Happy WEEKEND. I’m hoping for a chill one because LORD KNOWS I need it badly. Especially after this week. Phew. If I can get caught up on some work + laundry, read a book AND do a face mask I’ll be one happy camper. 🙂 Let’s jump right into this weekend’s Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 11 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. A blind man developed a smart cane to navigate the world (literally) – SO COOL.
  2. 7 easy Halloween cupcakes  to make this week
  3. Excuse me, but THESE are at Walmart?!?!
  4. A working parents survival guide
  5. Also speaking of my working mom schedule – loved seeing Anna’s schedule through 24 months old.
  6. Does my office need this leopard ottoman or does my office need this leopard ottoman.
  7. How to use body language to become more confident
  8. How fabulous is Cara’s melting ice cream Halloween makeup?!?
  9. As seen on Stories: My go-to, foolproof combo to get rid of a breakout overnight. This gel + this mask! (Code COMINGUPROSES for a discount!)
  10. ’90’s kids’ movies that defined our childhood
  11. Which TV character are you based on your Enneagram? (I’m Veronica from Riverdale!)
  12. Need. This. Sweater. Dress. 
  13. Beware your AirBnB’s WiFi
  14. “Be the friend you want to have”
  15. Can we talk about how GORGEOUS this dress is for any fall black-tie affair?? (Won’t believe where it’s from!!!)

Happy weekend reading!

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