Haaaaappy weekend! It was a big week around these rosy parts, namely in that MY PODCAST LAUNCHED! I’ve been so overwhelmed + overjoyed with all of your feedback on the first three episodes of THRIVE – ICYMI, head here for the full scoop + how to listen in! Pleasepleaseplease send me your feedback, thoughts, and/or any special requests for future episodes or guests. Like I say in the first episode, I want a one-way microphone to become a two-way conversation, so I’m all ears to YOU! Alrighty, now to the weekend – any fun plans? We’re getting lots of random fun stuff tackled this weekend at home, getting shoots done for CUR, and maybe heading to a football tailgate on Sunday? Just your average fall weekend. 🙂 Onto some Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 52- on Coming Up Roses

  1. How to write a (good) out-of-office message
  2. Have heard RAVE reviews about these on-sale joggers…they’re in my cart in black!
  3. 5 rules of mental toughness
  4. Do you have toxic mom friends?
  5. Great idea for layering under your doormat – what do you think??
  6. Why most people are mediocre
  7. Wanna be a “cheese board influencer”? (Uh, DUH)
  8. The cutest top for fall – for under 30 bucks! (I bought it in red!)
  9. Raw + real life-after-miscarriage post from my friend Taylor
  10. Are food expiration dates totally bogus?
  11. So many loveloveloved this red jacket on Instagram – get it for under $20 with code ERICA15
  12. Easy rope braid tutorial from my friend Jessica
  13. A simple breathing trick to calm your nerves
  14. On my Christmas list
  15. Great costume ideas for teachers!

Happy weekend reading!

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