Man oh man…what a week. It’s been pure puppy chaos in the Gwynn house as we adjust to our new furry friend (and she to us), and we’re here for the wild ride. If you, too, are ending the week feeling a bit frazzled, overwhelmed, tired, etc…hugs. You’re not “behind” – life isn’t a race. It will all get done, in its time. Give yourself grace, and cheers to the freaking weekend. 🙂 And of course, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas – mamas to human babies or fur babies, would-be babies or angel babies, god babies, adopted babies, foster babies, and babies you’re desperately longing to hold earthside. You’re seen, you’re cherished, you’re loved.

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 162 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. All hail Blake Lively’s Met Gala dress – stunning!!!
  2. Lovelovelove Katey’s kitchen scripture board – just got to use with Liv
  3. Here’s a great $32 alternative to the super-popular
  4. FBI negotiation tactics to get what you need – mindblowingly good!
  5. 15 healthy meal prep recipes for people who hate salad
  6. Target is SLAYING the spring dress game – my top picks are here and here, and they’re 30% off!!!
  7. Fabulous full-body workout designed for runners – it only takes 20 minutes and your bodyweight
  8. Taylor’s recent Disney trip has me dreaming about ours – can’t wait.
  9. If you lovelovelove , get
  10. Here are the best classic movies of all time
  11. This M&M cookie recipe looks so easy + yummy – making them with Olivia soon!
  12. Just got this hands-free coffee holder that slips onto your suitcase handle – genius!!!
  13. LOL @ this youth orchestra trolling a car company…round of applause.
  14. ICYMI: How to create a beautiful stairway gallery wall
  15. These look SO chic

Happy weekend reading!