Welcome back to #WeekendReading. How was your week? We are SO VERY HAPPY to have our dear friends with us this weekend all the way from SLC, Utah (hi Chels!) – for as close as C and I are, it’s actually the first time that our men have met *in person* as well as their first time meeting OG IRL, so we’re probably having the best time ever right about now. Pop over to IG Stories (@ericaligenza) for adventuring. 🙂

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 152 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. This 5-star pecan sour cream coffee cake recipe is next on my baking list
  2. 12 tricks for beating the winter blues
  3. I stopped, dropped, and ran to Target to pick up this $27 dress
  4. How to re-think boredom (+ what to do when you’re bored!)
  5. How to style bookshelves, step-by-step
  6. These gorgeous $60 Amazon heels look *identical* to these $400 designer pumps
  7. Two thumbs up to this parent-friendly desk setup
  8. Def trying these 8 long distance friendship ideas with my girls!
  9. Heart eyes for the prettiest springy sweater 
  10. Here are the best places to travel in March
  11. And here are 29 places to visit in Honolulu if it’s on your bucket list (um, yes)
  12. Found my favorite overnight lip mask on sale – it never goes on sale! The best!!!
  13. 10 underrated rom coms to watch if you’re still in the rom com mood!
  14. 25 reader-approved, easy weeknight recipes to try
  15. Picked up the Bum Bum butter dupe ($10 versus $45 – sign me up!)

Happy weekend reading!