The weekend is here – hollah! Our big family vacay comes to an end today (sad), so we’ll be headed back to reality and a whole lotta laundry. Ha! The ONLY good thing about ending a vacation is ending it early enough on a Saturday, where you get home with enough time to unpack + unwind and get your life together again *before* Monday. Ya feel? Because ending a trip on a Sunday night is just the worst. In other news, what’s on your weekend agenda? Here’s some weekend reading to get it started…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 44 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Here’s how to stop people interrupting you when you’re trying to work
  2. Every single item to pack in your carry-on so you’re prepared for anything
  3. Def grabbing these absurdly cute denim shorts while I can – code ERICA10 gets you 10% off!
  4. How to make an authentic apology
  5. How my friend Kallie goes 7 days between shampoos
  6. SO GLAD I grabbed this snappable basket from Amazon – works *perfectly* in backseats for busy mamas!
  7. The budget-friendly minimalist’s guide to meal prepping
  8. 55 productive things to do when you have downtime
  9. Do you know the signs of a child drowning? Sobering, but necessary!
  10. Found my favorite leopard loafers for fall on sale for 43% off! (They run TTS)
  11. The best spiked seltzers of 2019 (YUM)
  12. Lovelovelove this clear travel toiletry set
  13. Stress versus anxiety – which is which?
  14. Such a pretty DIY to paint your own vases!
  15. These snakeskin booties are super in for fall – and 1/3 of the price of the soldout NSALE pair!

Happy weekend reading!

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