The Best Things on Amazon: My Best Amazon Purchases of 2020

What was your first Amazon purchase of 2021? Have you made one yet? If you haven’t, fear not – you just might be adding to cart by the end of today’s post. 😉 Personally, I lovelovelove seeing what other folks are buying on Amazon, because I’ve often found my own new favorite finds that way! Today, I’m sharing my best Amazon purchases of all of 2020. Now, there are a LOT of options here – namely because I shop on Amazon the way some folks use oxygen. HA. So, I hope one of my own best Amazon purchases inspires your next! Keepin’ it *strictly* to things I discovered and/or ordered IN 2020. (But for other editions of my best Amazon purchases, this post + this post should do the trick!)

P.S. You can click any image in the collage below to directly shop my best Amazon purchases from it, or click through the list below! Happy Priming!

  1. The cup – THE CUP! One of my top bestsellers, too – just take a peek at the #CURconvinced highlight on my Instagram profile for readers and followers sharing their own newfound lovelovelove of THE CUP, too! Works better than a Yeti for less money; keeps your hot drinks HOT (like, the temperature you put it in at!) and your ice frozen solid all day long (literally). Best part: comes with two interchangeable, leak-free lids to use with the same cup, so it’s a great two-for-one! We have three in our house, plus this one with a retro Minnie Mouse print for Liv!
  2. No-show socks – Hands down, the BEST no-show socks on planet Earth. And that’s saying something. I’ve gone through so many pairs and none could come close to these – they do NOT slip at ALL, they don’t make weird divets in your feed, and they’re priced well at around $13 for a 6-pack.
  3. Caffeinate Your Soul – Hoping this one made the cut for your own list of best Amazon purchases of the year. 😉
  4. Apple chips – These are addicting. you’ve been warned.
  5. Dot’s pretzels – These, too. I had seen a few folks rave about these twisted seasoned pretzels but thought they were a regional thing – found some in St. Louis on a trip to see my bestie and sure enough, they’re DELISH. And then I found them on Amazon so…game over.
  6. Biker shorts – These are the #1 best-selling workout short on Amazon! I bought last spring when biker shorts became a huge trend, and ended up buying a second pair because they’re just so dang comfy. GREAT fit, great for casual wear, but also a legitimately great workout short that won’t make ya chafe. And nearly 43,000 5-star reviews!
  7. Wackee Six – We first played this game on the aforementioned St. Louis trip, and MAN OH MAN what a fun time. It’s a great fast-paced option for game night with family or friends.
  8. “To the Moon and Back for You” book – This book made me cry when I first read it to Liv! It’s an especially beautiful story for a rainbow mama, or to gift to a girlfriend whose infertility battle is won. 
  9. Glycolic acid cleanser – One the list of my favorite face cleansers ever! My skin loveloveloves glycolic acid; this cleanser has NO sulfates or parabens and gently exfoliates to revitalize dry or dull skin, work on any fine lines or wrinkles, combat dark spots or hyperpigmentation, and also correct acne scars. It’s also got shea butter, tea tree, bamboo, peppermint, lavender and willow bark inside – smells FABULOUS and exfoliates without leaving you red or raw!
  10. Striped tee – A perfect layering tee – equally great to wear by itself. Has a feally flattering neckline!
  11. Workout shorts – These workout shorts are among my best Amazon purchases because they fit two bills for me: snug for functionality but loose for comfort. They have a spandex lining which I lovelovelove for weightlifting or running, but if you don’t want to be running around in spandex booty shorts (like I had to back in my high school cross country + track days…), these have the great option of added coverage.
  12. Strainer – I swear every influencer and her mother has this pot strainer – it’s the #1 best selling strainer on Amazon! But what I lovelovelove about this one in particular is how it easily clips onto the rim of your pot for a handsfree pour to strain. No mess or risk of burning yourself on hot pasta water!
  13. Weekly planner – This cute little weekly notepad can keep you organized if you’re not a big fan of bulky planners – great for a week at a glance!
  14. Pink legal pad – Because Elle Woods would approve. 😉 (Currently not available, but this is similar!)
  15. Beach hat – This beach hat is the BEST beach hat ever, of that I’m sure. I wore it nonstop on our family beach trip in July – the perfect amount of sun coverage without being floppy, and so dang cute + chic. Truly one of the best Amazon purchases with warmer weather ahead on the brain!
  16. Liv’s beach shoesAnother hit from our family beach trip – Liv’s little water shoes. HIGHLY recommend for any littles, even for just running around on a splash pad outside in the backyard for foot protection!
  17. Louis Vuitton look-for-less backpack – It’s not the exact same iconic check print (for the look of the Louis Vuitton Damier bags for less, I got you!), but it’s a similar stylistic callout for around 30 bucks. 
  18. Happy Fall/Merry Christmas sign – I’m SO stoked this sign is back in stock – grab one now for the next season since it sells out SO FAST every fall! But it’s the coolest because it’s reversible; says “happy fall” on one side and “Merry Christmas” on the other, so you can just flip the day after Halloween when it’s appropriate to start Christmas decorating again. 😉
