HI FROM HOT-LANTA. Kicking off this weekend by wrapping up a blog conference (woo!), then heading home for a hot sec before jetsetting off again to another warm spot…any guesses where??? 😉 A hint: It starts with Charles- and ends with -ton. So hit me up with your best/favorite/yummiest things to do in Charleston, SC – we’ve got a mother-daughter girls’ trip on the calendar, and we can. not. friggin. wait. 🙂 What’ve you guys got planned for this weekend? Traveling? Relaxing? Organizing? Working? All of the above? Onto this weekend’s reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 6 on Coming Up Roses

  1. 40 of the most underrated travel destinations around the globe
  2. This Louisiana man builds beaches in people’s backyards (come to mine? KTHNX).
  3. Got these boyfriend jeans in my cart – they’re under $40!
  4. A suuuuuper interesting look behind what goes into mascara formulation + marketing, start to finish.
  5. Some practical frameworks for beating burnout
  6. Walked past these sparkly espadrilles and couldn’t say no – and they’re on SUPER SALE.
  7. Everything you could possibly need to know about microblading
  8. DIY dragon fruit soap popsicles – I mean, how friggin’ cute?!?
  9. Lovelovelove the lessons Jess shared in reflecting on turning 30
  10. This cozy cardigan is in my cart – how many cozy cardigans is too many cozy cardigans? (#TheLimitDoesNotExist)
  11. Here’s how to give yourself a facial using pressure points
  12. What leaders never do in networking intros (and you shouldn’t either)
  13. These cats perform tricks – my jaw dropped + my mind blew.
  14. Can we talk about this two-tone Kate Spade smart watch?
  15. If you’re in need of a good bralette, this fave of mine was just launched in 17 colors.

Happy weekend reading!

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