What a fun weekend this is – Olivia’s first birthday party is today!!! I’ve been planning for this for SO LONG NOW, and I’m all sentimental and feelin’ the feels, friends. WHAT A DAY. Perfect day to celebrate our little ONEder Woman. 😉 So I’m off to party prep – enjoy this Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 9 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Tell me this is not the best Taylor Swift song mashup ever.
  2. Here’s a therapist’s advice for dealing with scary experiences
  3. Obsessed with my new customizable, reusable Starbucks cup!
  4. Free ab workouts? Yes, please.
  5. A smoothie and yoga routine to elevate + energize your mornings!
  6. Lovelovelove these for a dainty, classic heel! (I own them!)
  7. Hallmark’s 2019 Christmas movie line up is here!!!
  8. My girl Taylor is a WIZARD at Halloween makeup. I mean…
  9. THIS DRESS. Just wow.
  10. When a little boy used his birthday money to support hurricane victims… 🙂
  11. Is your heart weary? These Bible verses will help.
  12. I’ve been testing + loveloveLOVING this foundation – truly an airbrush finish!
  13. Need to whip up these mixed berry baked oatmeal cups ASAP.
  14. Amanda’s leopard makeup is en pointe for an easy Halloween face!
  15. No if’s, ands or about its – I need these. STAT.

Happy weekend reading!

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