Reviewing the Most Overhyped Products of the Year from Instagram (Part 1)

Alright alright alriiiiiiiight we gon’ learn today! (cue Matthew McConaughey’s dreamy goodness πŸ˜‰ ). This post has been sitting in the drafts docket for what feels like forever at this point, and Team CUR has been PUMPED to bring it to life. “Team CUR” being me (yes hi hello it me), my fabulous right hand lady Katie, and the woman who shoots most of my photos and deals with most of my sh*t, my mom. HA. πŸ˜‰ Granted, my mama hasn’t tried ALL of the below (she’s got short hair so curling wands are totally irrelevant, and she swears Spanx faux leather leggings aren’t “age appropriate” – ha!), but she’s got great two cents on what she HAS so it’s included where applicable, too.

For each hyped product, we’re noting whether we think it’s worth the hype or OVERhyped (aka, not really worth the hype it gets on your Instagram newsfeed πŸ˜‰ ). And because we’ve got SO many overhyped things to chat about, Part 2 is already in the works…so stay tuned to the end to let us know what should be reviewed amongst that mix. πŸ˜‰


Tula – Worth the hype

3 Tula Eye Balms: Which is best? (BRUTALLY HONEST REVIEW) - on Coming Up Roses

ERICA: I KNOW,  I KNOW. Shut up about Tula already, E, amiright??? LOL NOPE. #CantStopWontStop, and for seriously good reason. I’m not getting paid a penny to say any of this (nor could I get paid ANY pennies to be forced to say ANYTHING, FYI), but Tula is really just the best. I’ve been using the brand religiously for years, since it was a baby start-up skincare brand in NYC and they shared an office with a tech company. I mix up my skincare routine + products used, sure, but I always always always can go back to Tula, especially for “re-balancing” my skin. So many of my all-time favorite products are by Tula. I’ve gone through countless tubes + tubs and have gifted countless more. It’s just a brand that WORKS, and I believe so much in because of their ingredients + process. They’re cruelty-free + free of parabens and other not-so-great stuff. My favorite cleanser is Tula. My favorite toner is Tula. My favorite moisturizer is Tula. My favorite eye balm + makeup primer + sugar scrub are all Tula. Their acne line isn’t my favorite (it has a lot of tea tree oil, which I’m not the biggest fan of personally). But I can’t deny how many tried and true favorites in my entire skincare collection are packaged in that Tiffany blue…or Tula blue? Ha!

Also FYI they did give me a discount code for you since they know my lovelovelove is real – COMINGUPROSES for 15% off + free shipping over $35 anytime!

KATIE: YES. Tula is absolutely worth the hype! The biggest issue I have had over the years with skincare is that a product will work on my skin, be amazing, and then one day…it’s not. I’ll start breaking out again…There are very few brands that I do not have this issue with and one of them is Tula. Erica gifted me the cleanser for Christmas last year – color me impressed. I am now testing out a bunch of their other products (thanks, E!), but am OBSESSED with the Face Filter Primer. As a new mama, working from home, I feel like I barely have time to breathe during the day let alone do my makeup. Slapping on the primer (which moisturizes at the same time) is a LIFE-SAVER. Aside from being jam-packed with ingredients that are good for and your skin, I’m most impressed with how much you need or rather how little. A little goes a long way with Tula products, in my opinion. So, the price point is justified in my eyes when the products are able to stretch you a decent amount of time. For example, I only need to use about a pea size amount of cleanser, a dab of the all day moisturizer, and 1-2 pumps of the primer.

MOM: Tula’s face cleanser is one of my favorites and my current brand. Gentle and never drying. I’m also currently using the revitalizing eye cream and love it. The products never feel greasy and they seem to absorb fully. I’ve also used the 24/7 moisture cream and actually just bought another one! 


Billie razor – Slightly overhyped…but worth it

ERICA: I was STUMPED when I first saw the Billie brand blow up on Instagram. I mean, it’s a razor…how the heck good could it really be?! You’d think it was changing lives and stopping world hunger with how many girls sing its praises from the rooftops. I bought into it myself to see what the hype was all about – while I wouldn’t say it’s as life-changing as some say, it IS the best razor I’ve tried so far, especially when coupled with its price. It’s only $9, and you can subscribe to get the exact number of blades you need shipped right to your doorstep at the same time each month. So for the convenience factor coupled with the more affordable price than any other razor at the drugstore, it really can’t be beat. So…yes, it’s overhyped. But it IS also the best of its kind that I’ve tried so far.

