Happy THANKSGIVING WEEKEND, friends! I’m so, so thankful you’re here. I hope + pray that your Thanksgiving was blessed with good food and good family and/or good friends, and that you’re feeling satisfied all around. 🙂 If you’re doing some serious shopping this weekend, this should help. And if you’re in the gifting spirit, CUR’s Gift Guides galore are the place to be! Otherwise, for some light #WeekendReading, you’re in the right spot. Happy holiday WEEKENDING!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 96 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. If you’re heading to NYC for the holidays…here are the 25 best restaurants
  2. Trying these 6-ingredient butter cookies against my own favorite sugar cookie recipe
  3. My favorite no-panty-line underwear are buy 3, get 2 free
  4. Skincare advice from the daughter of a dermatologist
  5. Timely: How to practice gratitude daily
  6. Snagged this for our guest room – almost $100 off!!!
  7. Ina Garten’s cocktail hack is brilliance in a martini glass
  8. Great conversation starters around any holiday dinner table 
  9. All of tarte is 30% off – time to stock up!!! (Code: CYBERSZN)
  10. It’s official: PRINCESS DIARIES 3 is a go!!!
  11. Helpful money saving hacks for the holiday season especially
  12. 30% off at DIME this weekend only with code THRIVE30 – here are my personal favorites. 😉
  13. This Costco cashier’s reaction to being called Maui from Moana is precious 
  14. YUM: Maple cinnamon banana bread
  15. Target has got deals on DEALS.

Happy weekend reading!