Happy WEEKEND. It’s been a weird week – I woke up every single day literally thinking it was Friday. What a disappointment 4/5 days. 😉 I think we’re having a more lowkey weekend before J heads off to a work conference and I’m on solo parent duty to kickoff the work week…send coffee. And prayers. And wine? JK but not really. HA. 3.5 has been a *rough* stage for us so far – it’s just ALL the very big feelings from a very tiny person. We’re getting through (+ going through the Big Little Feelings course to help 😉), but holy moly. Every stage is difficult for some reasons and beautiful for others, and everything is a passing phase. That’s our current motto. Anyhoo…onto some Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 160 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Some great tips for deeeeep decluttering for more peace of mind
  2. Got so much from reading these thoughts on motherhood
  3. Here are 6 cute one-piece swimsuits under $30 
  4. The Pearsons doing The Wobble is everything you need as a This is Us fan
  5. How to cultivate a more abundant mindset
  6. This Amazon jumpsuit is already the #1 new release (in my cart!)
  7. Powerful “posed v. unposed” photo series from a Finnish creator
  8. Ashley’s honey whipped feta recipe looks BOMB
  9. I am *shooketh* at the sale price of this cute lil’ spring dress
  10. Should we expect new T. Swift music this summer?!
  11. Had this EXACT SAME experience – can 100% relate to this whole piece. 
  12. ICYMI: these are my favorite Amazon leggings to get the Lululemon Align look + feel for $70 less!
  13. “The days are long, but the years are short” 
  14. Some great tips for raising non-entitled/spoiled/bratty kiddos
  15. Stunning jumpsuit for under $35 – would be great for events!

Happy weekend reading!