KATIE: Thank you Erica for giving me a reason to take an extra long shower to test out this razor πŸ™‚ HA. I’m picky when it comes to razors because I am prone to terrible razor burn and in-grown hairs. Before trying out the Billie razor, I leaned towards using men’s razors. Paul and I use the same razor brand…no joke. The Billie razor is not life-changing, as Erica stated, but it’s a great razor. Comfortable to be used without shaving cream/lotion, but works great with it. When you use it with shaving cream or lotion, you don’t feel it catching hairs – it glides right over. Bonus points for the subscription service (+ the affordability) because razors are the one thing I ALWAYS forget when I’m at the store.


Barefoot Dreams – Worth the hype


ERICA: I mean, where to even begin? If you don’t know about my lovelovelove for Barefoot Dreams by now, do you even read CUR? πŸ˜‰ Barefoot Dreams really should just hire me slash Olivia Grace as official spokespeople at this point. I mean, the whole fam is obsessed. They’re the softest, coziest splurge that’s 100% worth every penny. I keep Barefoot Dreams blankets stocked at my house for gifts because really every person on the planet should have one in their home. We’ve got two blankets, socks, I have a handful of cardigans – heck, even Olivia Grace has a Barefoot Dreams sweater. There’s not a soul on this planet who touches Barefoot Dreams and thinks it’s anything less than fabulous.

KATIE: To be honest, I did not understand the hype around Barefoot Dreams. Even when I started working with Erica and was able to feel her BD blankets, I still wasn’t impressed. I felt I could get a similar feeling blanket for a fraction of the cost at Home Goods. When the Nordstrom Sale rolled around this year, I caved and became the owner of two Barefoot Dreams cardigans (this one and this one here). BOY, OH, BOY. Mind is changed. I have been converted. The cardigans were a lifesaver after my son, Henry, was born. He was in the NICU for about a week (no worries, he’s healthy!) and I wore the cardigans interchangeably on our visits. The nurses loved them, and more importantly, Henry loved them. As a newborn, he loved to snuggle up in these cardigans. Even if I wasn’t wearing one of them, I would pull it over us while he napped on me! And now, he likes to get cozy with his baby Barefoot Dreams blanket (thanks to Erica for the wonderful baby shower gift!!).

MOM: Barefoot Dreams is just in a league of their own – nothing feels like it. That’s how I bought my first one – I tried on someone else’s Barefoot Dreams sweater and ordered me own within the hour. It feels so amazingly comfortable against your skin. Very warm. It’s a luxury item that you can enjoy antime and everyone deserves at least one!


Spanx leather leggings – Worth the hype


ERICA: As soon as the temps hit 50ish, it’s time to bust out the Spanx. Spanx season is fall-winter in Philly, and they’re in my weekly rotation for that solid six month period. They’re truly the best for warmth and compression – I mean, they ARE shapewear, too! While I do have some “dupes” (here and here!) neither pair is as high quality, warm, or compressive. So if you just want the look for less, grab this pair or this pair – but if you care about the full package of this pant, grab the real deal. You’ll have them for YEARS and wear them on repeat!

KATIE: I love 4 things unconditionally in this life; my son, my cats, my Spanx faux leather leggings, and my husband (in that order). I kid, I kid. There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe my love for my Spanx leather leggings. These babies. THESE. BABIES. I’d been searching for the perfect pair of faux leather pants for years, but could never find a pair that fit me in all the right places. The Spanx leggings check all of the boxes for me: comfy, warm, sucks you in comfortably, and versatile (Erica has done so many posts on how to style them). So far they have weathered many holidays, baby puke, wine spills, temps below freezing, and they were so kind on my postpartum body. 100% worth the hype.


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Overhyped

ERICA: OK OK SO I’ve obviously covered the NSALE every year, but I think I’ll be doing quite a bit less with it in future years. It feels a bit like it’s out of its hay-day, as the past few have been increasingly stale and/or overhyped in nature – where every blogger and her mother ges all out sharing pieces that immediately sell out before the public can even shop them, and then they’re not restocked at all and the whole thing is bummer central.

At the end of the day, is it a great sale? Absolutely.

Is it like Black Friday? Absoultely not. But you’re getting high quality pieces that might not go on sale EVER at discounted prices, and you’re getting brand spankin’ new merchandise that hasn’t even hit racks yet EVER at a discounted price, so for those two reasons it’s often worthwhile to check out.

That being said, it’s also often worthwhile checking out if you have a Nordstrom card in particular, because of how much sells out in Early Access (which is open for Nordstrom cardholders only, in an exclusive period before all shoppers can go wild in Public Access). I have a Nordy card myself, but I would never recommend opening up a new credit card just to shop a sale if that’s not something that makes sense for you financially in the long run.

