Here comes Amazon, Here comes Amazon, right down my driveway! If you’re wanting to grab Amazon gifts for the whole family, today’s gift guide is for YOU. I shared Amazon gifts last year and it was a SMASH HIT with you, so we took this post and checked it twice to make sure everything was updated + relevant for some solid 2023 holiday shopping. Maybe it’s the fact that the last few years have been a hot mess shipping express, but if you’re anything like me, you either a.) already have your Christmas shopping very much started, or b.) want to get it done STAT. For that running list of folks to shop for, this gift guide takes the cake since Amazon has everything and ships fast (thankyou Prime). Order ASAP to ensure fastest shipping!

SO, today we’re talking Amazon gifts for all! I’ve got four separate situations – for her, for him, for kids, AND for the whole fam (ie, more gender neutral gifts that would work for a few people on your list!). Everything is linked below its respective collage, and then I’ve got some callouts of specific highlights below that for any special notes/ideas to pass along! Here comes Amazon, Here comes Amazon, right down your driveway… πŸ˜‰


  1. Bluey Trouble – This is SO FUN for the whole fam – Olivia got for her birthday this year and we play it probably once a week!
  2. What Do You Meme family game – The classic fun game, but family-friendly!
  3. Tabletop s’mores maker – Who doesn’t lovelovelove s’mores?!
  4. Poppi sodas – My entire family – LITERALLY MY ENTIRE FAMILY – is obsessed with Poppi. Whenever I stock up my fridge, J and I fly through and Mimi and Papa raid my stash when they’re over, too. They’re the yummiest, healthiest prebiotic sodas with actual health benefits, beyond tasting BOMB.
  5. Poppi classic flavors – The same Poppi benefits, but in your favorite traditional soda flavors (they taste JUST like a Coke or Dr. Pepper!)
  6. Photo strip picture frame – is so unique – I haven’t found anything like it anywhere else. I was inspired to start hunting after seeing ALL THE PHOTO STRIPS from photo booths stuck to our fridge where, quite frankly, we ran out of magnets for them. HA. Comes in different colors/finishes – gift it empty or fill it with photostrips to gift already filled with memories!
  7. Movie Night popcorn set – With multiple options for seasonings.
  8. You Laugh You’re Out game – This just sounds hilarious…I have it in my cart.
  9. Roomba – Program it to go off every single morning, so there’s really no greater feeling than coming downstairs to a freshly vacuumed floor.
  10. Everything but the Bagel seasoning – An everything seasoning for every body!
  11. Donut pan – To make family baking days more fun. DONUT you think they’ll lovelovelove fresh donuts?? πŸ˜‰
  12. Wireless ear buds – These are super highly rates and significantly cheaper than AirPods.
  13. Family hand-casting kit – What a special, sentimental and DIFFERENT idea, right?
  14. Dark chocolate Boom Chicka Pop – Soooooo yum.
  15. Family calendar – Similar to the big one in our kitchen, at a fraction of the price…and still customizable!
  16. Nest thermostat – We have Nests throughout our house and they’re easy to set and forget!
  17. Keurig latte machine – We loveloveloooooove ours – it’s especially great being able to make a regular coffee or mix it up with a latte when you’re feeling fancy!
  18. Giant wooden playing dice – These just look like a fun time…they’re HUGE!
  19. Giant Jenga – Another huge game…bundle this with the giant wooden dice for a fun take on family game night!
  20. Dyson vacuum – SUCH A TREAT, Santa take notes. πŸ˜‰
  21. Ancestry DNA kit – A DNA test is a surprisingly personal gift – and a neat way to learn more about yourself and/or your family history. J did one a few years back and was surprised at how much he took away from it!
  22. Headphone cord organizer – For not even 6 bucks, this device eliminates all pesky headphone wires and cords – because ain’t nobody got time.
  23. Shower/bath wine glass holder – I mean…totally clutch. πŸ˜‰ Also makes a great White Elephant option!
  24. Heated massage pillow – I MEAN, ALSO CLUTCH. My dad borrowed mine before starting physical therapy because it gives great relief for back pain, etc.
  25. Acrylic easel display – I lovelovelove this little easel; I got it as a chic, discreet helper by the stove to hold my phone if I’m FaceTiming while cooking. It also holds a tablet size device, though, or can prop up a book, and the little nobs are adjustable. A more unique gift idea to help the person always multitasking in the kitchen!
