Happy WEEKEND, girlfriends! This one will hopefully be a more chill weekend for the books, with maybe a photoshoot or two for work and a little birthday dinner for my mama. Maybe we’ll have a movie night, maybe we’ll go to Target, ANYTHING GOES. In the meantime, this Weekend Reading has loads of goodies…maybe we’ll make the rocky road cookies??? TBD. Enjoy!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 109 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Have you heard of The 5 second rule??
  2. I got hooked on London Fogs in college – this recipe looks yummy!
  3. This new CBD indulgence collection is SO GOOD – the flavors are SO YUMMY. Discount with code ericaligenza 🙂
  4. What a sweetheart high school principal – heartwarming story alert!
  5. “Unasked-for advice I’ve learned to love” – so many good nuggests in this!
  6. Should I get this Louis Vuitton look-for-less in the white or brown checkered? ($47 instead of $ 2500!!!) 
  7. Unexpected decor mistakes that any interior designer would pick up on…
  8. 5 things to do with a chicken cutlet
  9. My mom & I just bought these blankets – we are SHOOK. Barefoot Dreams dupe, for $30 instead of $180 (FYI, you do not need to be a member to enjoy these savings!)!!!
  10. Here’s how to get coffee stains out of just abot anything
  11. Super helpful tips for learning to read more!
  12. These are the $18 Walmart jeans I’ve been wearing + loveloveloving lately!
  13. Trader Joe’s different salts/seasonings – which have you tried?
  14. YUM: Rocky Road cookies (making these ASAP!)
  15. Tula’s new mess-free mask is a winner winner chicken dinner – 15% off with COMINGUPROSES

Happy weekend reading!