Happy WEEKEND. Pressing publish a day late on this Weekend Reading, namely because this weekend has been full of ALL THE THINGS to take down Christmas (sad) and organize like mad. Also, Bridgerton. BRIDGERTON. Have you binged it yet?? If not, just go ahead and get that done before the work week begins. Thank me later. đŸ˜‰ The best series I’ve seen in awhile – I just might go ahead and rewatch it already! Onto Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 103 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. This sweet 11-year-old girlboss started a baking business during the pandemic!
  2. How to quickly declutter a room
  3. Soma is having a semi-annual sale – some colors of our CURowd favorite bra is only $25.99!!!!
  4. Inside Ina Garten’s kitchen…wow.
  5. Great list of productivity apps for remote working
  6. Don’t miss out on this INSANE deal – 3 of my personal favorite, bestselling Tula products ($110 value) on sale for $66 BUT take an *additional* $10 off with code OFFER or code HELLO at checkout! $56 for $110 worth of product! Woo!
  7. GREAT TED talk – 3 secrets of resilient people
  8. This sausage potato kale soup sounds YUM
  9. 50% off the pretty peplum flannel I wore last week – y’all loveloveloved it!
  10. The all grown up Potential Breakup Song – lovelovelove.
  11. Lessons learned in 2020…
  12. Get the Spanx faux leather legging look for less – $26 instead of $98!
  13. OMG – Will Bridgerton have EIGHT seasons?!
  14. 10 soothing things to chill you out today
  15. RUN – the 50% off Barefoot Dreams blankets were re-stocked! Will sell out FAST!!!

Happy weekend reading!