It’s Olivia Grace’s BIRTHDAY WEEKEND and in case you’re concerned, I am unwell. MY BABY IS TURNING FOUR. Cue the tears and strolls down memory lane. Until then, I’ll be playing hostess to a hoard of happy preschoolers who will be scream-singing Let It Go and downing cake like it’s going out of style. What a life. Stay tuned to Stories for some behind-the-scenes of the most FOUR-orzen birthday party you’ve ever seen. 😉

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 135 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Are you the same person you used to be?
  2. Spooky snacktime: cute nutter butter mummies + ghosts!
  3. $75 off this cozy (use code OFFER at checkout!)
  4. Everything to know about Season 2 of The White Lotus
  5. What’s your three word style?
  6. This will be the book of the season!
  7. This wedding photographer is doing a beautiful thing for Hurrican Ian victims
  8. Target clearance salvage stores?!? Ummm YES PLEASE!
  9. The tunic we’ve all been loveloveloving …such a steal!
  10. Absolutely making these easy, fluffy, flourless pumpkin bars 
  11. 20 foods that help balance your hormones
  12. Am hearing rave reviews about – will test + report back!
  13. All hail Queen Dolly Parton
  14. 39 truths in 39 years 
  15. Such – only $28?!

Happy weekend reading!