The weekend is here – hollah! We’ve got a remarkably laidback one on the books, which is EXCITING since we’re a.) homebodies, and b.) have an insanely busy schedule for every other weekend in March. Holy moly, it’s March. Soaking this one up, folks! Do you have any fun plans on the agenda? Hope your coffee is as hot as this weekend’s WEEKEND READING…let’s do it.


  1. Everyone was wrong about Lady Gaga.
  2. These are the new Dr. Scholl’s that I #CantStopWontStop wearing.
  3. A great read from Krystal on the perception of confidence
  4. Students from my alma mater have figured out how to cut the cost of Invisalign in, like, thirds. WOO!
  5. Under-$50 jumpsuit that’s comfy AF + in my cart!
  6. 4 reasons why hot baths are good for your health
  7. The crazy effect that Marie Kondo is having on thrift stores…
  8. This apple baked steel cut oatmeal looks YUMMMMMMY
  9. I won’t get eyelash extensions, but I’ve heard this is just as good…
  10. “Best friend is a tier, not a person” – awesome piece by Grace
  11. A+ marriage advice right here, folks
  12. This classic jean jacket is under $40!
  13. How + why to wash your hair like the French
  14. Lovelovelove this suuuuuper comprehensive comparison of different Madewell jeans
  15. Leopard print shorts? OKURRRR

Happy weekend reading!

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