What’s in my Travel Bag: 10 Travel-size Products I Don’t Leave Home Without

Happy…Tuesday? Anyone feel all outta whack the day back after a long holiday weekend??? Pour some extra joe this morning, por favor! I hope you had the *best* Memorial Day Weekend with friends + family, celebrating #Murica + remembering all of those who so bravely gave so much more than the rest of us in honor of the country we all call home.

Our weekend was a mix of R&R + productivity, which – I think – is the best kinda weekend of ’em all. Only thing that would’ve made it better was a beach, but you know what they say…#LifesABeach 😉

Whether you spend the weekend traveling or consider MDW the official kickoff of summer vacay (hollah!), chances are, some travels are around the corner on the calendar…amiright??? I feel like it’s one trip after another the next few months, which can be oh so fun – and oh so draining. So I’m stocking up *now* on all of my travel bag essentials. I thought it’d be fun + helpful to share my favorite travel-size products with y’all that I can’t leave home without, in case you’ve got somewhere worth jetsetting to on your calendar!

What's in my Travel Bag - 10 Items I always Travel With

What's in my Travel Bag - 10 Items I always Travel With

What's in my Travel Bag - 10 Items I always Travel With

What's in my Travel Bag - 10 Items I always Travel With

1.) – Funny story: J + I were in Target not too long ago, and I was hitting all of my clearance endcaps per usual. I was wandering around the travel-size bath/body product section while J searched for his shampoo, and lo and behold – there were a few mini La la Lavender Secrets mixed in with the original scent, and were on clearance. But the kicker: They weren’t all marked, nor were they all marked the same. So, I found the one marked 74 cents, grabbed the others marked $1.04 or not marked at all, and managed to score ALL of ’em for $0.74. I’m stocked on mini Secrets through 2022, I think. 😉 Seriously tho, I lovelovelove Secret! It’s been my favorite deodorant brand for as long as I can remember, so I always have a few minis on hand for in my travel bag. (Sometimes I mix it up with a more “natural” deodorant, and when I do, I get Native in the Coconut Vanilla scent!)

2.) – Better yet, perfume samples! I’ve got a big BOWL of samples on my dresser in our bedroom, and I just grab a handful (literally) to throw in my bag before any trip. Ain’t nobody got time (or space) for full size bottles, and I’d be SO stinkin’ upset if I made a silly mistake and had one of my favorites in a carry-on, only to have it tossed by TSA. Little vials it is – I just make sure to test a little on my wrist beforehand to make sure I actually like the scent, so that I’m not stuck on a trip feeling stinky. 😉 If you don’t want to wing it with new samples, get your signature scent in rollerball form! OR, do another trick of mine, and hit up Nordstrom beforehand – in their perfume section, there are little vials everywhere for you to bring home the sample-size to test out. Load some up with your favorite fragrance for travel purposes!

3.) Hydrating mist – Flights especially are known to be dehydrating. Keeping a little hydrating mist in my bag is great for a quick burst of moisture. Besides straight up hydration, I have a few mists with “other” properties, too – from antioxidants to detox. Some personal faves: (it’s only 1 oz, so fine for flying!), + – I have the 4 oz. of the pink spray (with aloe, herbs, + rosewater – fitting, amiright? 😉 ) and the 2 oz. of the green spray (which has aloe, cucumber, + green tea).

P.S. still works – COMINGUPROSES for 20% off – and you get a FREE travel sized duo of face masks (two favorites of mine) with your order! has rose water, coconut water, + hyaluronic acid, and it’s meant for literally *all* skin types, so it’s a pretty universal spray for anytime, anywhere.

