Happy WEEKEND – what’s up Weekend Reading! What’s on your weekend agenda? We’ve got a rare CHILL day today, a family Spaghetti Sunday dinner tomorrow, and then a “day off” for Labor Day – bless up. Looking forward to unwinding a bit and getting ~life~ in order again before flying into next week – LET’S GO. But first, coffee…and weekend reading. đŸ˜‰

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 47 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Bad posture? Read this.
  2. LoveloveLOVE this chunky knit sweater for fall – it’s in my cart! (Code ERICA15 for a discount!)
  3. Time to make yourself a priority
  4. Have you ever used the 54321 packing tip?
  5. Anyone else OBSESSED with this book as a kid??? Took me forever to re-find it, but got it for Olivia!
  6. The ONE healthy relationship lesson we can learn from The Bachelor…
  7. Here are 15 of Cupcakes & Cashmere’s most-asked career questions
  8. This intense hydrating mask is a recent beauty find – lovelovelove. (Code ERICA20 for a discount!)
  9. Drooling over these strawberry cream cheese scones
  10. My best friend in college wrote this incredible blog post. Worth the read.
  11. Picked up these Steve Madden booties that some fellow blogger babes collaborated on – code FRIENDS20 for a discount!
  12. This 16-year-old got into 9 law schools
  13. How to not care what others think of you
  14. David Yurman bracelet lookalike for under $20 – I have it + lovelovelove!
  15. This trick can get you stronger arms in two weeks

Happy weekend reading!

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