There’s something so fun + so fresh about starting new. Granted, every single day is an opportunity to begin again, but I’d be lying if I said the new year didn’t get me feeling some sparkly feelings for what’s to come. 🙂 I think one of the most important things to do at any starting point is to look in the rearview mirror at what was – and on a platform like this, that means combing through data to see what was most loveloveloved (aka, most shopped + clicked by readers) throughout 2022 to create content that could be even more useful, valuable, and fun for you in 2023. After scouring it all, the below products reigned supreme as most shopped + shared by you!

P.S. Here were 2021’s top sellers + most popular picks…spot any familiar favorites?


  1. Maybelline lippy One of my favorite drugstore lip formulas. Applies like a lip balm, lasts like a liquid lipstick, sharpens like a lip liner – and not drying.
  2. Amazon slippers – The $20-ish Amazon alternative to $90 UGGs; they’re softer, warmer, and stay on your foot better.
  3. Minnie Mouse jean jacket – Such a cute, personalized option for your next Disney adventure – and it’s from a small shop!
  4. Amazon athletic dress – After 6+ attempts at ordering an Amazon athletic dress that checked all the boxes, this was IT. An athletic dress so nice I bought it twice, thrive…scratch that, 5 times. With a built-in bra AND shorts, and no weird lines or lumps.
  5. 7 Summers perfume – My FAVORITE clean, non-toxic, non-hormone-disrupting fragrance. It’s their most reviewed AND highest rated perfume, with over 2,000 solid five stars. If you like warm, creamy, vanilla-inspired scents with notes of warm sugar, praline, pear, coconut cream, bergamot and lavender…you’ll lovelovelove. (Code THRIVE20 will get you 20% off your order, too!)
  6. Amazon sweaterMy FAVORITE Amazon sweater find to date. It’s soft, stretchy, and NOT itchy. Looks (+ feels) just like this $128 Free People sweater…but it’s only about $40 instead. I own 4 now!
  7. Tula rose eye balm – It’s cooling, brightening, hydrating, AND anti-aging for your undereye. The rose is my favorite (best option for warm undertones!). Code COMINGUPROSES for 15% off!
  8. Acrylic calendar – Our favorite thing in the kitchen to keep the whole family on the same page. The chicest calendar I’ve ever seen, made by a small shop!
  9. Smiley face pajamas – For the happiest sleep ever. 🙂
  10. $25 Golden Goose-inspired sneakers – For the Golden Goose look-for-less…like, $475 less.
  11. Sam’s Club BD dupe blanket – The BEST Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe EVER. Scratch that…it’s actually better than the Barefoot Dreams. And CURowd members agree! It’s somehow softer. And while the original is $180, this one isn’t even $30!!!! A MUST!
  12. Soma Enbliss bra – Has been one of my favorite wireless bras since first buying it. You forget you’re wearing a bra, but still get support.
  13. Louis Vuitton-inspired belt bag – The cult-classic Louis Vuitton bum bag is over $1500 and always sold out; this checkered version is under $40 and still super cute (AND really well made!).
  14. Tropic Glow body cream – The most affordable alternative to the famous, nearly $50 (!) Bum Bum Cream. If you compare scent notes and ingredients, they’re nearly IDENTICAL – but this one is under $10 at Target.
  15. Louis Vuitton-inspired crossbody – Another fabulous LV look-for-less from Walmart. Made surprisingly well with the same sortof coated canvas as the real deal.
  16. Never Better skeleton tee – Went like hot cakes for Halloween! A super fun, festive Amazon find.
  17. Barefoot Dreams-inspired wrap – When you want to just wrap up in a blanket…grab this $17 win of a Walmart find.
  18. Red polka dot skirt – A fun Disney-ready find for Minnie Mouse bounding!
  19. Amazon sheets – Amazon sheets that are SO SO GOOD. If you’re in the market for new sheets but not in the mindset to splurge, these won’t break the bank!
  20. Botanic Tree self-tanner – My favorite natural-looking AND natural formula self-tanner. Gives a totally even, splotch-free bronzed glow. Code ERICATAN25 should take 25% off at Amazon checkout!



I would loveloveLOVE to know and, as always, so appreciate your feedback!