Happy WEEKEND! We’ve got a ton of random to-do’s on the list today, but hopefully a family Starbucks run is also on the agenda. đŸ˜‰ On tonight’s schedule: a MURDER MYSTERY party with our game night crew – so stoked. Popping offline to finish some closet cleanout work that began yesterday…wish me luck! Onto Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 66 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. I’M ON THE TODAY SHOW! Well not yet…but our NICU story was published, and if it hits 300 “votes up” I could be! Would you pleasepleaseplease hit “vote up”to help spread the word + hope of Liv’s story?? THANKS!
  2. Just tried out Kim K’s new shapewear line, SKIMS: lovelovelove the t-shirt bras!!!
  3. These air fryer fried pickles are supposed copycats to Texas Roadhouse’s famous ones!!
  4. God bless the wombats – they sheltered other animals in their burrows during Australia’s fires!
  5. This $36 sweater is SO soft like cashmere + long enough to wear with leggings! I’m buying two more! (Wearing it here!)
  6. “Friendship requires sacrifice”
  7. Toll House released more edible cookie dough flavors…OMG.
  8. My Tula discount code goes from 20% to 15% off on February 1st – stock up NOW to save some extra $$$! (Code: COMINGUPROSES)
  9. Where to stay in New York, from a New Yorker
  10. This is not a drill…National Treasure 3 is happening!!!
  11. Cannot believe there are still a few Barefoot Dreams blankets left on super sale (49% OFF!!!!!)
  12. Loveloveloved Dawn’s Superhero birthday party for her son – great idea!
  13. This sweet video shows a normal day from both a mom + kid’s perspective…
  14. These are the fabulous $22 boyfriend jeans I’ve had on repeat
  15. Instant Pot cauliflower tikka masala – YUMMERS.

Happy weekend reading!

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