COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, May 2021

Part of me feels like I’ve been living under a rock, emerged, and BAM, 2021 is halfway done. I mean…how did that happen?! This month’s Cool Sh*t includes a bunch of obvious favorites, from the braid headbands I’ve been wearing + sharing for weeks, to the Amazon sandals and mom jeans and swimsuit that’ve been on rotation, too. Hope you find a fun new TREAT YO’SELF from something I loveloveloved all May long! 

COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

Braid headbands

Patricia! Barbara! And Betty. My Hamilton fans sang that one in their heads, I’m sure. 😉 Meet the Hairy Sisters – my three fake braids that have been ALL THE RAGE around these rosy parts the past few weeks. They’re headbands I found on Amazon that instantly uplevel any hairstyle, because they look SO REAL and SO CHIC. I’m not very skilled in the braid department, so to be able to throw on a comfortable headband that a.) keeps my hair out of my face and b.) looks so polished is an absolute win. I kid you not, EVERY single person that has seen me wearing one in person stops to compliment my hair with ZERO idea it’s fake!

And for not even 20 bucks, a total steal – saving more time and money than any trip to a salon. I wore Patricia to a wedding in May and it was ALL the rage – all the girls were obsessed and wanted the link.

Fake Amazon Braid Headband - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses

Fake Amazon Braid Headband - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses Fake Amazon Braid Headband - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Abercrombie ripped jeans

Abercrombie has always been one of my go-to’s for good denim. They run true to size, are ultra-flattering, and are comfortable – some musts for me. I know Gen Z says skinny jeans are out, but honestly…they also say wine and side parts are uncool, which means they know nothing. HA. 😉 These don’t fit like skinny jeans in my book – it’s more like a mom jean fit. Not nearly as loose as boyfriend jeans, but not as skin-tight as skinnies – a true happy medium! These just look flattering with the right amount of rip, and they look GREAT cuffed at the bottom to pair with little sneakers or sandals.

ABERCROMBIE MOM JEANS - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


Braided sandals from Amazon

There’s an adorable pair of chunky braided Steve Madden sandals that everyone and her mother on Instagram has this season, but they’re about $80. I was on the hunt for something similar for less, and sure enough – came across these gems on Amazon for under $25. I got this pair and this pair, and while the first is still good and worthwhile, I ADORE these!!! I actually gasped upon putting them on my feet because they’re shockingly comfortable, with such a soft braid. It doesn’t hurt or rub on your feet at all, and the gold chain accent is such a chic detail.

ABERCROMBIE MOM JEANS - Monthly Favorites on Coming Up Roses


OTIS eyewear

This was a new-to-me brand that was lovelovelove at first sight – literally! OTIS eyewear is an incredible sunglass company with all eco-friendly, naturally sourced, scratch resistant sunglasses. They’re beautiful and quite literally the most DURABLE pairs of sunnies I’ve ever owned. (Shared on my Instagram here!)

Fun fact: the glasses are actually made from mineral glass, which is naturally sourced, harmless to humans + animals, and also happens to be the most scratch-resistant lens material on the planet. Bless up for that, since the OG Toddler Tornado takes no prisoners. 😉 The lenses are made from non-toxic materials that are endlessly recyclable, and they’re precision tested for clarity control to make them 100% optically correct. How incredible, right?!

OTIS Sunglasses - on Coming Up Roses


Leopard Golden Goose

Dear heavens, I cannot believe I’m writing this right now. But…I did it. I pulled the trigger on another pair of Golden Goose sneakers, which is approximately ABSURD, I KNOW. But here’s the thing.

I love them.

I really loveloveLOVE them. So I know there are folks that think spending big bucks on “dirty sneakers” is insane, and those folks might be right. But I don’t care. Because these make me happy and THEY WERE ON SALE DANGIT. J had joked he wasn’t going to be getting me anything for Mother’s Day since I’m not his mom…so I hedged my bet. Happy Mother’s Day to me. 😉 (He did surprise me with flowers + a beautiful custom book from Liv and won all the points).

Leopard Print Golden Goose Sneakers - on Coming Up Roses Leopard Print Golden Goose Sneakers - on Coming Up Roses


Tie dye sweat set

This fun sweat set reminds me straight up of cotton candy. It’s a lighter-weight set, which I appreciate for this time of year when I’m chilling at home in the AC but it is warmer outside.

It’s from Amazon’s line called The Drop, and it 100% surprised me in the best sense. One to live in! 

The Drop Amazon tie dye sweat set on Coming Up Roses The Drop Amazon tie dye sweat set on Coming Up Roses


Next Level Jewelry

Maybe you saw me recently share this Amazon jewelry brand? (Here’s the post ICYMI!) SUCH a gem, such a diamond in the rough – puns intended. My everyday jewelry have been these dainty 14K gold pieces and I just adore how pretty and chic they look with anything + everything!

They’re also remarkably more affordable than department store jewelry counter alternatives, AND the shop owner kindly passed along a discount code for y’all for an additioanl 15% off (it’s: ERICA15AMZ) – which makes something like the 14K gold plated rope chain UNDER $20.

NEXT LEVEL JEWELRY - the best Amazon jewelry on Coming Up Roses The best cubic zirconia stud earrings - Amazon jewelry on Coming Up Roses


Black mesh Amazon one piece

This is the #1 bestselling one piece swimsuit AND plus swimmy on Amazon – and for good reason. It’s SO comfortable, SO chic, SO flattering…truly would look good on anyone. I can’t recommend this one enough – as seen in this roundup of ten cute one piece swimsuits from Amazon. If you don’t want black-on-black, it comes in literally 42 colorways and prints. For just over 30 bucks, it’s a steal!


BESTSELLING AMAZON ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT - on Coming Up Roses Black One Piece Swimsuit from Amazon - on Coming Up Roses


Hudsonville ice cream

I had the chance to try Hudsonville ice cream thanks to this partnership, and HOLY GOODNESS – like I said then, one of the yummiest, creamiest ice creams I’ve ever tried ever. Like, ever. The Traverse City Cherry Fudge is my all time favorite at this point – think Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, but better. (!!!)


They’re an awesome 95-year-old brand from the Midwest who uses their own local dairy farmers to make their product, and it’s just out of this world good. 

Hudsonville ice cream Traverse City Cherry Fudge Hudsonville ice cream review - on Coming Up Roses


Deck furniture (+ my parents’ living room!)

The past month saw TWO fun furniture projects come to fruition, both with my friends at Raymour & Flanigan. The first being my parents’ living room makeover, which was SUCH a fulfilling, fun project on every level. And the second being our deck!

We added a deck onto our house this year since we figured it would be the perfect touch for outdoor entertaining this summer, and now that it’s finally warming up outside…we weren’t wrong. From the moment I first shared a glimpse at this set on my Stories the questions came in about where it’s from, and rightfully so – I loveloveloved it the moment I saw it on their website and knew it was the one for our space!


And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! 

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