Bless up for the weekend. It’s J’s birthday weekend, so I’ve got some fun things planned for him to celebrate. 🙂 He’s always wanted to get a custom-made suit for work, so we’ll be pulling a little “Pretty Woman” moment for him to get fitted and tailored perfectly. Nothing beats the confidence boost from something made just for you! 

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 121 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Time to book an international stargazing experience…wow
  2. This winter harvest kale salad might make me not hate kale…
  3. Save v. splurge: These under-$50 booties (I just bought ’em!) compared to these $140 UGGs!
  4. 12 book recommendations from my favorite college professor
  5. 5 ways to make a room feel bigger (bless)
  6. Recently tried this brand’s workout wear…lovelovelove. Just as good if not better than Lulu! (code: ERICAL10)
  7. The skincare trends to know in 2022, according to the experts
  8. Are you a lion, wolf, bear or dolphin
  9. Just grabbed this cute coverup for this month’s tropical trip…
  10. This Canadian doctor is a BALLER – she delivered a baby mid-flight!
  11. These spring rolls paired with this spicy peanut sauce…on this week’s dinner plan! 
  12. Don’t miss Equilibria’s subscription sale: 50% off month one, 20% off every month after that! (code: ERICALIGENZA50)
  13. Toddlers’ big feelings, re-enacted by a grown-up. #perspective
  14. 10 micro-habits that will change your life
  15. These are in my cart (+ 25% off!)

Happy weekend reading!