  26. Meat masher – SUCH a handy tool in the kitchen. Stick it in the chef’s stocking!
  27. Simple Modern Tumbler – THE CUP – only the best cup on Planet Earth. I won’t talk your ear off about it *yet again* because IYKYK. πŸ˜‰
  28. 5lb bag of Gummy Bears – Just in case you’re looking for 5 pounds of my personal favorite gummy bear… πŸ˜‰
  29. Christmas rolling pin – A fun, unique idea for the baker – how fun is this rolling pin?!
  30. Christmas candle – This soy candle smells like Christmas in a jar!
  31. Chomps beef jerky – We all loveloveLOVE Chomps – they’re healthy beef sticks packed with protein and low in sodium. A great snack on the go!
  32. Phone/tablet stand – A super handy one for the always-connected person. Whether they’re FaceTiming or Zooming or Instagram storying they’ll be set with this handy dandy stand!
  33. Laser tag – For the family with teens!
  34. Selfie stick tripod – For the traveling selfie-taker!
  35. Celsius – Another personal recommendation from my family – my stock is cleared out whenever I’m loaded. Ha!
  36. Hatch sound machine – These are great light/sound white noise machines with options for both kids + grown ups.
  37. Charades for Kids – Another fun option for family game night!
  38. 12 Games of Christmas – A cool take on the song and a variation of an Advent calendar
  39. The Adventure Challenge Family Edition – For the adventurous fam. πŸ™‚
  40. Karaoke machine – For the family of performers!
  41. Disney Trivia – For the Disney family!
  42. Slammo game set – A great lawn-friendly game for the whole fam


NOTE: Nearly everything here are things I already own myself and just pulled favorites from my past orders as Amazon gift recommendations. So you know they’re tried + true!

  1. Custom SM quencher with her name – Everyone’s favorite better-than-a-Stanley quencher cup, WITH HER NAME! So fun!
  2. Lululemon lookalike leggings – an affordable, buttery-soft legging that’s functional, practical, + works for everyday. I own 4 pairs – buy her one, too! (FYI they’re my favorite alternative to Lululemon’s famous Align pant – under $30 versus $98. I own both so can speak to that firsthand – here’s a side-by-side comparison review!)
  3. BETTER than Lululemon leggings… – Even BETTER. These aren’t “dupes” because they don’t pill or collect hair like the Lululemons do, so…they’re better! For 1/3 the price!
  4. Non-toxic whitening strips – If Crest whitestrips make your teeth sensitive/hurt, try these! 
  5. Foolproof, smudge proof, waterproof eyeliner – The coolest thing about this: the stamper for a perfect cateye every time!
  6. Crew socks – On trend, TikTok approved, and WARM. Great over leggings with your UGGs or sneakers!
  7. Lululemon-inspired belt bag – A more affordable alternative to the perpetually sold out Lululemon version!
  8. Packing cubes – The best for more efficient packing + traveling.
  9. Travel mirror – This mirror is FABULOUS – it’s portable with a dimmable light that can switch from cooler to warmer-toned lighting.
  10. Self tanner – My personal favorite formula for streak-free, natural-looking glow – and it’s a clean formula from a family-owned company! 
  11. Designer dupe sunnies – An under $15 option that looks just like this $415 designer pair.
  12. Smiley hat – A happy hat!
  13. Smiley iced coffee coolie – A cute coolie to keep your iced coffee order cold + condensation-free!
  14. Free People-inspired sweater – My favorite Amazon sweater (under $50) which looks like this $128 Free People version.
  15. Booty bands – I lovelovelove these for a good booty burn.
  16. Clear lipstick caps for MAC lipsticks – are great for the beauty lover who already owns half of Sephora but needs something new + useful in her stocking that’s not just another product with an expiration date.
  17. The God Shot book – Tidbits of scripture that speak to God’s character – it’s a great devo.
  18. Lit up purse organizer – WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!
  19. Leopard beanie – is SO soft – it almost feels like the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic circle cardigans, but on your head and for under $20.
  20. Pajama set – are favorites in my own jammies drawer – they feel JUST like a popular $50 pair from Nordstrom, but for half the price! Would also be great for new mamas who might be nursing since it’s button-down.
  21. Human + Kind body lotion – is on Amazon – it’s vegan + cruelty-free + natural and smells DIVINE. I actually learned about it from YOU guys over on Instagram – I mentioned it being in my FabFitFun box and got SO many messages of people saying OMG that’s my favorite lotion!!! Well same y’all, same.
