Here comes Amazon, Here comes Amazon, right down my driveway! If you’re wanting to grab Amazon gifts for the whole family, today’s gift guide is for YOU. I shared Amazon gifts last year and it was a SMASH HIT with you, so we took this post and checked it twice to make sure everything was updated + relevant for some earlybird 2020 holiday shopping. Maybe it’s the fact that the year has been a hot mess express, but if you’re anything like me, you either a.) already have your Christmas shopping very much started, or b.) want to get it done STAT. For that running list of folks to shop for, this gift guide takes the cake since Amazon has everything and ships fast (thankyou Prime).

SO, today we’re talking Amazon gifts for all! I’ve got four separate situations – for her, for him, for kids, AND for the whole fam (ie, more gender neutral gifts that would work for a few people on your list!). Everything is linked below its respective collage, and then I’ve got some callouts of specific highlights below that for any special notes/ideas to pass along! Here comes Amazon, Here comes Amazon, right down your driveway… ๐Ÿ˜‰


AMAZON GIFT GUIDE for the whole family! - on Coming Up Roses




  • This picture frame is so unique – I haven’t found anything like it anywhere else. I was inspired to start hunting after seeing ALL THE PHOTO STRIPS from photo booths stuck to our fridge where, quite frankly, we ran out of magnets for them. HA. Comes in different colors/finishes – gift it empty or fill it with photostrips to gift already filled with memories!
  • The milk frother is the best stocking stuffer for the coffee lover who craves a good at-home latte! It works SO well – I have one, my parents have one, my brother has one – the whole fam is stocked.
  • I bought this digital frame as a gift last year for my grandaprents and it’s SO FABULOUS. It’s like a mini TV screen, doesn’t need WiFi to connect, AND it plays photos AND videos! So for my Nana & Pop who don’t even have WiFi, it was awesome to pre-load with photos AND videos of Olivia that they could just play on repeat in their kitchen during the day.
  • The brownie edges pan would also be great for a Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange – if you’re like me, you’re really only here for the edges anyways. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Our Roomba goes off at 5 am every single morning, and there’s really no greater feeling than coming downstairs to a freshly vacuumed floor.



AMAZON GIFT GUIDE for her! - on Coming Up Roses

for her





NOTE: All but 5 of the products in the collage are things I already own myself and just pulled favorites from my past orders as Amazon gift recommendations. So you know they’re tried + true!

  • Clear lipstick caps for MAC lipsticks are great for the beauty lover who already owns half of Sephora but needs something new + useful in her stocking that’s not just another product with an expiration date.
  • This leopard beanie is SO soft – it almost feels like the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic circle cardigans, but on your head and for under $20.
  • These pajamas are favorites in my own jammies drawer – they feel JUST like a popular $50 pair from Nordstrom, but for half the price! Would also be great for new mamas who might be nursing since it’s button-down.
  • My new favorite lotion is on Amazon – it’s vegan + cruelty-free + natural and smells DIVINE. I actually learned about it from YOU guys over on Instagram – I mentioned it being in my FabFitFun box and got SO many messages of people saying OMG that’s my favorite lotion!!! Well same y’all, same.
  • I gifted my mom these microwaveable poochies (aka slippers) two years ago and she still loveloveloves ’em! Perfect random gift for the gal who gets cold feet at night and can’t sleep that way.
  • My own light-up vanity mirror is the perfect splurge when it comes to best Amazon gifts – it lets you see ALL THE THINGS, for better or worse. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Truly the best lighting for flawless makeup application! (I have mine on top of my IKEA vanity setup, with Alex drawers and a tabletop).
  • Of course, gotta have my Lululemon lookalike leggings here – an affordable, buttery-soft legging that’s functional, practical, + works for everyday. I own 4 pairs – buy her one, too! (FYI they’re an alternative to Lululemon’s famous Align pant – under $30 versus $98. I own both so can speak to that firsthand!)
  • I’ve been going through a lot of my stuff to purge (bless up), and in doing so, came across this acrylic jewelry tray – I loveloveLOVE. It’s been so good for reorganizing all of my daintier pieces in one place in a really simple, pretty way!
  • Perfect stocking stuffer: Barefoot Dreams socks! The BD feel without the bigger pricetag. Bless up.


Many (if not most) of the above recommendations were from last year, and they’re still here because they’re still GREAT options for Amazon gifts for her! But since ya girl shops Prime like it’s going out of style, I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve that I just had to share with you.

