Happy WEEKEND. 🙂 We had a pretty lowkey day yesterday watching movies + working on Liv’s big girl room (!!!), and I think (slash hope) this weekend will have more of the same. Equal parts relaxing + productive is music to my ears. Speaking of music, we’ve got a date night to see the musical Pretty Woman tonight – have you heard of it? I believe it’s based off of the 90’s rom com with Julia Roberts, which is one of my favorite movies of all time, so your girl is pretty stoked. Movies-turned-musicals don’t always have the best reputation, so we’ll see how this goes…first up, some weekend reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 129 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Fabulous news for fellow Emily in Paris fans!!!
  2. What happens to your body when you banish the booze (hollah @ #DryJanuary!)
  3. Just grabbed this super versatile Target dress for 30% off (woo!)
  4. Huge medical update: they’re now testing a vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis!
  5. Huge instagram update: the chronological feed is back, baby!
  6. Katey’s Valentine’s Day treats for the kiddos are too freaking cute!
  7. Bought another of this $23 Amazon workout top – it’s juuuuuust like this Lululemon top!
  8. Fascinating + frightening…TSA’s Top 10 catches of 2021 
  9. Taylor is the *queen* of at-home gel nails
  10. All of my favorite Amazon finds in one place (which you can “follow” to refer back to anytime!)
  11. Grabbing this roller cart for some playroom crafting organization…
  12. Welp, this is adorable.
  13. Meg is my kinda beauty guru – and here are her top makeup picks from all of 2021
  14. How to increase productivity with the Pomodoro Technique – one of my personal favorites!
  15. If you, too, have a daughter obsessed with Encanto

Happy weekend reading!