  22. Microwaveable poochies – I gifted my mom these (aka slippers) a few years ago and she still loveloveloves ’em! Perfect random gift for the gal who gets cold feet at night and can’t sleep that way.
  23. Laneige lip sleeping mask – The very best overnight lip treatment – MY TOP FAVORITE. I wake up with actually hydrated, nourished, NOT dry lips!
  24. Laneige glowy lip balm – A daytime version to give you great glow and sheer shine with fabulous, hydrating ingredients.
  25. Light-up vanity mirror – is the perfect splurge when it comes to best Amazon gifts – it lets you see ALL THE THINGS, for better or worse. πŸ˜‰ Truly the best lighting for flawless makeup application! (I have mine on top of my IKEA vanity setup, with Alex drawers and a tabletop).
  26. Acrylic jewelry tray – I’ve been going through a lot of my stuff to purge (bless up), and in doing so, came across – I loveloveLOVE. It’s been so good for reorganizing all of my daintier pieces in one place in a really simple, pretty way!
  27. Barefoot Dreams socks -Perfect stocking stuffer. The BD feel without the bigger pricetag. Bless up.
  28. Suede moto jacket – I’ve had this jacket for *years* and it still looks + feels brand new – it wears exceptionally well. A really, really high quality piece for her, and a true wardrobe staple!
  29. Best claw clips – Truly the best…they actually hold your hair up *securely* (as seen here in my favorite way to wear!).
  30. Laneige lip mask – The absolute best overnight lip treatments. A little bit goes a long way, too, so they last awhile!
  31. Airpod case cover – Refresh her tech for not even $5 – I have a similar case in light pink and it’s surprisingly durable for the price.
  32. Memory foam slippers – The best thing about these slippers is their sole. Memory foam!
  33. Wrist key ring – A MUST for any woman with her hands full. I couldn’t function without mine.
  34. Oribe Texture spray – This stuff is GOOOOOD. It gives a great amount of volume + texture. Little did I know, it also apparently helps with oil like dry shampoo does…like what?! Game changer. I lovelovelove it and always have it on stock in my drawer.
  35. Angels devotional – This book is STUNNING, full of the author’s original angel artwork, coupled with beautiful words to inspire her everyday.
  36. Cloud Massage foot massager – I’m usually not about gimmicky massage things…this is the real deal. It feels fabulous and J and I fight over it while watching our shows. HA.
  37. RFID blocking wallet – The #1 bestselling wallet on Amazon with 35,000+ 5-star reviews! It’s got RFID blocking technology which prevents hackers or thiefs from stealing your credit card information in passing.
  38. Gold vase – SO PRETTY. Pair with a fresh bouquet!
  39. Blue light blocking glasses – Always on my face, always on the list. A great gift for the gal always on her phone or laptop!
  40. The cup that’s better than a Yeti – It’s THE CURowd cup at this point, folks – a weekly bestseller amongst readers for good reason. It’s also the #1 Bestselling travel mug/tumbler on Amazon, which speaks volumes. Comes with TWO leak-free interchangeable lids (one for hot drinks, one with a straw for cold), and legit keeps your ice frozen ALL. DANG. DAY. They constantly sell out so add to cart ASAP! 
  41. UGG fluffette dupe – These look + feel like the UGGS, for a fraction of the price!!
  42. A Necklet – This cute little device lets you link up your necklaces for tangle-free layering! Comes in rose gold, yellow gold, as well as white.
  43. The #1 bestselling SipCaddy for a glass of wine in the bathroom – Works in the shower or tub – I keep mine at the bath tub!
  44. This jewelry cleaner – A #1 category bestseller!
  45. Long distance bestie mug – A cute gift for your long distance girlfriends. πŸ™‚
  46. Retro tortoiseshell sunnies – For not even 9 bucks. I’m *always* complimented on mine!
  47. The most boujee detergent she’ll ever own – What a treat to your sheets. Smells like amber. Just washing your sheets + duvet in this will have her entire bedroom smelling like a fancy hotel.
  48. Suitcase drink caddy – Keep your to-go latte and water bottle at reach while staying hands free with this suitcase caddy.
  49. A rose gold case for her chargers + cords – This has been the prettiest practical addition to my own travel lineup yet!
  50. A scalp massager for shampoo day – Seriously. WHAT A TREAT. Might seem like a weird stocking stuffer at first, but I now can’t live without mine. So just thank me later. πŸ˜‰
  51. 9-square picture frame – I framed a handful of selects from our family photos in this and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!
