Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him (Guest Post by Fiancé!)

***Happy Monday! I’m starting my – and hopefully your! – day with one of my favorites: my fiancé. And the tub of Chubby Hubby that he surprised me with last night. Hollah. If you’re like me, you end up having zero clue after a few times around the block what to get your man for Valentine’s Day. I think I already exhausted my Pinterest-able options, and really…do guys even care that much about Valentine’s Day? Should we be getting them something, since we ladies know how to guilt trip into that bouquet and chocolates? I asked my favorite guy to debunk the myth that is the male mind on February 14th.

Yup, it’s this Saturday.

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While there are so many things I could say about February 14th, it’s fitting to let my love take the blog over today for any of you ladies still scrambling to figure out a plan for Saturday!

Turns out, J did a guest appearance here last year, too, on Valentine’s Day from a guy’s point of view. Now, he’s kicking it up a notch and telling you exactly what to get the guy in your life to make him just as happy as you when you successfully drop hints about a Kate Spade watch. (*hint,hint*…)


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So, it’s Valentine’s Day… again.  And you want to be the best girlfriend in the world and show relationship equality by getting your dude something to express your love.  I dig.  But maybe you’re scouring the Internet for “Best Gifts for Men for Valentine’s Day” and find that the recommendations are just too pricey for your working life.  I also dig.  Thus, my five recommendations for what to get your guy for that special day:

Brewery Tour (Cost: Free)

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It might not be 100% free – you’ll have to pay for gas or the train, lunch, etc. – but you’ll blow you guy’s mind that a) you’re taking him to a brewery for a manly tour of beer and b) you’re actually going to be happy going along.  The best part?  Tours are free and include free samples of the product.  This can take place any day of the week, but I recommend a Saturday to you can pair a lunch with it.  Another best part?  There’s like 7,000 craft breweries, so you can start a “Brew Tour” and have your future Valentine’s Days covered.  And if he doesn’t like beer, there’s wine vineyards, too.  (But they cost some quiche.)

HIS Show or Movie Marathon and Food (Cost: Depends on Fancy Level)

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What says “dude, I love you” better than sitting through all 6 movies with cars and explosions and then taking him to see the 7th in theaters?? (Hint: nothing)


Think about it.  Nothing says “I love you” like watching his favorite show or movie with him.  Even better?  Add food.  Perfect gift.  Depending on your location, send him a text asking him to come over and watch The Bachelor marathon with you.  If he comes, he’s a keeper and he passed the test.  If he doesn’t, then you can change the movie to your picking and eat all the food yourself.  But you know he’s a keeper, so he’ll be there.  And this is where the surprise comes: MANLY SHOW OR MOVIE MARATHON.  You may want to engage him a few days prior to ask what he likes for a proper 4-6 hour viewing window.  Add whatever food, whether you cook or order out, and clean it up.  Wow.  Yeah, buddy.  That’s a gift.  (Bonus: Give him a beer from the brewery tour gift shop.)


Think with me for a minute on how many ways this gift can go.  This will definitely need some cool packaging, but here’s the gist: Three Tickets to Anywhere gives the man an opportunity to cash in at any point a “No questions asked” pass for a special night.  I’m not talking strip clubs here; I’m talking about the time your dude wants to go with his friends to watch the big March Madness game without any hassle… that’s this gift.  It rocks.  Now multiple by three just because and that’s another free gift that any guys would love.

There you go – three cool and cheap gift ideas to tell your man you love him.  But let’s be honest: no guy expects a present on this day… so throw one of these surprises and you’ve elevated yourself into rock star status a.k.a. super awesome girlfriend/fiancé/wife level.

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***Aaaaaand voila! Hopefully you ladies are feeling good about your options now. The best part?? They’re SO CHEAP – if not free – to carry out, and they’ll pack a meaningful punch! Why spend hundreds of dollars on a watch or fancy clothes when what’s not what will float his boat? Special thanks to J for being wonderful as usual.

What are you getting your guy this year? Do you think guys even care what you get them? What other Valentine’s Day posts would you want to see here?

With that, I’m off…my Chubby Hubby is getting all melty, and I should probably pair it with something of nutritional value for a “wholesome” breakfast, right? Have a fabulous Monday, stay positive, enter to win $100, and remember this when times get tough. Or just look at this Walter White meme.