Happy WEEKEND, friends! We don’t have much lined up after Saturday morning’s swim lesson, thank the sweet Lord baby Jesus. I’ve got a few blog shoots to knock out, but other than that, we’ve got plans to bake banana bread and work on the garden. Probably will get some QT in on the new deck furniture, too, and enjoy the fire pit with some wine – who knows! Hope you’ve got relaxing, satisfying, cup-filling plans on your agenda, too. 🙂

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 119 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Beautiful lessons learned from Monarch butterfly migration
  2. Great ideas from Katey for a busy toddler at home!
  3. These thick braided sandals are INCREDIBLY comfortable – 10/10 recommend! (only $24!)
  4. This abandoned town of Disney-esque mini-castles is…creepy AF.
  5. MAJOR CONGRATS to Lauren on the launch of her stunning QVC spring home decor line!!
  6. “I simply refuse to deal with idiots. It has cut my social obligations in half.” – Anthony Bridgerton
  7. Could you live in this famous 350-square foot NYC apartment
  8. 9 things to do on the big island of Hawaii (talk about wanderlust…)
  9. If you want/need new luggage – this set is currently 70% off on Amazon!!!
  10. OK whoa, you can now get a rental car through Uber?!
  11. Who’s ready for rose jello shots? (Me, obviously)
  12. Golden Goose sneakers over $100 off here
  13. Why we’re craving more “wholesome” things in 2021
  14. Have you tried any of these viral TikTok makeup hacks?
  15. Want the famous $500 Anthropologie mirror look-for-less? This one is only $91! 

Happy weekend reading!

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