8 Links + 5 Things I Love (+ July’s Playlist, + Stuff on Sale!)

August is tomorrow. August is tomorrow!!!! We’re waaaay past the halfway mark to Christmas 2017, past Christmas in July – and rumor has it that Hobby Lobby has Christmas balls out now. So there’s that. Meanwhile, I’m over here still trying to make it to a beach before it drops below 75. Someone help a sistah out??? HA. I mean, Christmas is at the top of my “things I love” list every single moment of every single day, but it might be a *tad* bit early to break out the Santa statues and plastic trees already. Amiright?

This past weekend was gloriously spent with some best friends for a Bachelorette, and then with the whole fam to celebrate my brother cos…

…Today is my his 21st birthday! And I got him to agree to let me take him to his first bar, so I’d say that’s a win in the big-sister book. 😉 Beyond today, this whole week is gonna get a bit crazy at CUR headquarters; I’m heading to Chicago later this week for a conference, and then jetting off somewhere tropical after that…any guesses where??? 😉 Meanwhile, I’ve got a TON of deadlines coming up (a total blessing, and also just #werk), so I’m just gonna start chugging espresso at this point.

Let’s close out July with a lil’ LIL action, shall we?

Links I Love:

8 Links + 5 Things I Love - on Coming Up Roses

  1. 28 people who are too good + too pure for this world.
  2. “You are chosen and loved.” A must read if you need the reminder. (I cried.)
  3. 10 vegetarian recipes for your busy life. Can we talk about the chocolate hummus tho?
  4. 3 ways to being back your spark if/when you’re feeling burnt out.
  5. 100-year-old twins celebrating their birthday together.
  6. How to maintain a friendship when you’re in different life stages.
  7. The 80/20 rule. (Hint: you need it).
  8. 8 things entrepreneurial brands are doing that blow away “the big guys.”


Stuff on Sale:

These black workout leggings already in my cart – about to check out.
The IT booties for fall 2017, on sale under $100.
40% off this entire section, exclusively for summer VIPs (that’s you!)
Over $200 discount on Tory Burch riding boots – PERF for fall.
I want this tufted floor pillow in a book nook with natural light + candles. #dreams (On sale for under $25!)
I bought these and am OBSESSED. They don’t slip down!!!!!
The most gorgeous suede moto jacket on sale.
Super classic adidas kicks on sale in two colors.
Super cozy tie-front pullover to wear everyday.


July Playlist:


Things I Love:


Victoria Secret Bombshell Summer

Funny story about this scent.

I believe in God moments. I like to think that God communicates with us directly (at least, to anyone listening/on the look out! 😉 ) in little ways that we’ll personally understand and get. SO, storytime.

One day my mom and I were at the mall. I had some Victoria’s Secret coupons and needed a few new bras, so it was on our list of stops.

I headed there while my mom shopped elsewhere. While waiting for her, I found myself in the beauty section smelling scents. I totally loveloveloved this one in particular. Even tho I had coupons, I wasn’t in the market for a new fragrance, so I put it down reluctantly and went on to check out bras. In the checkout line, the cashier forgot to ring up one of my bras. Now…VS ain’t cheap. This was a $50 bra that she just forgot. In the spirit of being a good person, I said “HEY, you forgot this one!”, and she thanked me profusely for being honest, rang me up, swiped my card and carried on.

As we were leaving the store, I turned to my mom and just casually said, “I feel like God’s going to bless me for being honest.”

Granted, I wish everyone and their mom would be honest. I’m no angel by any means, but I just wanted to do the right thing, yannno?

Fast forward a few weeks later, and I was in NYC for a day full of meetings. My last meeting of the day was at one PR agency in particular. Just about everyone in the office was out for one reason or another, and it was just me and my contact hanging out, testing beauty products. We got to chitchatting about the brands that the agency represents, and she mentioned that they have some Victoria’s Secret Beauty in portfolio.

The girl on VS Beauty isn’t here today, but I’d be happy to take you into the Beauty Closet and you can see if there’s anything you’d like in there!

UM YES OK, I thought to myself.

We walk into the beauty closet, and don’t I see THIS EXACT SCENT staring right at my eye level on the VS Beauty shelf.

I just about died.

I ended up walking out with this fragrance, it’s matching lotion, AND a random body spray to boot. And until the day I die, I swear that was God’s little way of just reaching out + making contact.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Summer - Things I Love July

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Summer - Things I Love July


Mermaid swimsuit

I fell in lovelovelove with this suit the second I spotted it. I mean…THE LITTLE MERMAID THO. The fact that it’s got total Ariel vibes goin’ on was already a huge thing in my book. Then, the fact that they’re the cutest high-waist bottoms, and the fact that the top can be strapless or strapped set it over the top for me.