  52. Amazon’s #1 bestselling mascara – It’s not even 5 bucks! This is the one I’ve showed + shared side-by-side to a $27 “designer” mascara and it’s just as good if not BETTER (better according to your votes on it on Instagram Stories!).
  53. Matte claw clips – Because the 90’s are fetch.
  54. Toiletry bag – This is my favorite toiletry bag to date! It’s a great size, has great compartments that compact comfortably, and can still hang up on your shower rack. The elastic straps keep everything put and organized, too!
  55. Apple watch band – I recently got this band and lovelovelove – it’s so chic and easy to adjust sizing!
  56. Cashmere wide leg pants – WHAT A TREAT – these are the dreamiest upgrade to her college sweatpants! 
  57. Stress therapy tea – My fave tea to unwind at the end of the night.
  58. Kindle Paperwhite – For the reader. I didn’t think I’d be into a Kindle…it’s now one of my top ten favorite things. I use it every single day!
  59. Book light – For the hard copy reader! Switches from warm to cool lighting.
  60. French vanilla soy cereal candle – I mean, HILARIOUS.
  61. Rhythms of Renewal – A fabulous, fabulous read.
  62. Ice roller – Great for the skincare junkie – for face AND body! Helps with everything from decreasing puffiness to increasing circulation, reducing redness, and helping ease headaches or sunburns.
  63. Jewelry packing roll – For the traveling accessorizer.
  64. Facial steamer – Another one for the skincare gurus in the house! Opens pores to help better absorb product – on my wishlist. πŸ˜‰
  65. Skincare fridge – Another one for the skincare lover – grab her the ice roller, too, and put it inside the fridge to gift!
  66. At-home gel polish kit – For the girl who doesn’t always have time to hit the salon – bring the salon look to her!
  67. Wick trimmer – An oft-overlooked essential for candle lovers: a wick trimmer to keep her candles in best burn health.
  68. Carhatt beanie – A cozy classic!
  69. PMD pore vacuum – It suctions out your pores. What more could a face ask for?! Ha!



  1. Heated sports chair – For the sideline dad or gameday fanatic.
  2. Chomps beef jerky – The PERFECT protein-packed snack – we are all OBSESSED. 
  3. Simple Modern team tumbler – It’s THE CUP, but in tumbler form with the ability to get his team on it. Got J one last year and he loveloveloved!
  4. Luxury shower head – I just got this for J…it can turn your shower into an ~experience~ and it’s beautifully affordable!
  5. Docking station – is great for any all-Apple guy – it charges his iPhone, Apple watch, AND Airpods in one place!
  6. GPS drone -HOW COOL is this tho?! I lowkey want one for myself justbecause.
  7. Luxury gel pillows – We just got these ourselves and WOW, SO GOOD. They’re the #1 bestselling pillows on Amazon. I’m SO picky with bed pillows and J is reasonably picky with them, too, and we both lovelovelove these. No neck pain, perfectly molds to your body – so good!
  8. Personalized whiskey decanter set – For when he wants it neat.
  9. Blue light glasses – When it comes to the best Amazon gifts, work for him AND her!
  10. Beverage fridge – I know I’m not a dude, but I’d say every man cave needs this.
  11. Moccasins – Highly rated, afforadble moccasins to keep his piggies toasty all winter long.
  12. Card case – My Gucci card case comes with me everywhere and is a great, compact option. If he’s sick of having lines in the back pocket of his pants from his bulky wallet (LOL), this card case keeps the essentials + has that RFID blocking technology to keep theives at bay (bless).
  13. Coffee mug warmer for his desk – No microwave needed!
  14. Dad Jokes book – Don’t buy this for my husband, he’s got enough already. πŸ˜‰
  15. GoPro – For the guy on the go!
  16. Waterproof bluetooth speaker – Great for prepping those warmer weather parties already!
  17. Duffel bag – A great classic option – with a coupon you can apply at checkout!
  18. Packing cubes – An essential for efficient traveling.
  19. Heart face mug – Put your own mug on his mug so he never forgets you… πŸ˜‰
  20. Suitcase drink caddy – Another option for the traveler – pair with the packing cubes for a little “package” gift!
  21. BBQ rub set – Read these and tell me you don’t immediately want a burger.
  22. Dill cashews – FAIR WARNING: these are addicting.
  23. Eucalyptus shower spray – J loveloveLOVES this stuff…it’s in his stocking every year at this point.
  24. Left right center dice – This game is SO MUCH FREAKING FUN, especially at parties – I recommend grabbing a few lotto tickets as prizes. Ups the ante. πŸ˜‰
  25. Massage gun – Great for the guy in the gym with tight muscles always!
  26. Drink carbonator – If he likes his drinks bubbly…ask and he shall receive.
  27. Oculus – A wild VR experience for the tech-loving dude.
  28. Old Fashioned glass set – If he likes his whiskey neat…I have no idea how that technically correlates to this, but it sounds about right.
