Happy WEEKEND. MAN, this week flew by. We recently got into The Morning Show on Apple TV, and let me tell you…QUALITY TELEVISION right there. Wow. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be finishing Season One this weekend – we’re hooked! Otherwise, this is one of the last weekends on our calendar for the foreseeable future that’s been totally open, so we’re thoroughly enjoying some quality family time and some TLC in the house to get more settled, unpacked and organized (still). What’s on your agenda? Happy Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 86 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Wanna live like a Princess INSIDE the happiest place on earth? For $8.45 million, you can!
  2. Happy birthday to Olay – and cheers to us, because their big birthday bundle sale was EXTENDED through this weekend!!! Get $110+ worth of fabulous fan favorites for only $41.99!!! Shop it here!
  3. Lovelovelove this in-depth ANXIETY Q&A with a therapist
  4. 16 tattoo artists share the most sentimental/meaningful tattoos they did
  5. Grab the most popular pair of pajamas from the NSALE on sale for under $30 – there’s a few left!!!
  6. God worked a miracle through Katey’s son – read his birth story. God bless their sweet fam!
  7. Funny travel picture fails to cure your quarantine wanderlust – LOL.
  8. If this sold-out sneaker from the NSALE was on your wishlist, NO WORRIES – I found the look-for-less for only $17 instead of $50!!!!! They’ve got memory foam soles and are SO GOOD.
  9. YUMMERS: Easy peach cobbler muffins
  10. How to master your day like a billionaire
  11. One of my favorite Victoria Emerson cuffs is 35% off right now!!!
  12. “I blocked the five big tech giants from my life. It was hell.” – FASCINATING (+ scary) experiment.
  13. 15 macaroni & cheese recipes worth making. (And you thought there was just Kraft…)
  14. This Barefoot Dreams cardigan is still in stock – but not for long! On super sale now – I loveloveLOVE mine + all of my girlfriends are obsessed, too!
  15. 5 women’s most effective ways to avoid the comparison game

Happy weekend reading!