Everything My Assistant has Bought Because of Me (& what she thinks…)

*Quick note from me (Erica) before passing the mic to Katie today!!! ICYMI, Katie has been my righthand woman for…gosh, a few years now? She helps make SO MUCH happen behind-the-scenes of CUR, and she’s a true lifeblood of this lil’ blog – she’s thinking of you nearly as much as I’m thinking of you, and we’re always LOOKIN’ OUT, girlfriend. 😉 We had the idea to share a fun little post after sharing this one with all of YOUR favorite products you’ve bought after seeing them recommended here. Since Katie and I are always sending different products and sales back and forth to each other, and since she had been a reader for years before ever working with me, today she’s taking over to share everything she’s bought on my recommendation (and what she thinks of it). SOOOO…take it away, Katie!


TGIF, friends! Katie here taking over with a post on all the things Erica has influenced me on throughout the years. We are definitely missing stuff on this list of influence – I’ve been following Erica for YEARS. The chances there are some items floating around my house that were influenced by her without me remembering are high. Very high. Some of these are repeats from this post, but they’re so good I have to share twice 🙂


If you’ve been around these rosy parts for a while, you know that Erica has styled these leggings in just about 3 million ways. I sang the praises of these leggings in a previous post, but we are here again. I. love. these. leggings. A staple in your closet, and worth the splurge (or wait for them to go on sale!). The quickest way to elevate an otherwise casual outfit while still having the comfort of your fave leggings. I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to style so anything that doesn’t take much effort on my part is clutch (do kids still say that? Am I dating myself here?). Plus, they suck everything in without adding discomfort which has been great post-baby (bonus points for surviving some baby vom + lots of drool).



If you have any sort of social media account, you have probably come across someone talking about Tula skincare products. The products are worth the hype they receive. Obviously, there is no one skincare product or line that will work for EVERYONE, but it’s been great for me so far. One of my biggest skincare issues is that I’ll find a product that works for a time, and then it will suddenly just not work anymore. I tend to start experiencing breakouts a few months after thinking I’ve found something that works. Tula has been part of my skin regime since December 2019 when Erica gifted me Tula’s cleanser, and it has continued to work for me since. A few more products have been added to the lineup since and I continue to be impressed. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in overall dullness and uneven tone; the Face Filter primer has become one of my favorite products to use! Perfect for those crazy mornings when you’ve got less than 5 minutes to look put together. Slap some of that primer on and swipe the eye balm under your eyes – BAM, you’re human again! (Don’t forget to use Erica’s code, COMINGUPROSES, for 15% off your order!!)



I didn’t really jump on the Tarte train until recently (because of Erica, duh). Aside from their eyeshadows, the products I had seen of theirs were VERY full coverage. I’ve been lucky to not really need to wear fuller coverage makeup – and my skin doesn’t like when I do. I received a bunch of Tarte products for Christmas, and I am in LOVE. Erica shared the Maracuja Tinted Moisturizer this summer, and I regret not picking it up right then and there. It’s so light (not in coverage, but in feel/wear) that I forget I have it on, and then forget to wash it off…oops. Then Erica shared the Maracuja Juicy Lip so I needed them, too. I am not a lip gloss wearer, but these are the exception. They are SO hydrating while adding just a touch of color AND they’re packed with so many great ingredients. I carry them with me everywhere.



Alright, Erica tried pretty hard to get me to love the Barefoot Dreams blankets. She practically threw one at me when I told her I had never felt one…I wasn’t convinced. They were super soft, yeah, but I felt like I could get something of similar quality for a fraction of the price. (Note from E – YOU CAN…I just bought this $30 blanket and I’m convinced they’re going to get sued. It’s IDENTICAL.) Enter, Barefoot Dreams cardigans. I am the cardigan queen. I caved to the Barefoot Dreams life this past summer and got two cardigans during the NSALE (this one and this one). Holy Moly. They’re so soft, squishy, warm, and HAVE POCKETS. Bless. They were amazing with Henry as a newborn because it was like a built in blanket. He loved to snuggle up in them during naps on my chest, and now he has his own baby Barefoot Dreams blanket (thanks to Erica for a perfect baby shower gift!). He’s obsessed – see below for the only proof you’ll need.



Where was this thing when I was in the midst of my pregnancy?! I’ve never been a fan of ice cold water. I like it room temperature (better for your digestion) BUT when I was pregnant, my water had to be colder than the tundra. When Erica shared that her ice from the morning had not melted completely by the end of the day, I was SOLD. I bought one for my mama as an early birthday gift, and it is her favorite child. It has replaced my brother and I. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t mention how wonderful this cup is.



I desperately needed new bras after Henry was born, and these have been phenomenal for just an everyday comfy bra. It provides enough support without really being noticeable. Another family fave with my aunt having ordered a few pairs. Soma’s Enbliss wireless bra is next on my list to try!



Random, I know. I actually laughed out loud in Target like a psycho, sleep-deprived mom because I realized Erica influenced me to by these YEARS ago, and I haven’t stopped. I get anxiety putting holes in my wall because I can be an indecisive decorator…I’ll nail something up and then 10 seconds later it needs to go somewhere else 🙂 So, these have saved my walls and my husband’s sanity. I used them in our apartment, and continue to use them in our house (as I slowly decorate our walls after three years of living here. It’s fine, I’m fine.)



The first meal I made from this subscription, blew.my.mind. We aren’t currently subscribed as Paul is on some weird fitness diet so it was just me eating the meals, but I’m hoping to subscribe again once Henry is a little older. The oven-ready meals were a lifesaver after Henry was born. Paul, who cannot even boil water (love you, babe but you don’t have to stir boiling water), was able to put these together and pop ’em in the oven while I rested or took care of Henry. It’s a great way to try new recipes, veggies, and more! The ingredients are pre-portioned out which is fantastic for someone who loves to try new recipes, but doesn’t want to buy all the random ingredients. Be sure to use Erica’s code ERICAL80 for $80 off your first 4 orders!



To be fair, I was already enlightened. Prior to finding them in my local DSW, I thought Dr. Scholl’s were your standard orthopedic shoes, but I was wrong. So wrong. I worked as a manager at a children’s clothing store for a spell – Dr. Scholl’s saved my LIFE. I have super high arches so it’s difficult to find cute, non-athletic shoes that provide support. Constantly being on my feet for 50+ hours a week was killer, but these shoes helped the discomfort. Erica calls them her Disney shoes, and rightfully so. (Note from E: They’re my “Disney shoes” because they’re the ONLY shoes I will wear in Disney World when you’re walking a bajillion steps and ain’t nobody got time for blisters or pain). I need to add more to my collection!


E’s overall positivity + encouragement

This is the biggest thing that drew me to Erica and Coming Up Roses. I felt an immediate connection with her authenticity and genuine demeanor; she felt like an instant friend. Her content has taught me so much and encouraged me to truly love me for me in all areas. Erica seems to have some weird sixth sense in posting inspirational and motivational content that I NEED. Somehow, it’s always what I need to hear in that hard moment. I find myself sending her posts to friends in different seasons of life hoping that E’s words can send some encouragement and comfort.

What’s your favorite thing Erica has influenced you on?