KATIE: Ditto what Erica said above. I shopped the NSALE for the first time when I started working with her. It was exciting to shop the first time, but it’s very overhyped in the end. Can you get some amazing deals on products that typically don’t go on sale? Yes, absolutely. Is it a great way to invest in some higher end pieces for your closet? Totally. Do you need to feel inclined to spend all of your money at this ONE sale because FOMO? No.


Tarte Shape Tape – Worth the hype

TARTE SHAPE TAPE - on Coming Up Roses Everyday makeup - tarte shape tape, tula face filter

ERICA: Truly the BEST full coverage concealer I’ve used for the undereye. Granted, it’s THICK, so a little bit goes a long way. This drugstore option is pretty comparable but not identical. Shape Tape is like a little bit of magic in a tube that makes you go from feeling like a zombie with dark circles to a well-rested, bright-eyed baller. I wear shade Light Neutral!

KATIE: I cannot attest to its efficiency in covering up dark circles since I don’t get dark circles (BLESS whatever genes did that). But, it does amazing at covering up blemishes and redness. As Erica said, a little goes a long way. I made the mistake of slathering this on like I’ve seen every other girl do. Holy moly…I thought I was gonna have to scrape it off my face! Typically I use two little dabs under my eyes, a dab on each side of my nostrils (I’m very red there), a dab on my chin, two little dabs in the area between my eyebrows, and a dab on any blemishes or discoloration.


T3 Hot tools – Overhyped 

T3 BLOW DRYER on flash sale! T3 Whirl Trio Curling Wands

ERICA: I have the twirl trio and I’ve gotta say – I reach for this curling wand more often (and it’s 1/3 the price!). Granted, I’m a bit superstitious when it comes to my styling tools; sometimes I feel like I get THAT ONE that does the job best, and then I can’t even waste my time trying with others. I think it’s important to get good styling tools that have ceramic plates or are made well to be the least damaging to your hair as possible, BUT I also don’t think that requires spending an arm and leg to get.

BUT, I just saw there is a FLASH SALE happening on the blow dryer right now – $59.99 instead of $220, which is obviously a GREAT sale. While I don’t blow dry my hair often (and if I do, it’s most likely with this one-step volumizer to dry + straighten simultaneously), this is the blow dryer I use!


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick – Overhyped (but…)

ERICA: …Which is saying something since it’s one of my FAVORITE lipstick shades of all time. BUT, this drugstore dupe gives you the same look for less – $27 less. The formula is suuuuuper comparable, the color is longlasting, and the feel is hydrating and non-drying. So while I wholeheartedly loveloveLOVE Pillow Talk and wear it weekly, I think it’s overhyped in that you can get the look for less or a reaaaaaally similar look without spending so much money on a lipstick.

KATIE: I’ve yet to try the actual Pillow Talk lipstick – and honestly, I probably won’t. The drugstore dupe is LIFE. My collection nowhere near rivals Erica’s (cause I’m pretty sure she has every shade), but I’ve got about 4 or 5 different shades. I’m not a huge lipstick wearer because I tend to bite my lips so the color wears away fast…and I end up looking like I’m trying to pull off the infamous 90’s lipliner look (please don’t ever bring that back, ‘kay?). This lipstick does not budge, is not drying, and is so easy to apply since it has a lip liner shape. Erica and I showed up at an event wearing the same exact shade, #twinning πŸ™‚ Even after eating and drinking, the hot pink color we were wearing did not fade. 10/10 recommend.


Verb energy bars Worth the hype

Try VERB ENERGY BARS for FREE (just pay $0.95 to ship them!) with my link on Coming Up Roses! Verb Energy Bars - on Coming Up Roses

ERICA: These cute little bars are such a yummy pickmeup – they’ve got the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso, but it’s from green tea so you don’t get jittery at all. Great flavors, great size, and only 90 calories. The pumpkin spice flavor is limited edition but my current favorite – it tastes like you’re eating a pumpkin muffin, for not even 100 calories! AND they just launched cookie butter, casual. You can try four flavors for FREE if you’re curious (just pay $0.95 for shipping!), or if you’re already wanting to try a full size bag, they’re normally $25 – you can try for only $12 here!!! 

*I will say I think I’ve seen people like them more who are actually caffeine-sensitive…so if you’re someone who gets jittery and/or isn’t a big coffee girl but wants a pickmeup, they’ll have more of a noticeable affect than, say, someone drinking 3 espresso shots a day. Ya feel? πŸ˜‰


Have you tried any of Instagram’s most overhyped products yet?

What other overhyped products from your Instagram feed would you want to see reviewed here in Part 1???

Have you been #influenced? πŸ˜‰ Let me know your thoughts if so – would lovelovelove to know!

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