  29. Putting green – Luckily, I’m doubting J will read this far down the list. πŸ˜‰ Got this for his office this year so that he can practice his put put while on conference calls. 
  30. Nuts – This is a fun little assortment for the snacker. My dad (+ also my Pop) would loooooovelovelove.
  31. Luggage set – Upgrade his luggage. Because if you don’t, he never will. HA.
  32. Our crazy cloud massager! – Normally I HATE gimmicky things like this. Sign me up for a spa or nada. But this one…THIS ONE. This one changes the game. You can use on your feet or have it up on your calves, and it’s a legit massage. No weird vibrations or less-than-comfortable pulsations. J wasn’t sold at first but I convinced him to try and now we have to take turns while watching our shows together – ha!
  33. Ninja knife set – J may or may not be getting this from Santa. πŸ˜‰
  34. Wireless pure bass headphones – Upgrade his headphone gagme!
  35. Cocktail smoker kit – Cool for the cocktail afficiando.
  36. The Beer Bucket List book – Would also be a fun White Elephant idea.
  37. OG Nintendo system – For the OG gamer – a dose of nostalgia!
  38. Over-the-door basketball hoop – A fun addition to his office door!
  39. NFL tumbler with his team – Go Taylor’s boyfriend…or whoever his team is! πŸ˜‰



  1. Bluey Advent calendar – I mean…HOW CUTE. Got for Liv to kickoff Advent this week!
  2. Disney Princess pop up book – This book is SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL – a true experience for your own princess!
  3. Picasso tiles – These are so great for dexterity and imaginative/building play…Olivia has multiple sets and I’m gifting her another this year to just keep building the collection to build more and more things!
  4. Bouncehouse – This gets SO MUCH USE in our house…we blow it up in the basement or the garage! Made so well. A great “big gift” or joint sibling gift!
  5. Mega blocks – Olivia has these and loveloveloves building with them – will last them for years, from first practicing with fine motor skills to intentionally building princess castle!
  6. Laugh & Learn Baby Activity Center  – A cute little grow-with-them option. Got for Jonah!
  7. Musical toy –  Was a hand-me-down to her from an old neighbor’s kid and she was SO into it – she bounced up and down to Mozart like she’s at the club. It’s hilarious – but I like that it’s classical music and not just the rinky tink stereotypical “baby music,” if that makes sense! It was the #1 Best Sellers on Amazon for musical baby toys and has over 11,000 4.5+ star reviews if that tells you anything, and it’s under 10 bucks!
  8. Science board book set – Because “quantum physics for babies” LOL
  9. See & Spell – I cannot recommend this enough for learning sight words and early spelling. I kid you not, the OG was SPELLING WORDS at three years old thanks to this thing! We cover up any pictures, too, to really make sure she’s learning sight words and not just relying on the pictures, and it WORKS!
  10. Activity center – EVERY baby needs a jumper like this – they get so much use out of them AND it keeps them from crawling off a cliff! Bless up!
  11. Sit ‘n Spin – A Sit n’ Spin is always a win.
  12. Natural lip balm – Just got these for Liv as a healthier alternative to LipSmackers. πŸ˜‰
  13. Doodle board – Great for mess-free creativity, whether in the car, at a restaurant, etc!
  14. Wooden block sorting toy – Great for building dexterity, shape and color identification, etc.
  15. Star projector – Fun for the older toddlers as they get into space, stars, etc.
  16. Learning splash pad – Aaaaaand another #1 bestseller! This is a cute little inflatable splash pad for the yard that connects to your hose. It’s got cute animals + numbers on it and we kicked off two summers ago with it – Liv had a ball.
  17. Mold-free bathtub boat toy – After you hear of the horrors that can (+ do) grow inside those cute little bath toys that squirt water since they can (+ do) end up harboring water inside of them and then…growing mold. Nasty. This is dishwasher safe + mold-free and great for motor skills during tubby time!
