Happy WEEKEND! I guess this is teeeechnically our wedding anniversary weekend since our actual anniversary is in the middle of next week? Yeah? Or would it be the following weekend? IDK, guess we’re celebrating twice. đŸ˜‰ This is a *rare* weekend that doesn’t have anything pressing at present on the calendar at all, so I think we’ll be just enjoying solid family time. Always the best! Enjoy this edition of Weekend Reading – so many goodies down below!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 49 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. How to plan your day according to your Enneagram type
  2. How to get rid of blackheads, according to a dermatologist
  3. I’ve been using this glow pot  ALL OVER – works as eyeshadow AND highlighter, and it’s only 10 bucks!
  4. “The new productive” – great read for mamas
  5. Why people are late to the airport, according to science
  6. This leopard jean jacket is a lookalike for an $80 version at Nordstrom – it’s $19.99 and SO GOOD (I have both!)
  7. Cowboy crack dip for football season
  8. The best quotes for a wedding toast that aren’t totally overused
  9. What an insanely flattering fall wardrobe staple – for under 8 bucks!
  10. How to actually keep a book club going
  11. The best sandwich in every US state…
  12. Wine is my Yoga
  13. 2 tips for parenting, to remain calm in challenging times
  14. How to overcome a life setback – such wise words from one of my best friends
  15. If you’ve got a fall wedding or special occasion coming up, strongly recommend this dress.

Happy weekend reading!