Happy WEEKEND! Is it just me, or do weeks after long weekends just FLY be?! So happy it’s Saturday yet again. 🙂 We’re spending the day with family at Knoebel’s – an old-school amusement park in PA that packs ALL THE NOSTALGIA since they’ve changed approximately nothing since my childhood. Bless. They’re unique in that you buy tickets for rides and only pay for what you use, and tickets never expire…which is basically ideal with a 2.5-year-old in tow. 😉 My parents brought along leftover tickets from MY CHILDHOOD that we will literally be able to use to board a roller coaster TODAY. Tell me that isn’t the coolest thing ever?! And so much more cost-effective than dropping $100+ on daily passes and having to wait in line forever…ain’t nobody got time. Pop by my InstaStories to come along with us. And in the meantime…happy weekend reading. 🙂

  1. If Kate Winslet doesn’t win an award for Mare of Easttown, I will personally throw a fit. HA.
  2. I just ADORE the Serena & Lily Riviera stools…so wish they fit our decor.
  3. Just grabbed these AE jean shorts on sale – SO COMFORTABLE. 
  4. Yay! Fireflay Lane was renewed for Season 2! Have you seen it yet?
  5. J just mentioned peanut butter pie the other day…now I’m craving it. Have you heard of it?
  6. OMG – Brumate gave us a code for June (they never do this!!!): COMINGUPROSES for a discount!
  7. Traveling soon? Here’s how to calm travel anxiety being in a crowded airport again.
  8. Tearing up with Taylor. Keep her sweet pup Harlow in your prayers.
  9. Just learned that Amber’s shop only makes 100 of each piece, so everything feels special + limited edition. My FAVE mama sweats! (code ERICA15 for 15% off!)
  10. Here’s how to turn a 30-minute walk into a workout!
  11. A theme I can get behind: finding stillness in everyday.
  12. OK SO this might be my new favorite self-tanner
  13. In my head I’m BFFs with Tabitha Brown. She’s just awesome.
  14. Reaaaaally wanna get on the homemade salad dressing train – this one looks yum!
  15. I give my new Amazon bodysuit an A: only $15, flattering scoop neck, + NOT A THONG (bless).

Happy weekend reading!

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