Happy WEEKEND, friends! This is our *last* quasi-free weekend for a few months, so we’re soaking up some R&R and crossing a few things off the purge list. What are you up to? I have it linked below too, but wanted to shout out a special event happening NEXT Saturday for any of my local/Philly girls! I’m actually SPEAKING (woo!) at a conference/event that’s sure to be a totally fun, inspired time. My friend Beth is the host of Be Great Events and she totally kills it; it’s a one-day “conference” full of motivational talks, upbeat workouts (that everyone can actually DO!), + meeting new friends. If you want to come check it out, use code ERICA for a discount on your ticket! It’ll be my first speaking gig, so would lovelovelove to see some familiar CUR faces from the CURowd in the conference crowd. 😉 And of course give big hugs + get to chat IRL! AIIIIIGHT, onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 64- on Coming Up Roses

  1. The Irwin’s are helping so many animals in Australia – here’s a list of causes/ways to help!
  2. Speaking of animals, my friend Megan’s safari photo diary is UNREAL
  3. UGH I did it…I splurged on the detergent everyone RAVES about.
  4. Apparently, this is how to get Anna Kendrick to notice you on Twitter
  5. For your meal planning: 10 food blogger recipes on repeat
  6. Just bought our first Mackenzie-Childs piece – OMG.
  7. I’m SPEAKING in Philly this month! Come hang out with me next Saturday at this fabulous conference/event – code ERICA for a ticket discount.
  8. “When the miracle doesn’t come” (GREAT read!)
  9. Found Ray-Ban lookalikes for not even 15 bucks! What!
  10. Speaking of lookalikes, found Goodnight Macaroon boot lookalikes for $50 instead of nearly $200!
  11. 13 things you should give up if you want to be successful
  12. This sparkling grapefruit rosemary cocktail sounds YUMMERS
  13. Got my first pair of UGG boots this season – I’m obsessed.
  14. I’ve been trying Jean’s topknot tutorial lately – lovelovelove it!
  15. 20 brutal truths about life that no one wants to admit

Happy weekend reading!

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