launch, and now, I think I’ve gotta fill up my cart with more goodies to try. This is my FAVORITE eyeshadow palette, hands down. Possibly ever.

a.) The colors. Obviously we’ve got a lotta colors on hand here. I just loooooovelovelove the assortment. A lotta warm neutrals, gorgeous rusts + golds, some fun statement cool tones – the works. The only thing I wish was more present would be cooler-toned neutrals – just one or two more greys/silvers. That’s it.

b.) The formula. The consistency of these shadows is somehow just perfect. Not chalky, not gritty – just really creamy + blendable. I’m so much more of a critic on my other eyeshadows after becoming accustomed to this formula.

c.) The wear. I set my makeup after application, but still, it lasts all day sans any creasing. #important

d.) The price. It’s $38 for the whole palette, which I think is a steal. Especially since the Urban Decay Naked palettes are over 50 bucks a pop, you get a great mix of neutrals + statement shades for all types of wear and all sortsa looks.

EVERY time (without fail) that I’m wearing a Jaclyn Hill shadow, J compliments my eye makeup game. It’s become hilarious, because now he knows to just ask “Are you wearing Jaclyn Hill?“, which translates to “I love your eye makeup.” 😉

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette

New Morning Mercies daily devotional

I had been on the hunt for another good daily devotional that was a bit longer. And let me tell ya…it’s pure gold. Every single day has a theme of sorts, and the author does a phenomenal job of really driving it home to scripture while making it absurdly relevant to your own everyday life. Here’s a quick excerpt from today’s read:

Here what you and I need to understand and never forget: it is only ever the evil inside of us that hooks us to the evil outside us. Sin makes me susceptible to the lure of temptation. Temptation plays to the evil desires and idolatrous cravings that still live in my heart. Temptation appeals to my selfishness and greed. Temptation targets my laziness and impatience. Temptation hooks my materialism and discontent. Temptation goes after my desire to have my own way and write my own rules. 

But in His grace, Jesus is present to help us overcome both of these problems. ‘Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.’ {Rom, 5:20}”  

New Morning Mercies Devotional


What links+ sales + songs + things online have you been loveloveloving lately?

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