Happy WEEKEND. What’s on your agenda? I think we’ll be doing a lot o’ nothing, which is music to my ears. 🙂 Hoping to do something for ME…maybe jumping into a new thriller? Let’s jump right into some weekend reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 104 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Guess how old Betty White is about to turn…!!!
  2. Here’s how to shampoo your hair like a pro
  3. Someone reason with me…are these insanely expensive sneakers worth it?
  4. The Bridgerton cast guessing recency slang is everything I needed to see today
  5. How cute is the new toddler room Kallie made for her son, Miles?
  6. 60% off at Abercrombie!!!
  7. Good news for SATC fans…but thoughts on Samantha not joining??
  8. On knowing your plate…(lovelovelove this blog read!)
  9. In searching for fake plants, I realized just how dang GOOD the price is on the one in our master!!!
  10. Here’s all of The Bachelorette Night One looks – so much bling! Which dress is your favorite?
  11. YUM: Chicken teriyaki veggie bowls
  12. This new Tarte eye palette looks beauuuuuutiful! And ships free!
  13. Behind-the-scenes of Bridgerton – lovelovelove.
  14. The most common reasons your houseplants are dying and how to save them
  15. 50% off this Barefoot Dreams blanket!!!

Happy weekend reading!