The Best Things on Amazon: My Best Amazon Purchases of 2019

This is always one of my *favorite* roundups to put together since a.) I lovelovelove Amazon and b.) you do, too. 😉 I feel like everyone and her mom is Priming like it’s a sport at this point – and if it were, I’d have a gold medal. I’m ordering things on Amazon at a near-embarassing rate, but it pays off when it means I get to help you find the best things on Amazon to fill your carts – right? Right.

At least, that’s what I tell myself to sleep at night.  😉

The caveat here is that it’s my favorite slash best things on Amazon from the latter half of 2019; this post has everything pre-June that was worthwhile! I’ll jump right into this since it’s a lot to chat, so pour some coffee and let’s do this…


The Best Things on Amazon 2019:

Tea organizer – I redid one of our cabinets with two of these to store all of our teas and it’s such a cute acrylic storage piece! (I’m stocked up on my homemade Starbucks medicine ball – highly recommend!)

Buffalo plaid layering doormat – The CUTEST layering piece for your doorstep – I got these buffalo plaid pillow covers for my porch rocking chairs to match!

WITCH, PLEASE doormat - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses

Soy candle – I first smelled these burning at a spa and added them to my Amazon cart immediately because I didn’t want to forget them! 100% soy, so it’s a clean burn!

Lululemon legging lookalike – My FAVORITE Lulu lookalikes thus far! They’ve got thousands of 5-star reviews and aren’t even 30 bucks – and their fabric makeup is suuuuuper similar to the real $98 Lululemon Align Pants that they’re lookalikes for! (I own both!)

Lululemon dupes on Amazon - Colorfulkoala leggings - AMAZON FALL HAUL try-on on Coming Up Roses

Desktop coffee warmer – My saving grace. It’s a heating pad for your coffee mug, so no microwave needed!

Tiered babydoll dress – I loveloveLOVE this dress style and will be wearing this all spring – but picking up a few more spring-friendly colors ! (This dress is sold out right now on Amazon, but here is another cute babydoll option!)

Collapsible snap basket – Saw this recommended by a fellow mama and she was right – it makes for the perfect backseat compartment in your car to easily store toys, blankets, etc for easy in-and-out!

Strapless bra tube top – A great alternative to traditional strapless bras which approximately no one likes. Ha!

Hallmark card box – I got this as a nice little pretty place to organize + store cards that I collect throughout the year for gifting purposes! Especially great to have on hand for those times that birthdays creep up on you or you need a sympathy or “get well soon!” card on the fly.

Lululemon lookalike jacket – Another great Lulu lookalike! It’s like the Align jackets, but for not even 40 bucks.

Romper – A must-have buy with spring coming up! Comes in a bunch of color options and is ABSURDLY affordable (under $33), but I was most impressed with the quality. It feels like it’s from a posh boutique – I feel like I could dress it up for a spring or summer shindig – even a wedding with heels!

Memory foam slippers – These are a GREAT find for under $20, stay on your feet, are definitely warm – just a really great find.

Cowl neck sweater – Undoubtedly one of my favorite sweaters of the season, and not even $30! Katie bought it, too, on my recommendation and ended up snagging a second in olive because it’s THAT GOOD.

5 AMAZON SWEATERS under $40! - on Coming Up Roses

Coconut sugar facial scrub – I’m always on the hunt for quality facial scrubs that get the job done without turning your face into a raw, red mess from over-exfoliation. This exfoliant is definitely GOOD in that it gets allllll the dead ish off, but the coconut feels like it’s soothing, too. For 8 bucks, it’s definitely a worthwhile addition to your skincare collection.

UGG slipper lookalikes – These are MOMENTOUS, friends. I’ve done it – I’ve found legitimate lookalikes to my favorite UGG slippers. If you know me you know this is huuuuuuuge given my sheer adoration for my UGG poochies. But it’s true! They’re just as warm (if not warmer TBH), just as fluffy (if not a bit fluffier), and they cost not even $30 as opposed to $85 for the real deal. Coming soon to a Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove near you… 😉

Sherpa pullover – I’ve been finding ALL THE SHERPAS on Amazon lately, and some are more impressive than others. This one feels like you’re wearing a bathrobe, but it’s so cute with the touch of buffalo plaid! Pairs perfectly with your fave black leggings.

Wire-free bra – Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by underwires. All of us? Cool cool. This wire-free bra feels like a sports bra in terms of comfort (minus the suction feeling sports bras can give), but it’s got cups so no nip slips occur. Truly miraculous. My mom bought one after seeing mine, too!

Elderberry gummies – I started adding elderberry gummies to my daily routine after seeing everyone and her mom say they supposedly boost your immune system to help you not get sick! They’re a homeopathic option – I figured WHAT THE HECK and have been giving them a go. Of course, I can’t say for certain it’s because of them directly, but I haven’t been sick at all since taking them daily!

Homemade medicine ball tea duo – I used two other, cheaper alternative tea options in my Homemade Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea recipe post, but these are the EXACT teas that Starbucks themselves uses. So if you don’t mind the few extra bucks and want yours to BE THE SAME, pick up a duo!

Gucci belt lookalike – Many of the “G” shape Gucci belt lookalikes from Amazon have been disappearing left and right because, hello copyright. I thought this was a suuuuper cute alternative that still gives the same style effect without infringing on trademark or being counterfeit! 😉

Liv’s favorite stuffed animals – specifically this one and this one! These are hands down Liv’s FAVORITES – she sleeps with all three in her crib AND her tiny original pink bunny. I’d recommend these to any parent without a doubt. They’re made from a Spandex material and are seriously the squishiest things ever – I can’t even adequately describe it. They’re just SO SQUISHY, so they’re perfect for kids as they grow and want something to really squeeze hard, whether for comfort or from teething.They’re not just soft outsides – seriously SOFT insides, too!

Huggable stuffed animals for kids - Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - MONTHLY FAVORITES on Coming Up Roses, where everything is a giftable!

Custom face socks – Basically the perfect gag gift, but not even gag-worthy because everyone ends up loveloveloving them!!! I gifted these at a Secret Santa this past Christmas and they were the biggest hit of the party; I got them for a guy in our friend group who had just recently gotten married and put his new wife’s face all over them. They BOTH were so into them – ha!

Leopard beanie– This beanie feels like Barefoot Dreams!!! So affordable + warm. Katie grabbed one, too, and 100% approves; she let me know they now have matching scarves for them – what what!!

Lululemon lookalikes – A NEW Lulu alternative I haven’t mentioned yet! What what! These are ALSO good lookalikes options if you want/need a solid black pair – and they’re also under $30!

Acryclic jewelry case – This cute little organizer has singlehandedly revolutionized my jewelry organiation game – and I’ve got another in my cart already because I’ve been preferring it over others!

Quilted vest – SUCH a good vest if you want the quilted look without being puffy! My mom was OBSESSED with mine so I got it for her for Christmas and she’s been wearing on repeat! So cute + super versatile.

My BEST AMAZON FINDS of 2019 - on Coming Up Roses (featuring this quilted vest!)

What were the best things on Amazon that YOU found in 2019?

Any Amazon favorites I should know about???

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