Happy WEEKEND! I ended up getting hit with maybe the flu at the end of this week (we literally had “get flu shots” on the to-do list – urgh!), so here’s hoping this weekend is a relaaaaaxing one. We’re headed to a local zoo today because we scored free tickets from the library (woo!), so I’m hoping that Liv AND the animals are awake + ready to party. 🙂 Otherwise, lots of R&R is in store (+ very necessary). Happy WEEKEND READING, friends!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 51- on Coming Up Roses

  1. Loveloveloved this Harvard quiz: What’s feeding your fear of public speaking?
  2. Cannot believe I found these boots online at Walmart – I bought them in black!
  3. A $5 dinner hack from Costco
  4. My friend’s Instagram got hacked – here’s how it happened and how she got it back.
  5. The perfect eye balm for brightening + cool your undereye (get 20% off with code COMINGUPROSES)
  6. Spicy pumpkin margarita? YAAAAS PLEASE.
  7. How to plan a room – saving for our next move!
  8. I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that WITCH
  9. The secret trick to this viral chocolate chip cookie recipe
  10. Sign a sistah up for some gameday chili – YUM.
  11. Such a beautiful (+ affordable) dress option if you’re attending a fall wedding!
  12. How to stay hydrated, according to a nutritionist.
  13. The leopard tote of my dreams…
  14. 7 secrets of confident women
  15. For the DIYers: A pretty watercolor fall picnic blanket!

Happy weekend reading!

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