Gift Guide: For Teachers

Today’s for the TEACHERS! One of the top requests I’ve seen is for teacher Christmas gifts. Especially since I have quite a few girlfriends who are teachers, I found it fitting to add a guide for teach to this year’s Gift Guide lineup. 🙂 We kept it short n’ sweet with very specific picks, ranging from more personalized to functional and everything in between. Everything is linked + clickable directly in the collage below, as well as listed below that!

  1. Heated massaging pillow – This a GEM. I have it personally, and it’s great for keeping on your desk chair – because why wouldn’t she or he want a heated back massage while grading papers or lesson planning?!
  2. Snack box – A fun addition to their secret classroom stash. 😉
  3. Personalized stationery – You know I’m a big big fan of more unique gift ideas, and anything personalized or customizable is definitely that. 
  4. Caffeinate Your Soul: 52 Monday Mantras – I’m a BIT biased on these next two 😉 BUT for any teacher dreading the start of a new school week – a little burst of caffeinated motivation could definitely! CYS is full of a year’s worth of “sip-sized” bits of encouragement to help make Mondays more manageable + meaningful, and for teachers powering a classroom of students also wishing for the weekend…it can be just the thing.
  5. Thriving tumbler – Basically my #1 teacher gift idea here, folks – one I’ve already gifted to Liv’s teachers (and they loveloveloved!). This is my FAVORITE tumbler cup on Planet Earth; it’s suited for both hot or cold beverages and temperature-controls via double-insulated steel walls, so your ice stays frozen for 24 hours (literally) and your hot drinks HOT all day, too. The logo doesn’t wash off in the dishwasher since it’s beautifully engraved, and it’s a leak-free/spill-free situation (bless up). Also, if you’re concerned about shipping times because #SupplyChain, no worries – we’re shipping them directly from me to you, so you’ll definitely have in time for the holidays!
  6. Sour Lovers candy bucket – Another one for the private classroom stash. 😉
  7. Erasable marker pens – They can never have enough!
  8. Portable charger – This is a bigger multi-device portable charger to help with any classroom technology needs! (But my personal favorite portable charger for phone-only is this one!)
  9. Phone stand – This cool device can hold a phone OR tablet, so whether they’re livestreaming, teaching virtually, showing something or TikToking (LOL), it keeps the device upright and secure.
  10. Wireless charger + UV sanitizer – A cool two-in-one…charging AND sanitizing from all of those kid germs! 😉
  11. Calm essential oil roll-on – I mean, no explanation necessary. I need one, too.
  12. Yoda Best Teacher mug – For the Star Wars fan.
  13. Polaroid instant camera – Cool for capturing classroom moments!
  14. Personalized teacher stamp – Another personalized option – how cute is this stamp?!
  15. Personalized notepad – Aaaaaand one more customized teacher Christmas gift because it’s CUTE.

What are your favorite teacher Christmas gifts ideas?

Any that have been particularly big hits with your own kiddos’ teachers over the years? Would lovelovelove to hear your favorites!