AYYYOOOO! It feels like it’s been a hot sec, friend! We just got back from the beach, so we’re in full-blown unpacking, re-organizing mode and it feels gooooood. I almost think as good as it is to step back for R&R with an ocean view, it’s just as good to take the time to get your ish back together and step into a new week feeling ready for it. Ya feel?? Anyhoo, let’s get in some Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 50- on Coming Up Roses

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLAY! Celebrating 68 years with an INSANE Birthday Bundle deal (literally $70+ off!!!) + more specials this week! Shop it here.
  2. A teacher wrote down all of the funny things her students said throughout the year – LOL.
  3. 10 guideposts for a faith-filled life (from this week’s THRIVE podcast guest!)
  4. These Barefoot Dreams sales prices are even BETTER than the NSALE!
  5. Speaking of the NSALE, have you checked out the preview yet???
  6. Ayooooo chocolate Funfetti!!!
  7. Mental health reminders to rely on in difficult times
  8. 30 memes to effectively distract you from work #YoureWelcome
  9. Why you should propogate your houseplants, and how to do it
  10. This kitchen gizmo on Amazon was finally restocked – nearly 4,500 5-star reviews and always sells out!
  11. This podcast episode gave me life, made me cry, and spoke some #truth.
  12. Some insanely easy habits that will change your life
  13. One of my FAVE winter boots are on sale for under $60 right now!!!! (And they’re Dr. Scholl’s, so SO COMF!)
  14. Are you following The Bachelorette filming drama?!
  15. 5 iced coffee recipes to try this summer
  16. I think this bag will be my TREAT YO’SELF of the Nordstrom sale…

Happy weekend reading!

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