What's in my Travel Bag - 10 Items I always Travel With

4.) Hand lotion + sanitizer – Gotta be prepared either way! Traveling always ends up making me feel more in need of a shower than usual, so sanitizer can go a long way (plus, you don’t always have sink access, obvi, so it’s a must before meals!). One of my all-time favorite lotions is this Shea Cashmere line from Bath & Body Works – I have legit six tubes on hand right now. I actually am not 100% sure if it’s even produced anymore, so RIP – I’ll just be hoarding my tubes until it comes back. BUT, it IS available on Amazon for the time being, so until it’s back at B&BW…I gotchu.

5.) – This is a fun/unique must for overnight trips! I absolutely neeeeeed a loufa for the shower – for the life of me, I do not understand how body wash can be used without one. These are actually scented body buffers that are infused with body wash already, so they’re *perfect* for travel. They come dry, tho, and activate upon being wet, so they’re not nearly as messy as they sound – ha!

6.) Sheet masks – Typically I’ll opt for more hydrating masks when traveling – especially when traveling by air. But oftentimes, I’m actually just in need of a good detox. Between actual traveling, different air, and just the havoc of having a different makeup/skincare routine for a hot sec, I end up *craving* detox by the time I’m done. So I usually pack a few of both to cover my bases.

What's in my Travel Bag - 10 Items I always Travel With

7.) – I mean…I might have a problem. As in, how many days is too many days on dry shampoo? Woman does not live by dry shampoo alone – but she can get a solid 4 extra days from her wash with it. 😉 My goal when traveling is *always* to plan washes around it to NOT have to wash my hair while actually on the road. Ain’t nobody got time for going through drying + heat styling when busy on a work trip or vacay (because there is vacationing to be done on vacay…duh). So I always plan to wash the night before leaving (and usually travel in a French braid the next day, to keep it all out of my face), and then just heat style upon arrival as needed. And on in-between days, dry shampoo it is! I’ve got favorites, but for travel purposes, I typically just grab whatever sample size I have in my travel toiletries drawer at home, TBH. Gets the job done!

8.) – As seen as a thing I love(lovelove) last month – didja catch it? 😉 After struggling for approximately too long with a too big wallet whenever I was traveling, I knew I needed to downsize lest I accidentally lose the damn thing altogether in the airport shuffle. No bueno. I had had my eyes on this pretty little thing, and y’all know…hit the goal, get the Gucci. My goal here was to make it to another year, so happy birthday to me – this bad boy became mine. Ha! 😉 Good enough amiright??? I am SO stinkin’ glad I pulled the trigger – it’s been so insanely helpful + handy so far already, and it’s been two months. 100% recommend if you’ve been on the market for something similar to keep yo’ cards in check!

9.) USB charger compact mirror – I always end up trying to do two things on a plane: Charge my phone, and do my makeup. This handy dandy little guy allows for both! A power bank with a mirror – bless up. It’s got a Lumi light in it, too, for when you don’t have good lighting aroud you, which I wholeheartedly appreciate.

What's in my Travel Bag - 10 Items I always Travel With

10.) / – This one’s a tie, justbecause we wanna keep it at 10. 😉 But these are two skincare goodies that I can’t go without! Micellar water is like oxygen – I can’t live without it. I use constantly, from first thing in the morning as a quick cleanser, to after I remove makeup to make sure it’s all *off*. I’m not super brand loyal with micellars as of yet – I’ve tried Simple, Garnier, etc, and they all do the trick! My is always a travel companion, too, for deep cleaning on the go. Especially if I’m traveling for work and am coming from an event or something, I likely have on a fullface of makeup – and ain’t nobody got time to sleep with that. Gross. Ew. Must remove ASAP. It makes *such* a difference compared to just washing with your face – I was actually shocked the first time I ever used a Clarisonic, and I’ve never turned back.

What travel-size products are your personal favorites/must-haves?

Have you tried any of my faves above yet? And and aaaaaand…where are you hoping/planning on traveling to this summer??? Anywhere fun? I wanna know!
I’m dying to get a beach or two on the agenda, so if you’ve got any recommendations…you know what to do. 😉

Have a kickass Tuesday, friends.

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