  • Caffeinate Your Soul: 52 Monday Mantras – My own biggest win to come out of 2020 – MY BOOK! ICYMI, CYS is full of a year’s worth of encouragement to help make your Mondays more manageable + meaningful. It’s rooted in faith with real, tactical tips for starting your week strong and maintaining momentum all year long. If you’ve got some ladies on your list who lovelovelove ongoing personal development, care about growth, or just might appreciate a pickmeup amidst a crazy year as we head into a new one, I’d humbly recommend grabbing them a copy! Whether it’s girlfriends on your list, a sister, mother-in-law, kids’ teachers or the girls from Bible study, it’s written to uplift and energize, just like any good cuppa coffee should. ๐Ÿ˜‰

CAFFEINATE YOUR SOUL: 52 Monday Mantras - inspiring new personal development book



AMAZON GIFT GUIDE for him! - on Coming Up Roses




  • This docking station is great for any all-Apple guy – it charges his iPhone, Apple watch, AND Airpods in one place!
  • HOW COOL is this GPS drone tho?! I lowkey want one for myself justbecause.
  • This watch box would be such a great gift for the sophisticated gent who already has everything (like 5 watches – ha!).
  • When it comes to the best Amazon gifts, blue light glasses work for him AND her!



  • These luxury gel pillows – We just got these ourselves and WOW, SO GOOD. They’re the #1 bestselling pillows on Amazon. I’m SO picky with bed pillows and J is reasonably picky with them, too, and we both lovelovelove these. No neck pain, perfectly molds to your body – so good!
  • Our crazy cloud massager! – Normally I HATE gimmicky things like this. Sign me up for a spa or nada. But this one…THIS ONE. This one changes the game. You can use on your feet or have it up on your calves, and it’s a legit massage. No weird vibrations or less-than-comfortable pulsations. J wasn’t sold at first but I convinced him to try and now we have to take turns while watching our shows together – ha!



AMAZON GIFT GUIDE for kids! - on Coming Up Roses



NOTE: I was specifically looking for around Olivia’s age and younger – it’s like the baby into toddler-age selection of Amazon gifts, although some definitely will be used for years to come!

  • One of my very best friends on the planet wrote this children’s book about her own special needs cat – it’s the sweetest story, the cat is the funniest in real life, + I lovelovelove supporting her so pick up a copy for any kid on your list! It’s the sweetest story about inclusion + finding your family in life. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Olivia has these mega blocks and loveloveloves building with them – will last them for years, from first practicing with fine motor skills to intentionally building princess castle!
  • This little musical toy was a hand-me-down to her from our neighbor’s kid and she’s SO into it – she bounces up and down to Mozart like she’s at the club. It’s hilarious – but I like that it’s classical music and not just the rinky tink stereotypical “baby music,” if that makes sense! It’s the #1 Best Sellers on Amazon for musical baby toys and has over 11,000 4.5+ star reviews if that tells you anything, and it’s under 10 bucks!
  • Bought Liv a name puzzle for Christmas – don’t tell her! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great for learning letters, colors, their name, AND working their fine motor skills!


Just like Amazon gifts for her, I’ve found some favorites for Olivia lately that I’m already stocking up on myself for all of my girlfriend’s kids, too! So especially if you’ve got a baby and/or toddler on your Christmas shopping list, these are some loveloveloved items in our own household that be a perfect fit for yours.

  • Baby’s First Bible Stories gift set – Another #1 bestseller! Liv has always loveloveloved this set – we rotate each book in and out of our church bag for her!
  • Learning splash pad – Aaaaaand another #1 bestseller! This is a cute little inflatable splash pad for the yard that connects to your hose. It’s got cute animals + numbers on it and we kicked off last summer with it – Liv had a ball.
  • These stuffed animals are the absolute BEST I’ve found – Liv has 5 now! She got her first as a gift and I went on a mad hatter hunt to find the same thing online and struck the gold with these. I buy as gifts for ALL of my girlfriend’s babies! They’re microfiber so they’re so much squishier + huggable than regular plush animals. Perfect for squeezing!
  • Here it is in monkey, too! Liv got the monkey for her birthday and adores him.
  • Mold-free bathtub boat toy – I recently learned about the horrors that can (+ do) grow inside those cute little bath toys that squirt water since they can (+ do) end up harboring water inside of them and then…growing mold. Nasty. This is dishwasher safe + mold-free and great for motor skills during tubby time!
  • Mess-free doodle mat – Gifting this to Liv! A “magic” doodle mat for drawing without worrying about markers on the wall!
  • Play makeup – Gifting this to Liv this year, too! Not sure how she’ll feel about it since she loveloveLOVES sitting with mommy to “do makeup” in the mornings and inevitably mess with my real stuff, but here’s hoping it’s suitable. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • 12 pack of little girl bracelets – Great especially if you have a few little girls on your list and want to break them up as stocking stuffers! I have been gifting Liv a set of three once in awhile as a fun little treat and she’s SO into accessorizing now.
  • Linking my blog post with Olivia’s Favorite Books from 12-24 months here since nearly all are on Amazon and are great giftables if you’re sharing the gift of reading!
  • Absolutely loveloveLOVE this Montessori alphabet-learning game/tool – It holds Olivia’s attention so well! You can match letters or numbers into slightly indented/pegged cards that have a corresponding animal on them. Great colors, great feel.

Are you stocking up on Amazon gifts this year?

Any of my suggestions work for people on your list? Sure hope so! emember to hit the SHOP tab on the menu up above, choose HOLIDAY SHOP, then go through all past Gift Guides + Quick Shops for all of your gifting needs. I GOTCHU!

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