She’s THREE. I can’t believe it. Our little miracle human who graced the world two months too early but right on time three years ago today. Her earthside entrance was choatic to put it lightly – but her little life so far has been such testament to God’s goodness and magical touch as Maker.

To the OG,

When I look at you I just see so much light. While there was never really any denying it, you are so totally your own little person with big personality. You are our silly and sweet, clever and curious, hilariously literal, goofy girl that brightens any room anywhere.

One of my favorite things to do is take notes on your life. It’s like watching one of God’s greatest little miracles exist earthside, and it never ceases to bring joy and amazement and gratitude to anyone + everyone who knows your story and plays witness to His plan. Here are a few easy observations of beautiful you in your first three years so far.

You are the most fun human ever to surprise. Your entire being lights up, and your joy is contagious. You make everything more fun for everyone.

You have the best taste in music. From Frank Sinatra to Frozen, your jams range from classic oldies to classic rock with Disney megahits in between, and you’re clever enough to swap lyrics to your personal favorites to fit random situations. (“Put your head on your pillllllowwwww!”)

You’ve got a knack for storytelling – not unlike your daddy. 😉

You’ve got a serious shoe problem – not unlike your mommy. 😉 At this point you change shoes at least 4 times a day and always enjoy trying mine on for size. They never fit but they’re always just right.

You’re one to run around in the dirt and mud in the prettiest, twirliest dress you can find. Seeing you just be you is the greatest gift.

At this point, you’re legitimately upset that you don’t know how to read and write because you “HAVE TO WRITE A MESSAGE!” So. Kindergarten might be coming a bit early? 😉 But you can write your own name and sight read quite a bit, and you’re probably the next Picasso if your artistic renderings of people say anything. 

You’re so genuine it near-hurts, because I know this world sometimes hurts the genuine – but I pray you stay exactly the way you are. Whether you’re spontaneously saying, “This is beautiful!!!” to a picture or experience that so sincerely captures your heart, or sticking up for a new friend and encouraging them to “be brave!” – you’re just such a special soul. 

Truly, you are my sunshine.

All of my love(lovelove),


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