  18. Play makeup – Gifted this to Liv a few years back! It’s a great play set.
  19. 12 pack of little girl bracelets – Great especially if you have a few little girls on your list and want to break them up as stocking stuffers! I have been gifting Liv a set of three once in awhile as a fun little treat and she’s SO into accessorizing now.
  20. Absolutely loveloveLOVE this Montessori alphabet-learning game/tool – It holds Olivia’s attention so well! You can match letters or numbers into slightly indented/pegged cards that have a corresponding animal on them. Great colors, great feel.
  21. Musical crawling crab – A #1 bestselling top toy…will be under the tree for Jonah man this year!
  22. Wand – My fairy godmother prop from our Cinderella family costume last Halloween – which just so happens to make a great magic wand for the OG now. πŸ˜‰
  23. Pointer – Inspired by Liv’s preschool “calendar helper” game, which she likes to re-enact whenever possible.
  24. Little girl rings – This is such a cute multi-pack – Olivia flipped out when she got these a few years back.
  25. Cutie Fruities and the Fruits of the Spirit – This book is ADORABLE. It’s got great illustrations, great message, and scratch-and-sniff, so basically the trifecta for little girls.
  26. Hatchimals Crystal Flier – This seems so fun and will be waiting for the OG. πŸ˜‰
  27. Flower sunglasses – 8 fun sunnies for not even $18 – a steal. These are SO cute – they’re the ones Liv is always wearing!
  28. Goodtimer – Just got her this, too – it’s a positive reinforcement and time management tool for 3-10 year olds.
  29. Baby doll – HOW CUTE IS SHE THOUGH?!
  30. Pogo stick – OK SO Liv got a pogo stick for her 3rd birthday…her hand eye coordination is getting there. LOL. I have a feeling when she masters it, WATCH OUT WORLD.
  31. Crocs – Truly a lifesaver to avoid soggy wocks or muddy shoes…crocs are our go-to for spring/summer especially since they’re so easy on/off and so easy to clean!
  32. Adventures of Otitis – One of my girlfriends wrote this children’s book about her own special needs cat – it’s the sweetest story, the cat is the funniest in real life, + I lovelovelove supporting her so pick up a copy for any kid on your list! It’s the sweetest story about inclusion + finding your family in life. πŸ™‚
  33. Slippers – HOW PRECIOUS?! I want these in my size! Another top seller from Amazon with sooo many color/print options and great no-slip functionality.
  34. Stick-on earrings – Went in Liv’s stocking last year…a hit!
  35. Quick push game – Has been trending on TikTok…supposedly great for practicing focus. I grabbed one for Liv and suspect it’ll be great for occupying during car rides, at restaurants, etc sans a screen!
  36. Disney Princess dress-up Pollies – These remind me of Fashion Polly dolls from the early 2000’s, but with a Disney spin. Olivia LOVES hers!
  37. Rapunzel dress – Liv has this dress – it’s made so well!
  38. Little girl tutu socks – These are the ones she wears on my Instagram Stories often for Pre-K…they’re CUTE.
  39. Smiley hat – Happy little stocking stuffer!
  40. Underwater floor puzzle  – Great for the puzzle-loving little in your life
  41. Baby’s First Bible Stories gift set – Another #1 bestseller! Liv always loveloveloved this set – we rotated each book in and out of our church bag for her!
  42. Farmers market play set – A cute Montessori-inspired set!
  43. Little Tikes trampoline – A fun way for toddlers to let off steam. Ha.
  44. Scavenger hunt – My parents have this at their house too for fun, learning-based activity time.
  45. Fire tablet – Always a bestseller.
  46. Colorful Jenga – Love the fun colors!
  47. Sensory tissue box – To Jonah, love(lovelove) Santa. πŸ˜‰
  48. Tummy time sensory fish – Another one from good ol’ Santa Claus!
  49. Roller skates (+ pads set) – Liv’s set from her birthday – they adjust sizes so she can have them for years!
  50. Cars crocs charms – SO CUTE for the little Cars lover.
  51. Berenstain Bears Phonics book – For the beginner reader!
  52. Disney Princess color reveal – A fun color-changing toy for her
  53. Personalized Night Before Christmas book  – A sweet, sentimental keepsake they’ll bring out for years to come.

Are you stocking up on Amazon gifts this year?

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