Happy weekend. Something about summer weekends hits differently, doesn’t it? We’ve got not one but TWO birthday parties on today’s agenda, and then a mad dash of church + shooting + packing tomorrow for an incredible fun, fulfilling week of travel ahead…any guesses where we’re off to? It’ll be the HAPPIEST week of the year so far, that’s for sure… 😉

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 80 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. How to handle a lopsided friendship
  2. Frozen jalapeno watermelon margaritas…who’s ready to fiesta?!
  3. Bought this under-$25 boiler suit the second I saw it 
  4. OMG: OREO collaborating with Ritz?! Do you think it’ll be yum or yuck?
  5. 10 places to visit in New England this summer
  6. This *adorable* tiered midi dress is 60% off – I snagged it! 
  7. I cannot wait to make this dip with our garden tomatoes this summer… 
  8. 6 hard seltzers tested + tasted (+ reviewed!)
  9. The perfect summer tank top does exist (this is it, and it’s on clearance!
  10. Holy moly – take a private tour of Disney’s 12 global parks for…$110,000 per person?!?
  11. 6 (non-awkward) ways to reconnect with an old friend 
  12. Big savings on Golden Goose sneakers + !
  13. Tips on tackling a digital detox this summer 
  14. Preach-prosciutto caprese is a summer dream
  15. 58% off this stunning cobalt dress… 

Happy weekend reading!