  19. Mama bear pullover – This cute pullover is a lighter terry material, so it won’t leave you feeling too-hot when you’re inevitably chasing your little bears around.
  20. Boutique-style dress – I’ve seen this exact dress at boutiques for over $50. The price is a steal for the style!
  21. Ubbi diaper pail – We had the Diaper Genie for nearly two years of Liv’s life but switched to the Ubbi in August – and MAN OH MAN do I wish we had switched sooner. Our Diaper Genie broke so many times and my poor dad tried to fix it repeatedly, but the mechanism always got jammed. The Ubbi is SO EASY with great odor control, and you don’t need to buy special (expensive) bags for it – it just uses kitchen trash bags!
  22. Shark handheld vacuum – This lil’ guy is a GEM to keep under the stove or kitchen sink for quick cleanups. Spilled Cheerios, random dirt, tough corners – it’s a great, powerful sucker upper. We use ours constantly!
  23. “Get naked” half-bathroom sign – This is a personal favorite because I MEAN. It’s hilarious. Gives every guest a good chuckle when they pop into the powder room. 😉
  24. Trivets – A great alternative to cloth potholders. I lovelovelove that these silicone trivets stay put, and they pack so tightly into a drawer since they fold up onto themselves.
  25. Plastic grocery bag holder – A truly revolutionary, random find – a holder that sticks to the inside of a closet wall to host the hoards of plastic grocery bags that are otherwise stashed on your pantry floor. 😉
  26. Baby sunglasses – The BEST I’ve found so far – Liv actually kept them ON her face no problem, thanks to the easy elastic band!
  27. USB lighter – The coolest, safest lighter – it’s flame-free! You charge it with your phone charger and it creates a little electric current to light candle wicks with, so it’s safer than having open flames around.
  28. Non-stick baking mat – For the girl who always forgets to have parchment paper or wax paper present (hello, it me). This is a GEM to have on hand, whether you’re baking or roasting veggies…it just makes for great no-stick food prep!
  29. Acrylic tissue box holder – Such a simple, chic way to uplevel your bathroom. You just take the stack of tissues out of the basic cardboard box and insert into this one easily!
  30. Kitchen sink caddy – Truly a brilliant little thing – it does NOT slip. At all. Anywhere. Holds your sponge + brush in a clean, upright way to prevent unnecessary grossness.
  31. Huggie earrings – The quality of these little huggies is GREAT given the price point especially; they are SO dainty and pretty, have lots of different design options, and are on sale right now!
  32. Pendant lighting – We got our pendant lighting for both our dining room AND over our kitchen island from Amazon, and both are complimented regularly. I had a specific vision in mind and these fit it to a T, plus the price couldn’t be beat!
  33. Baby Crocs – I was never a Crocs girl…but LORD am I a baby Crocs girl. They’re just so dang cute, yes, but ALSO so surprisingly practical. Not to mention, Liv loveloveloves ’em. 😉 But really, especially in warmer weather, they let your baby’s feet BREATHE while also being versatile if you’re splashing in puddles or come across some muddier terrain.
  34. Black date night top – Any time I wear this top I feel SO good – and y’all ask all the Q’s about it when it’s spotted on my Stories! The sleeves are just so fun, and it’s a chic, sexier top without sacrificing some modesty. SO affordable, too – I’m wearing size Small!
  35. One-shoulder one-piece swimsuit – Adored this swimsuit at the Jersey shore with the fam in summer 2020 – it’s such a chic cocoa collor (although I’ve got the teal on my list for later, because SO PRETTY), and it stays PUT. I like that it’s still a fun one-piece, but especially as a mama, it doesn’t shift or move while swimming or chasing Liv.
  36. Conversation cards – If you’re looking for a cute Valentine’s Day gift for your partner or just want to get closer for a new at-home date night idea with your hubs, these are so cool. J + I were pleasantly surprised at how unique they actually are – even after 8 years together, they still brought up some new ideas that we hadn’t considered!
  37. Lululemon look-for-less joggers – My very faves. Near-identical to my Lulu Align joggers, for 1/3 the price!
  38. Super squishy soft joggers – These were winner winner chicken dinners among the CURowd, too – INSANELY squishy soft for not even $15!
  39. Polka dot one piece swimsuit – I am obsessed with the fun retro vibes of this swimmy – and it’s another comfy, movable winner for mamas!
  40. Twist on food storage jars – These have been so handy for traveling with Liv, or even just to have on hand if we’ve got errands to run around lunchtime or a lengthier road trip. It lets me stack essentially a full meal’s worth of yummies in separate little compartments for easy eating!
  41. Folex – This stuff is GOLD. Cannot live without it!!! The BEST stain remover I’ve ever tried, ever. Gets out red wine, coffee, berry smoothie, pet stains…anything/everything can be beat with Folex. No joke – one of the best Amazon purchases of all time EVER!
  42. Shampoo scalp massager – Feels like a salon shampoo without having to spend $100. 😉 SUCH a lovely massager for hair wash day to get a better, deeper clean – especially good for my fellow dry shampoo junkies who need to refresh from product buildup throughout the week!
  43. S’mores mix – Be warned…addicting. Enough said. 😉

What were your best Amazon purchases of 2020? Or have a favorite of 2021 so far?

I’d lovelovelove to know – my cart is ready!