2021 Most Popular (Top Products, Top Posts)

There’s just something extra special about wrapping up the old to ring in the new. I’m juuuust about done combing through data from what was most loveloveloved (aka, most shopped + clicked by readers) throughout the year, and I’ll be using that to help plan future content since it helps provide a bit of insight into what might be most helpful/interesting/enjoyable by you. 🙂 After combing through the numbers, these were the most popular products – and I’m stoked to see so many of my perosnal favorites, everyday essentials, and some small shop finds make the cut!




  1. Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon A must in any gal’s makeup bag. I’ve loveloveloved this lippy formula since I first tried it – it goes on effortlessly, like a lip balm, but has longlasting power of a liquid lipstick, without being drying or cakey. This shade is most similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick, which is also $20+ more.
  2. Amazon slippers – Do we all have these at this point? Is this a CURowd thing? They’re about $20 compared to the $85 UGGs, and in my opinion, they’re softer, warmer, and stay on your foot better. The UGGs cut off about midway on your foot while these wrap around a bit farther for a more secure fit.
  3. Essence mascara – For not even 5 bucks, this mascara is simply the bomb. It’s lengthening, it’s volumizing – it does a better job at glam lashes for me than some “designer” mascaras that cost waaaaay more at Sephora. 
  4. Circus Sam Edelman sandals – A fabulous “look for less” option for the Tory Burch Miller sandals!
  5. Liv’s Minnie Mouse denim jacket – This was an *adorable* customized find from our last family Disney trip (putting it out there into the universe that we could go for another STAT!). 
  6. Pamela’s Brownies – I’m so so so (so) happy to see another small shop make the top 10 – from Pamela, of all people. Pamela is a sweet CUR reader/follower-turned-friend who I got to meet IRL last year – she’s the sweetest, a new grandmother, and a bombdotcom brownie baker. Pro tip: keep them in the freezer and eat cold! We order the tart dried cherry ones and like to share one during our evening hang time together like a bunch of old folks. 🙂
  7. Amazon wireless bra2020 and 2021 were the years of the wireless bra. This Amazon option is one step above sports bra and feels like a comfy hug for your boobs.
  8. Colorfulkoala leggings/joggers – If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s finding the looks + feel for less when it comes to more expensive counterpart pieces. I have tried every so-called Lululemon Align “dupe” on the block on the hunt for the true best, and I can confidently say that this one reigns supreme still. Lulu Align is this quintessential mix of stretch + soft that works comfortably for both intense workout time and intense couch time. And these are the ONE pair that I legitimately MIX UP with my Lulus and can’t discern the difference. Under $30 compared to $98!
  9. Raise them Kind sweatshirt – Unfortunately it doesn’t seem this Etsy shop is around right now, but there are similar small shop options linked!
  10. Tula rose eye balm – Forever a fave. Brightening, hydrating, anti-aging, cooling – the list goes on. Such a treat for your undereye. Code COMINGUPROSES for 15% off anytime.
  11. Soma bra – The OG wireless bra that truly changed my life. Dramatic? Yes. True? Most definitely. I have heard firsthand from you of the CURowd that this bra is, in fact, supportive of ALL boob shapes/sizes. All letters of the alphabet. I’m a B-cup myself but my best friend is DD and we both sweat by its support (not like I personally need all that much…#IttyBittyCommittee).
  12. True & Co bra – Another top pick in the wireless bra department. Tied with the Soma for my personal ride or die favorites, and seems to be a toss up online over which ladies prefer more. I like that this one is more of a “Spandex-y” feel, and it’s the one I reach for if I’ve got a really snug bodysuit on since it’s wireless AND totally seamless.
  13. Nordstrom initial pave necklace – The prettiest little accessory for everyday wear. Mimi and I each grabbed one during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale; we grabbed one for the OG, too, to gift her at her birthday but FOR THE LIFE OF ME I could not find it in my house…I just know I shall find it at a meaningful time in the future. Or, I’ll need to buy another. Either way – ha!
  14. Time and True Golden Goose dupe sneakers – Golden Goose sneakers may be all the rage, but their price tag is not. This under-$25 pair from my Look for Less post has been a hit – and they’re from Walmart!



Ironically, none of the most-read posts on CUR in 2021 were FROM 2021! 

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Do you have a favorite product you found from CUR from the year, or a favorite blog post you read?

I would loveloveLOVE to know and, as always, so appreciate your feedback!