September: Links I Love

Happy end of September, folks! WHAT A MONTH. First thing’s first…I’m now a married woman. WOOOO!!! Dude, married life is great. And according to our matching Bed Bath & Beyond coffee mugs, “married coffee tastes better.” Bless up. So much has happened this month, from getting married and honeymooning in Mexico, to having my fab fab intern Sarah take over CUR with her amazing trilogy for collegiates (see Post 1, Post 2, Post 3), to some totally awesome collaborations in the works, and this post which left so many of you feeling inspired about your own blogs and businesses (YAY!).

So now, in typical CUR fashion, we’re ending the month with Links I Love. And let me tell you…I lovelovelove these links. They all ended up being on the meatier side o’ things, which isn’t half bad because they’re *gold*. I’d recommend opening every single one in a new tab and reading one an hour. Your day will be transformed, I swear. 😉


37 lessons from a self-made millionaire, a changemaker interview on branding and  blogging, 11 habits of extremely likeable people, a #truth piece on how no own has their shit together, how to overcome addiction and making lasting changes in your life, psychological life hacks, how to grow your business with Instagram influencer marketing, and 4 ways to fearlessly deal with trials in your life.

September: Links I Love - 37 lessons from becoming a self-made millionaire, a Teachable changemaker interview, 11 Habits of ridiculously likeable people, psychological life hacks, ways to fearlessly deal with trials, and MORE on Coming Up Roses

1.) Denise Duffield-Thomas is a total badass. Rather, she’s a “lucky bitch.” She’s sharing 37 lessons she’s learned since becoming a self-made millionaire, and they’re golden. (
denise duffield lucky b links i love
2.) SO honored and humbled to be a featured CHANGEMAKER on the Teachable blog! Check out my feature, where we chatted branding, blogging, and the decision to blog full-time and be my own boss. (
 Teachable blog Changemaker - Links I Love on Coming Up Roses
3.) Didja know the quality of questions you ask others directly impacts how likeable you are to them? Here’s fasincating HuffPo read: 11 Habits of Ridiculously Likeable People. (
11 Habits of Likeable People - Links I Love on Coming Up Roses
4.) SUCH a refreshing read from Hit The Gem – “No One Has Their Shit Together.” (
 Hit the Gem - Links I Love on Coming Up Roses
5.) “Willpower is for people who are still uncertain about what they want to do.” An absolute MUST read on the power of willpower versus commitment. EYE OPENING. (
Willpower - Links I Love on Coming Up Roses
6.) 27 psychological life hacks to manipulate emotion, just like social media does. A totally interesting read for anyone in psychology, marketing, branding, social work…anything involving people, really. Ha! (
Links I Love on Coming Up Roses
7.) How to grow your business with Instagram Influencer marketing. An inside look into the industry and how to best utilize it – good for businesses and bloggers alike to check out and learn. (
8.) A total gem from my friend Molly – 4 ways to fearlessly deal with trials in your life. We all face ’em…but we don’t all react the same. Instead of cowering away or shrinking in fear or sadness, Molly has some fabulous tips for getting through tough times with grace and gumption  (
Style Miss Molly on dealing with trials in life - Links I Love on Coming Up Roses
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Which of these “Links I Love” do you lovelovelove?

Would loveloveLOVE to get direct input from YOU for this series, y’all. Because you’re the bread and butter of CUR and why I’m blessed to do what I do anyways! SO, starting something new around these rosy parts…if you’re a blogger, feel free to leave a favorite post of your own in a comment below for consideration for an upcoming Links I Love! I’ll be checking ’em all out and your own goodness might be one of the eight spots featured above next month. If you’re not a blogger, feel free to just submit your own favorite find from the world wide web in a comment below as well…same thing applies there! If selected, it’ll appear above in an upcoming Links I Love. Easy enough, right? 😉

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Now go have yourself some coffee…looks like a rainy, snuggly day/night today!

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