It fits TTS and I’m 100% obsessed.

Mermaid bikini - Things I Love July

Mermaid bikini - Things I Love July

**UPDATE: It’s showing as sold out now so I’m SUPER BUMMED, but I’d recommend bookmarking it and just checking back in on it in a hot sec in case it restocks! In the meantime, here are some other swim faves of mine from the same company, if you’re on the hunt for affordable swimsuits that’re still super cute! (I have 7 of the below myself, so I approve 😉 )


Valentino rockstud lookalikes

These are my spirit shoes. They’re that girly-edgy vibe that I lovelovelove, and they’re the most chic shoe on the block. At first glance, they’re near-identical to the $950+ Valentino Rockstud pumps that the poshest of posh sport on special occasions.

…But, they’re not.

These babies are exact lookalikes, and they’re $850 LESS than the real deal.

Cos ain’t nobody got time (or $$$) for $1,000 shoes. There. I said it. I’m a total shoe girl, and I still wouldn’t drop $1,000 on a pair of pumps.

It’s just not practical, in my opinion, especially when there are so many good similar pairs out there! If I paid $1,000 for shoes, I’d probably never wear them – they’d just sit on a shelf like a trophy. And what fun is that?! Then again, if I wore them out, I’d likely be a total psycho; “Don’t step on my foot! OMG is that rain?! Someone carry me!!!” LOL E, no thank you.

These bad boys are just over $100, come in a buncha colors, are made SO well, and just really take the cake.

I wore them to Her Conference last weekend and had girls coming up to me to compliment my shoes and ask if they were Valentino. That’s how close to Valentino they look. Also yes, I wore them two days in a row for all-day conference festivities in New York City. So there’s that.

Perfect Valentino Rockstud DUPES - Things I Love July

Perfect Valentino Rockstud DUPES - Things I Love July


L’Oreal face masks (each linked below for ya)

Every single one of these mud masks is amazing. And I don’t say that lightly. I had two and bought the third after trying a sample – they’re just so great. I’ve talked about my skin here before, but to reiterate – I’m a greasy gal. HA. I’ve got oily skin most of the time; in the off-case that I’m not oily, I’m combination.

This Pure Clay line is great cos it’s directly targeting us oilier girls! I am hooked on every single one o’ these masks. They’re also GREAT bang for yo’ buck, since they work just as well as high-end masks at a drugstore price (bless). Here’s the lowdown on which is which:

L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks - Things I Love July


Levi’s Wedgie Shorts

THE SHORTS STRUGGLE, YO. Is it just me, or have the shorts gotten shorter??? Maybe I’m just a grandma over here, but I’m not into the whole booty look. Meaning, when I can see yo’ whole booty, I’m not into it. Can we just agree that buttcheeks aren’t meant for the general public? Don’t get me wrong – whether you’re shaking what your mama gave ya or you’re flaunting what took years of squats, PROPS. But besides buttcheeks hanging out just being not the best look, how uncomfortable is it to have denim riding straight up your hoohah?!?! That’s the real problem here. It friggin’ HURTS when you’ve got skintight jorts riding right up there where the sun don’t shine, and we’re left having to pull the shorts down every 12 seconds.

I’ve been over it since 2012.

These shorts are IT. The search for non-buttcheek-bearing, non-hoohah-hurting shorts is over.

I lovelovelove that these Levi’s are still cute + sexier without booty hanging out. They’ve got a solid chunk o’ denim inseam, which I wholeheartedly appreciate. AND they’re high waisted – let all food babies rejoice. I’m SUCH a sucker for anything high waisted, namely cos it covers food babies like a champ. But also cos it makes legs look looooooong.

Also, I know these babies are on the pricier end, BUT. Good Lord are they worth it. If you would’ve asked me a few years ago if I’d be willing to drop over $50 on a pair of jean shorts, I would’ve called ya crazy and went on at Forever 21. But y’all, the difference is so obvious, in fit, in feel, in look – the whole nine yards. You’ll end up wearing these + only these, making your cost per wear approximately two cents. Forrealz. (They run TTS, FYI).


Levi's Wedgie Shorts - Things I Love July

Levi's Wedgie Shorts - Things I Love July


What things + sales + songs + links online have you been loveloveloving lately?

Let me know below so I can justify pulling a treat yo’self before noon on a Monday. 😉

P.S. Did ya know you can catch up on past Links/Things/Etc I Love right here?

P.P.S. If you head to the homepage on CUR and scroll down a bit, you’ll see a banner that says “Nordstrom Sale Restocked” with – you guessed it! – things that are restocked from the #NSale. If that’s yo’ thing…happy shopping. 😉

Have a kickass Monday – go make it happen.
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