“All you have is Time.”

All you have is Time.”

Ironic, since it’s also the one thing not guaranteed. Probably the lyrics of some trippy Pink Floyd song or cheesy country love song. 😉 But I mean HEY – it’s the truth. All we have is time. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow – heck, we’re not even guaranteed the rest of today. Tragedies strike, accidents happen, and we’re not all going to fall asleep in our beds at the end of today and wake up tomorrow morning.

But all we have is time.

Really, time is the one even playing field for us all.

We all are born into totally different, unique circumstances and livelihoods – some rich, some poor, some into huge families and others into broken homes. We all have different educations, different cultures, different paychecks, different perspectives – and it impacts, well, everything.

But we all have 24 hours in a day. Granted, we never know when our time will run out – but we’re on the same playing field there, too.

All we have left to work with is the time you have right now.

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So…what are you gonna do with it?

I really believe that the only way to get there in life – to hit your goals, to keep your resolutions, to make it happen – is to acknowledge and accept that you and only you are responsible for your time.

Granted, do other things, people, or circumstances impact the hours in your day?

Of course. Undoubtedly. I mean, hello, motherhood. Being a wife (or any kind of partner where you’re taking someone else’s needs + wants + LIFE into account!). Having family, friends, a job, and not living in a cave in the hills means that at some point you lose total autonomy and have others’ needs + wants to take into account, too.



Too often, I see women call upon their circumstances as justification, blame their babies as an excuse, or use their husbands as scapegoats when really – there’s personal responsibility to be taken.

Now ladies, before you jump at me with “But you clearly haven’t met MY kids!” or “There’s just NO way I can do ___ because it’s just impossible right now…” – I GET IT. Truly, I do. #BeenThereDoneThat myself and have watched so many ladies I lovelovelove go through the same.

I had my own breaking point a few months ago because I was honestly miserable, probably depressed, always anxious, and I was thinking it was because I had a baby now and a husband who “got” to leave the house every day to go to work in an office. My marriage was hurting, my motherhood journey wasn’t fulfilling, and I was overall just suffering – but it was by my own hand and I didn’t even know it.

It wasn’t like anyone was forcing me to work from home or to not workout or to not prioritize myself or shower “on time” – these were all my own choices. If I walked step-by-step through the decisions that were actually responsible for the not-so-good things I was feeling, I was guilty as charged. My husband wasn’t telling me to put myself last – if anything, he was constantly encouraging me to do something for me! My baby wasn’t telling me to not workout – heck, she was too busy pooping herself to know the difference between a dumbbell and a doorbell.

The reality was that I wasn’t making the best use of the time that I DID have and was instead blaming the time that OTHER PEOPLE had as being somehow contributing to my own perceived lack of it.

Instead…I had to call it what it was.

And it was hard, and it hurt my ego, and you know what?

It had to happen.

Because at the end of the day, all we have is time. And if I wasn’t happy or satisfied or fulfilled with how my time was currently being used, you know what? I had to unpack that more. I had to analyze it and deep dive into the depths to find out why it was that way, before being able to identify how it might be able to get better.

I gave a painfully honest look at my hours in a day and made some tough choices. I saw where I lacked discipline or where I needed help from others. And not only did my time management get better – my whole LIFE did. I kid you not.

My marriage got better because I stopped resenting my husband for my own insecurities.

My momlife got better because I more fully appreciated + honored my time with Olivia.

My business got better because I cut back on timewasters (hello, YouTube beauty tutorials and Bachelor conspiracy theories) and focused on results-generating action in the time that I DID have to work.

My own life got better because I recognized that I was the ONLY ONE who was going to make my own wants + needs happen. No one else. If I wanted to be stronger, I needed to work out regularly, and if I wanted to work out regularly, I needed to PUT IT ON MY CALENDAR and make it just as important a to-do as a work deadline or date night. No one was going to roll out the red carpet for my biceps – just me. Same went for ANY OTHER GOAL on my list – they weren’t going to magically happen, and they weren’t going to magically happen by other people’s schedule. They were my goals so they had to happen on my time, and my time had to be carefully carved out or edited accordingly to accommodate all of the important, valuable pieces in my life. You sometimes just need the friendly reminder that your own goals and needs ARE important, valuable pieces in your life. 😉

All we have is time.


There will always be things that are totally out of our control that inevitably impact everyday life, and there’s sometimes nothing that can be done about it except for making it through to bedtime.

But…there will always be things that are totally IN our control, too. And it’s up to us to call those out as they come so that we can somehow balance the scale between those uncontrollable crazies throughout the day, and intentional moments of impact.

If all we have is time…how are you using yours?


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