The June CURoundup: Podcasts, Top 10 Bestsellers, + SALES!

I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants around the house for the past week, prepping + planning for the next TWO weeks – our family vacation could not come soon enough. Up first we have the incredible opportunity for the trip of a lifetime – which I cannot WAIT to spill the beans on soon (tomorrow! tomorrow! stay tuned to Instagram for the big reveal!) – and immediately after that we’ll be on our annual family beach trip for the 4th of July at the shore. It’s sure to be an incredible, albeit exhausting, time traveling, but I’m feeling grateful and so, so ready for some sunshine. 🙂


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THRIVE Podcast’s new season starts the first week of July!! Be sure to tune in to listen to more of our practical, tactical tips to take you from a life of simply surviving to THRIVING. Below are the top 5 episodes downloaded this year so far.

1.) How Positive Affirmations Really Work (+ How to Connect them to SCENT!) – with Beth Geddio After starting a live events business right before the pandemic, Beth Geddio’s life and plan turned upside down, and she pressed pause to pray and pivot. She landed on the most incredible brand and business called State of Being Co., making positive affirmation candles that literally uplift and change your own state of being by tapping into the physiological power of your sense of smell. Today on THRIVE, Beth pulls back the curtain like we’ve never had before to share a behind-the-scenes look at what it really looks like being a start up CEO. And she also breaks down how and why positive affirmations actually work, and how to intentionally craft your own to include in your daily routines that really resonate and really work. Beth so kindly passed along discount code ERICA15 to get 15% off your State of Being order – the best discount she’s ever done!!!

2.) Real Goal-Setting Tips you Need Right Now – with Taylor Mobley – In our first episode of 2022, I’m talking GOAL SETTING with none other than my best friend, Taylor – a fellow content creator, podcaster, and goal getting Enneagram 3. Since we’ve had many a FaceTime planning our own years and setting our own goals together, we put our heads together to share our best tips for better, more effective goal setting with you after our combined YEARS of process refinement. Part 1 of this conversation is right here on Thrive, and we’re breaking down SMART goals, micro versus macro goals, process versus outcome based goals, and our own personal goal setting processes. Then, be sure to hop on over to Taylor’s podcast, Hustle like a Mother, for Part 2, where we’re talking about goal disappointment, how to adjust your sails along your journey, and top tips for hitting the ground running towards your goals more confidently, peacefully, and SMARTLY than ever before.

3.) The Mindset Shift + Resilience Kick you Need for the New Year – with Beate Sifkovits – My friend Beate Sifkovits is an award-winning mindset and resilience coach, the founder of “ALL BOSS,” and the creator of the “Passion-Driven Business Blueprint.” After spending over 15 years on self-discovery, my Beate Sifkovits decided to leave corporate to pursue her passion full time, to empower women to do what they love for a living. She’s an awesome force – award-winning mindset and resilience coach, founder of “ALL BOSS,” and creator of the “Passion-Driven Business Blueprint” – and our conversation today will leave you feeling motivated to create some serious change in your life. You’ll end the episode feeling more clear on a vision for your future, and more confident on your own ability to handle WHATEVER life hands you. You might actually feel more okay with uncertainty than ever before, with a healthily detached, neutral view of life events or circumstances that might’ve previously stressed you the heck out.

4.) How to Actually Describe What you do as a Multi-Passionate Person – with Dr. Michelle Mazur – Today’s episode is for the multi-passionate people in the room. Can we get an amen if you, too, like us, have a whole handful of passions and projects and sometimes struggle with wrapping that all in a nice little word bow when someone asks, “So…what do you do?” Dr. Michelle Mazur is a messaging expert for multi-passionate people and creative entrepreneurs, she’s the CEO of Communication Rebel, the host of the Rebel Uprising podcast, and she’s been featured in Inc. and Fast Company. With a PHD in Communication and 25+ years of experience working with everyone from individual service providers to Fortune 50 corporations, she’s a literal expert at taking complex messages and breaking them down into powerful and persuasive bits to backbone a marketing strategy. In today’s episode, she’s walking us through exactly how to create your own 3-word rebellion, for both your business and yourself if you’re NOT a business owner, so there’s a little something for everyone.

5.) Making Friends as a Grown Up (Am I doing this right?) – with Amy Weatherly + Jess Johnson If you’ve ever found yourself striking up friendly conversation with your barista or trying to hit it off with moms at preschool pickup, yearning for deeper connection and thinking…am I doing this right?!…today’s episode is for you. National bestselling authors and creators of the hit online community Sister I Am With You, Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, are the best friends we all wish we had, and they’re on THRIVE to drop their best tips (+ laughs) for developing deeper friendships as a grown up. We talk how to really “find your tribe” and outgrow your inner middle schooler, how to be a GOOD friend, get over awkwardness in the beginning, and get through sadness in the end if a friendship breakup happens. Amy and Jess keep it so real and so fun, and you’ll leave this episode ready to call up your besties for hugs and happy hour.


Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Smiley jammiesFor a HAPPY night’s sleep. 🙂 As seen in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove!

2.) Disney toddler jean jacketA consistent bestseller from this post with Disney outfit ideas!

3.) Maybelline lippy – The one and only – the drugstore dupe to Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lipstick! (Here’s the side-by-side comparison of the two!)

4.) No slip, no show socksTHE VERY BEST – as blogged here.

5.) Floral romper$25 Target find – with a long enough torso, bless up.

6.) Soma Enbliss bra – A fabulous option I’ve recommended for years at this point.

7.) Amazon wireless braAaaaand another good wireless option! But even better than BOTH of these is this one  – thank me later.

8.) Amazon slippers – The more affordable alternative to the $85 UGG slippers that SO many of you have snagged! They’re a bit softer and warmer than the UGGs and stay on your foot a bit better since they “hug” your foot a bit more.

9.) Amazon Gucci belt look for less – A waaaay more affordable option to get the Gucci belt look for less – classic.

10.) Bottega sunnies look for less – These $15 sunnies are even more fabulous than the near-$400 pair, because you get $385 left over for other goodies. 😉 Ha! Really though, they’re the same. Save yo’ dollars, get the Amazon pair.


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