10 Things you Need from Amazon You’ll Use Everyday

Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, right down my drivewaaaay! If you, too, sung the jingle in your head and are on a first-name basis with your friendly neighborhood Prime drivers…we can be in Amazon Anonymous together. 😉 Truly the Lord hath graced us with His glory and that of 2-day shipping, and ’tis a blessing to us all. How ever did we make it as a society before? All jokes aside, you KNOW I’m all about a good – scratch that, great ten things you need from Amazon– Amazon find, especially of the life-changing variety. And after first sharing these and seeing it circle the good world wide web STILL, I knew it was time to add a few more gems to the list. Specifically, ten more things. These Amazon finds have made the cut after I scoured my *checks notes* 24 orders of 2022 so far, 191 orders of 2021, and 202 orders of 2020 at least to finds the best of the best in the Top Ten.


  1. Sheets – When one of you popped into my DMs requesting more affordable sheet recommendations – and do I have ’em for ya! These are super soft, cooling, deep pockets, and wrinkle/stain/fade resistant. They’ve got over 277,000+ 4.5-star ratings and reviews and are currently on sale for under $40. 
  2. Compact hangers – When we moved, I took that as prime time to overhaul my closet situation. Granted, I was losing a bit of space in the transition (much to my dismay – womp), so I needed to get organizationally savvy STAT. Beyond purging like the plague, I upgraded my hangesr to these flatter, more compact options and I swear it doubled the amount my closet could hold. I like that they’re not velvet but still hold your clothes ON them while saving space all the while – and they’re still on sale for 28% off. Also, SOLID 5-star product!
  3. Custom name return labels – You know how kinda-ugly and totally impersonal return labels will show up on your doorstep at random as a promotional tool for companies? I distinctly remember seeing stacks of said labels at our house growing up with, like, just my dad’s name on it or a little icon of a woodland creature, and they felt like the sortof thing you just used to get rid of – do you know what I mean? These are cute, clear, personalized labels that include the whole fam – no more rando return labels in your junk drawer ever again. 😉
  4. Trivets – These silicone trivets are another solid 5-star-rated product to protect your counters and tabletops from too-hot plates. They’re no-slip, heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and safe saving since they fold up so nicely. Comes in a 3-pack!
  5. Shark Wandvac system – May seem pricier, but compared to a Dyson – it’s a steal. We use it literally EVERYDAY. We always stand by Shark vacuums; we had a handheld for years before it kicked the can, and now we finally bit the bullet to get the whole Wandvac system, which includes the handheld AND cordless vacuums (they actually are just built in together – super convenient!). It’s super lightweight while being wonderfully powerful, and it’s truly fabulous for zipping around the kitchen, cleaning up Cheerios and crumbs galore.
  6. $15 look-for-less sunglasses – These are truly gorgeous alternatives to these $400 Celine sunnies, and I cannot recommend them enough. They’re sturdy, comfortable, and durable!
  7. Workout top – Yet another winner winner chicken dinner with killer ratings – over 10,000 4.5-star reviews here, people! This workout top (+ this one with 45,000+ reviews!) are two of my all-time faves ever; they’re near-exact alternatives to this Lulemon Align top, which costs $30+ more. They’ve got padding for light support which I lovelovelove, and they’re so, so comfortable. I wear size Small in both.
  8. $5 mascara – A #1 Amazon bestseller with over 222,000+ 4.5-star reviews. The BEST mascara I’ve ever found for under 5 bucks! Lengthening AND volumizing, lasts all day without flaking – and it’s cruelty-free. 
  9. Diamond cleaning stick – When your diamonds need polishing (haha) – this little $8 stick does the trick! But really, engagement rings/wedding sets take such a beating in eveyday life, be that from cooking or cleaning or applying all sorts of lotions n’ potions. And ain’t nobody got time for frequent trips to the jewelry store for deep cleans! So for those in-between polishes, this gizmo is great. It’s got a specialized cleaning solution inside that’s applied via a gentle flow-thru brush, which also has a polymer to help fill in tiny surface scratches.
  10. Miss Mouth’s stain treater – This stuff is straight up magic. The first time I sprayed it on a stain and the stain just VANISHED before my very eyes, I got out the holy water and prayed. It’s a natural, non-toxic stain remover formulated to work on the hardest stains of all: stains made by professional mess makers (aka KIDS). Ketchup, poop, blood, juice…also wine and coffee from mom…it removes it all. The key is spraying + blotting generously. It got over 5-star reviews from The Today Show, Good Morning America, + Real Simple and has over 10,000 4.5+ star reviews on Amazon!


Any recent Amazon favorites you’d recommend?